By Britta

Tom woke up with a dick in his mouth. The question was, who did it belong to? Suffering a severe case of brain fry due to last night's festivities made determining the answer to that question very difficult. His inability to peel his eyes open didn't help matters either. So, using his tongue, he went for the taste test.

It took awhile, but Tom finally figured out that it must Chakotay's cock he was sucking. And if it was, then they must be in Chakotay's bed, in Chakotay's quarters. Following this logic, he assumed they were still on Voyager and still stuck in the Delta Quadrant. That settled, he began to wonder where Harry was.

He heard a thud. "Ugh! Arrghhhh...oowww!"

Well, that answered his question. Harry was on the floor. Tom's fuzzy mental processes accepted this fact calmly. He found himself thinking it was a good thing that he had two lovers...well, one full-time lover and one part-time lover, anyway. Did that add up to one and a half lovers?

"Oh, Spirits...." a strangled voice, sounding like a dying buffalo, trailed off. Ah, Tom thought, another country heard from. Tom continued sucking and licking as his consciousness tried to sort itself out.

Ensign Harry Kim, senior Ops officer, pitifully attempted to climb back into bed. He wasn't entirely successful. His coordination was shot to hell and he only managed to get up off the floor enough to peek over the top of the mattress. He saw his lover, Lt. Tom Paris, pilot extraordinaire, blowing their First Officer, Commander Chakotay. At least now he knew Tom was still among the living. The Commander, though, he wasn't too sure about, he looked awful. And that noise he was making! Surely he must be dying!

It seemed that all three of them were suffering from a bad case of the morning after the night before. Chakotay's mind was so far gone he wasn't even aware of having thoughts. His entire universe consisted of Tom's mouth on his cock.

As Tom returned to higher levels of awareness, he increased his pace and the Commander came with a deep groan. In his weakened condition, Chakotay did the only thing possible and passed out cold.

Tom released his CO and struggled to open his eyes. Once he'd performed this miracle, he looked blearily over at Harry.

"Morning." Wow! He'd actually said an entire word. Inordinately pleased with himself, he decided to try for a whole sentence and croaked, "Need a hand?"

Harry nodded, and between the two of them they managed to get him back into bed. "Tom, you OK?"

"Mmmaybe. You?"

"I don't know. I can't tell." Harry looked over at the First Officer and continued, "What about him?"

"No idea."

"What should we do?" Worried, Harry tried to frown, but his face would not cooperate.

"Go back to sleep. It'll be OK in a few hours, trust me." Tom closed his eyes and snuggled close.

Yawning, Harry mumbled, "Um, OK." He then drifted off, thinking how lucky he was to be dating a medic.


When full awareness finally returned, Chakotay swore to himself that he would kill Neelix. Never again would that little spotted bastard be able to fob off various Delta Quadrant poisons as 'choice delicacies'. Ugh, Spirits, he still felt like death warmed over. He ran a shaky hand over his face, amazed to find that he could barely feel it. His face seemed almost paralyzed. He tried to yawn and stretch, but found it nearly impossible. Damn, what was in that stuff? And just which stuff was it?

Tom snorted and rolled over, capturing Chakotay's attention. Oh my. He looked at Tom, then over at Harry, and memory came flooding back. Oh shit, what had they done? Lost in hazy recollection, he saw bits and pieces of the previous evening play across the movie screen of his mind, and he felt himself blush.

Neelix had thrown a dinner party for the senior staff. As Morale Officer, he took his duties seriously. When he'd noticed that people weren't as chipper as usual due to the fact that they were in a rather dull part of space, he thought maybe a little party would cheer them up.

The Commander vaguely recalled eating dinner.

Janeway and Seven had been deep into a discussion about something scientific. Tuvok regarded them all calmly, not saying much. B'Elanna was flirting, if you could call it that, with both Tom and Harry at once. Neelix bustled around, bringing on the food. The wine flowed freely, and conversation waxed and waned as the evening progressed.

At some point, he wasn't sure when, things started to change. He found himself feeling very good. Too good. A smile came to visit him and then refused to leave. He remembered Tom noticing and coming over to him and plunking himself down in Chakotay's lap like it was the most natural thing in the galaxy.

The Captain froze mid-sentence and just stared. Harry ambled over and planted a huge kiss on Tom, then turned and did the same thing to the First Officer.

"Gentlemen?" The Captain's voice seemed to be coming from very far away. Had she made it back to the Alpha Quadrant? Tuvok tried to get his attention by waving his hands around, but he just couldn't concentrate. Tom was nuzzling his neck and Harry's hands were worming their way inside his jacket. His cock was getting harder as Tom moved up to kiss him on the mouth, lips and teeth and tongue seeming to have independent lives of their own.

