Taming of Tom Paris, Part 9

By Britta

Once inside my quarters, Tom pulled off his clothes and folded them so quickly I had little time to appreciate the show. Then he stood before me, hot and hard, excited, barely in control.

I ordered, "Put your hands behind your back and keep them there until I say otherwise." I toed off my shoes and walked around him. I thought Round One would be over quickly but I still planned on enjoying it. I stood facing him and kissed him once, rubbing my silk-clad body against his skin. He blinked and I could see him fighting to keep his hands in position. "Now you may undress me...with your teeth."

His eyes widened and he smiled hugely. Oh, this was a game he liked. "Anything you say, sir."

He began with the top-most button of my shirt, near the hollow of my throat. I knew he wouldn't be able to resist playing a little while he performed his task so I let him. He kissed and licked each area of my skin as it was exposed. His mouth was hot and wet and I loved the feel of it. My chest and then my wrists were given the same treatment. Finally, he pulled my shirt off by the back of the collar and dropped it triumphantly onto the couch.

He made very short work of my trousers but spent an inordinate amount of time easing my briefs down. When I was nude, he stood there grinning lasciviously at me.

I leaned forward and kissed him again, rubbing our bodies together. When I reached the point where I could wait no longer, I pulled back and put my hands on his shoulders. He dropped to his knees instantly and engulfed my cock in his mouth. "You may use your hands," I gasped.

He went to work with a vengeance; his hands moving everywhere. I spread my legs and let him have at it. I didn't expect to last long. I didn't want to.

Before I knew it, I got close to the edge. He sucked me with an intensity that made it impossible to hold back and I came. He licked me clean and rested his cheek against my thigh until I lifted my hands allowing him to rise.

"May I hold you?" he asked softly.

I nodded and allowed him to embrace and support me while I recovered. A few minutes passed in silence as we stood there and I became aware of how strong he was. I rested my head on his shoulder and quit thinking altogether. For long moments I was content just to be. Gods, he deserved something special for that performance.

I gathered my wits and kissed him 'thank you' then said, "Go get my robe, a soft towel and the lube." He disappeared and quickly returned laying the items I requested on the coffee table. He helped me into my robe and I told him to take care of my clothes. I sat down in the center of the couch and watched him as he folded them neatly, his still-hard cock bouncing up and down with each movement.

When he finished, he came to kneel on the sofa next to me with a puzzled look on his face. I leaned forward and grabbed the towel, laying it across my lap. "Come lie down here, over my knees."

He did as I said, if reluctantly. I could tell he was unsure of why I wanted him in this position. Once settled, he said softly, "I thought you weren't going to punish me for what I said in the turbolift."

"I'm not." I made sure his erection was pressed against my leg and that his balls were out of harm's way. "I'm going to reward you in the way you like best." I parted his legs and began to rub slowly from knee to thigh lightly trailing my nails along the sensitive skin up to where his pale, round cheeks were. Then I raised my hand and let it fall lightly upon his ass.

He moaned at the first gentle slap and realized what I was up to. He writhed as I continued, turning his skin warm and rosy. I paused frequently to fondle and caress him, drawing the pleasure out for him until he was wriggling constantly and groaning with each breath. I slicked my fingers and worked them into his ass, finding his prostate and teasing it until he was on the brink of climax. Then I pulled out and wiped my fingers on the towel.

I rubbed his back for a moment and stroked his face, giving him a short break, letting him settle down some. Then, I started all over again. It took only moments before he reached the height of arousal and gasped, "Oh, more! Please...harder." I increased the strength of the swats just a bit and on the fourth, he came. He shook and his hands gripped the couch cushion, trying to hang on through the orgasmic ride he was taking.

He rested for many minutes, letting his breath go back to normal while I softly stroked him from shoulder to calf and back again. Finally, he shifted and I helped him up to sit beside me. He grabbed the towel and cleaned himself up. Then he sighed and said, "Wow. That was amazing. Thank you." He leaned over and gave me a big kiss.

I turned him around and pulled him into my arms. "You're welcome." I stared at him, daring him to ask for more.

"I can't imagine what you'll do for an encore."