Neelix was fluttering around trying, and failing, to do something useful. Seven looked puzzled and B'Elanna was the picture of outrage. The Captain, seeing that half her senior officers were under the influence of only gods knew what, tapped her combadge and said, "Janeway to Sickbay."

The three inebriated lovers lost all sense of shame when the chair tipped over, spilling them onto the floor. Once on a flat surface, a group grope of truly galactic proportions ensued.

B'Elanna stomped out the door glaring at everyone. Seven stood watching curiously, and Janeway hoped the Doctor would arrive before the men managed to get all their clothes off. Hands were tearing at uniforms, reaching for crotches, bodies squriming against each other. Moans filled the air, and the scent of aroused male permeated the room.

Tuvok inquired, "Shall I render them unconscious?" His fingers readied for the neck pinch.

The Doctor vetoed that suggestion immediately upon his arrival. "No, I need them awake. However, it might be better if we moved them somewhere a little more private. I will also need samples of everything they've ingested this evening."

"Very well, Doctor, I'll have them delivered to Sickbay. Computer, four to beam to Commander Chakotay's quarters." Janeway gave the order and the men disappeared.


The Doctor had a difficult time trying to scan the men because he just couldn't get them to stay still. Upon arriving in the Commander's rooms, they made a beeline for the bed and dove onto it. The Doctor hovered at the edge, walking around, aiming a tricorder and trying to make sense of the situation. It was obvious they had some foreign substance in their systems, but it didn't seem to be doing them any harm. Their vital signs were within normal parameters, even taking into account their state of extreme arousal. He watched as they finally removed the last of their clothing and settled into a triangle on the bed.

Tom pounced on Chakotay's cock and sucked it ferociously, even as Harry was doing the same to his own. Chakotay then completed the circuit by engulfing Harry's cock in his mouth.

The Doctor, dying of curiosity but realizing it was not the professional thing to do, stopped watching and returned to Sickbay to run tests.

An hour later, the Captain commed him, "Any results, Doctor?"

"Yes and no. I've isolated the substance that caused their, shall we say affectionate, behavior. But I have to yet to determine an antidote."

"I see. And how are they?"

"Fine, the last time I checked. They were engaged in what I believe is termed a 'daisy chain'. I am monitoring their vitals as we speak and they are in no danger. Although I wonder how long they can keep it up."

"Ahem, I see. Then you don't expect any negative side effects?" The captain queried, pushing that tempting mental picture aside. She almost asked just who was sucking who, but caught herself in time.

"No Captain. I think the worst thing will be the hangover. I expect them to be severely dehydrated by morning. I wouldn't schedule any of them for duty for at least 24 hours."

"Thank you, Doctor. Notify me if anything unusual develops or if you learn anything more. Janeway out."


Chakotay snapped back to the present when he heard Harry making awake noises. They turned and looked at each other and the Commander watched as Harry's memory returned. The expression on his face almost made the whole debacle worthwhile. He looked like someone who'd gone to the mess hall, selected breakfast and turned around to face a room full of people only to discover that he was stark naked.

Harry looked like he was about to faint. Harry shook Tom none too gently, "Tom! Wake up!"

"Hmmm? What is it? Everything OK?" a sleepy voice mumbled.

Harry shook him harder.

"Oh! Stop it!" Tom pulled away and tried to sit up. Failed. "Ooohhh. What hit me?"

"The same thing that hit Harry and me, apparently. I suggest we get up and go visit Sickbay." Chakotay said.

"I don't think I can move...." Tom whined.

Harry looked distressed. "Tom, do you remember what happened last night?"

"Ohmigod!" Tom sat up instantly. His face registered confusion that quickly turned to panic. "Did we, um, in front of everybody?"

Chakotay replied, "I think we can safely assume that yes, we did." The Commander did not look pleased. "Computer, what time is it?"


"It's the middle of the afternoon! We missed our shift! The Captain's going to kill us!" Harry was visibly upset.

"Calm down. I think she's aware that something unusual happened or we'd have been contacted earlier," Chakotay explained. Rubbing his face, he stood and helped the others to their feet. "Come on, find your clothes and let's go."


Three very shaky men wandered into Sickbay. The Doctor greeted them in his typical unsympathetic manner, "Good afternoon, gentlemen. I see you survived the night. How do you feel?"

"Rotten. What happened?" Tom snarled. His mouth felt like it was coated with glue.

The Doctor quickly grabbed a scanner and went to work. "You had a little run in with one of Mr. Neelix's specialties. It seems to have a rather interesting effect on human males, as I'm sure you noticed."

"Yes, we did. What was it?" asked Chakotay.

"Oh, just a simple little compound found in one of his dessert items. I think you all ingested a tad too much. When used in smaller quantities it just enhances sexual performance. In you three, it seemed to do much more than that.... although, it does not compel behavior." He gave them all a pointed look. "I can only assume the three of you have been intimate on more than one occasion."

Harry blushed as the Doctor slipped the hypospray to his neck. All three men nodded and thought the same thing. Now their secret was out.

The doctor fussed and recorded their vital signs and tut-tutted excessively. He shook his head in wonderment and said, "I knew you would all be dehydrated, but I never expected it to be to this degree. I am impressed. Make sure you each drink at least a liter of water."

"When can we go back on duty?" the Commander asked.

"Hmmpf, I don't know. Come back and see me in the morning," the Doctor replied, as he shooed them out the door.


The three stood in the corridor outside Sickbay and wondered what to do next. They had an hour and a half until dinner was served.

Chakotay said, "I suggest we all go get cleaned up and drink the water as the Doctor said. I, for one, look forward to feeling human again."

"I agree," Tom said.

"Can we meet and all have dinner together?" Harry asked hesitantly.

"Sure, Har." Tom grinned crookedly. "No problem. Right, Commander?"

Chakotay looked at his lovers and sighed. Of course, they were nervous. They didn't want to face the rest of the senior staff any more than he did. But if it had to be done, and it did, it was preferable to do it together. He smiled and said, "OK, I'll meet you both in the mess hall at 1800 hours."


Captain Janeway considered the latest report from the Doctor. She could expect to see her XO, senior Conn and Ops officers at dinner. This promised to be entertaining, at the very least. She wondered if Seven would have something 'interesting' to say. Then she thought about her chief Engineer's reaction last night and hoped that bloodshed could be avoided.

Entering the mess hall, she spied the trio sitting in the corner, trying to blend into the background. Amused, she selected her meal and went over to them. Striding up to their table, she smiled and said, "Good evening. May I join you?"

"Of course, Captain, please do," her First Officer replied. Damn, the man was smooth.

"I'm glad to see that you all have recovered from last night's ordeal."She draped a napkin over her lap and looked at each one of them intently.

"Yes, ma'am. I feel much better now," Tom said.

Harry nodded in agreement and noticed that Chakotay was looking at the Captain suspiciously.


"Yes, Commander?" She speared a piece of something with her fork.

"I wish to apologize for our behavior last night. And for missing our shifts today. Is there anything we can do to make up for it?"

She shook her head and swallowed. "Don't worry about it. The Doctor gave me a full report. It wasn't your fault that one of Neelix's desserts had certain 'aphrodisiacal' properties. And it certainly isn't your fault that it took time for you to recover."

Chakotay wondered just how complete the Doctor's report was. Did it include their admission of having prior encounters or not?

He nodded and said, "Thank you for being so understanding, Captain."

"Well, I know that it's not your normal behavior in social situations, so I can't blame you for your actions. I also know that it must be embarrassing, but you've all weathered worse storms." She smiled an enigmatic smile that made all three men wonder just how much she knew.

Now that he felt better, Tom had to admit that last night had been a lot of fun. Of course, there would be repercussions, but he could handle them.

Harry spotted B'Elanna entering the room, elbowed Tom and finished his dinner in record time. Standing abruptly and snatching up his tray, he said, "I'd like to get some sleep, now. Please excuse me." He bolted before anyone could answer.

Tom felt a laser-like gaze on him and looked up to see B'Elanna glaring at him from across the room. He decided that discretion *was*the better part of valor, and hurriedly finished his meal. "Please excuse me, I want to apologize to Neelix for last night. I'll see you on the bridge in the morning."

The Captain and First Officer were not terribly surprised at the rushed departures. Seven entered the mess hall and eschewing food at this time, went directly to their table. "Captain, Commander."

Mouths full, they nodded at her to continue.

"I believe I have discovered yet another avenue of discovery awaiting me." She sat down without being asked.

Swallowing, Janeway smiled tolerantly, and queried, "Which avenue is that, Seven?"

"That of sexuality between those who are not programmed to be together. Commander, the next time you engage in a 'liaison' with junior members of the crew, I would like to observe. Inform me of when it shall take place and I will attend." She then stood abruptly and stalked off.

Chakotay swallowed hard and was rendered speechless, while the Captain waited until Seven left the room and then burst out laughing.


Meanwhile, Tom had avoided B'Elanna by trapping Neelix in a dark corner of the galley.

Neelix watched as one very agitated pilot moved closer. "Oh, Tom, I'm so sorry about last night! I didn't know that kij crystals would have that effect on humans! Please forgive me!"

Tom shot him an unreadable look. "Listen up, Neelix. I want a lifetime supply of that stuff and I want it now!"

The End (again?)