"Well," I murmured, "First I'm going to taste you all over, then I'm going to suck you until you explode and *then* I'm going to fuck you into oblivion." I nuzzled his ear.

He tightened his hold on me. "You are?"

"Mm hmm." My teeth found a good spot on his neck and I nibbled a bit.

"When?" he whispered.

"Right now," I answered as I picked him up and carried him off to the bedroom.

I woke early the next morning and spent some time watching Tom sleep. Last night's activities had worn him out. I think I managed to push every single sexual button he had. We were getting good at this. The pleasure we shared increased each time we were together. I wondered if it could ever get any better. I loved it. I loved being with him. I loved *him*.

I thought I'd let him sleep a little longer and went to shower and dress. When I was finished, he was just starting to stir. "Good morning." I kissed him and ordered, "Roll over and let me check you out."

He yawned, "Um, morning. You're up early." He slid his hand over my arm and, without complaint, did what I told him.

"I know. I have to stop by my office before heading for the bridge." He was fine. I patted his butt and pulled the sheet up.

"So no breakfast together?" he looked disappointed.

"Not today. I'm sorry. You were sleeping so soundly, I didn't want to wake you." I squeezed his shoulder.

"It's your fault." He rolled onto his back. "You wore me out last night."

"I know. Was it worth it?"

"Oh yeah, it was worth it. You can wear me out anytime."

"Good. I'll keep that in mind." I leaned down for another kiss. "I'd better go. You need to get up, too. I'll see you later."

"OK. Have lunch with me?"

"Sure. Com me when the Doc cuts you loose."

I left him to his own devices and headed off to choose which reports Tom would start learning about. Everyone who had been through the Academy knew something about reports. Reports are inevitable in a bureaucracy. But in the field, there are all sorts of things that you need to watch out for and reports were one way of spotting trends or potential problems, allowing preventative measures to be put into place.

At lunch I told Tom he would be working with me for part of the next day. He was glad to have a break from Sickbay. That evening we spent quietly at home, relaxing in each other's presence and sharing our thoughts. We planned on taking a day off together and Tom booked some time for us on the holodeck. He asked my permission to keep his plans a secret. After giving me an incendiary blowjob and batting those baby blues at me, I relented and agreed.

The next afternoon, Tom reported to my office. I was busy sorting out one padd from another and so paid scant attention to him until I realized he'd removed his jacket and was starting to undo his pants. I jumped up and went over to him saying, "We're still on duty. Keep your clothes on."

"Huh? What?" He looked like he was flying on autopilot and I had to repeat myself.

He shook his head, saying, "Oh, sorry. I was parsecs away. And I guess it's habit, whenever we're alone together I feel I should be naked."

I sighed and wondered if we should do this at all. The last thing I needed was for him to try to suck me off during our breaks from work. Shit, I guessed I'd trained him too well in some respects.

I looked at him and caught him rubbing his butt with an odd expression on his face. "Tom, what are you thinking about?"

He looked guilty and mumbled, "The last time I was here, if you must know."

"Oh, I see. Does it bother you?" I wondered if we'd have to go find a conference room somewhere to work in, if the incident where I'd paddled him and Dalby had ruined this place for us.

"No, it doesn't bother me, it just makes me think."

I moved closer to him and took his flushed face into my hands. "Think about what? Tell me."

He lowered his eyes. "About us."

"What about us?" I demanded.

Shifting nervously from foot to foot, he replied, "All about us.... It was the first time, you know?"

Suddenly, I understood. It had been the first time I'd punished him. I knew then what I should do. "Wait here," I ordered.

"What? Where are you going?" he asked worriedly.

I kissed him and said, "Relax, I'll be back in a minute." I went to my cabin and took the paddle and the bag, leaving the strap behind, curled up in one of my dresser drawers. I returned to my office and saw Tom's expression change to one of wariness.

I reassured him by tucking the bag into a desk drawer and closing it loudly. I understood then that he equated the paddle with official business and the strap with personal. It seemed he had categories for everything in that mind of his. Maybe knowing the paddle was here would help him remember that we were not at home.

"Tom, we are at work here. You will behave as if we were on the bridge in front of everyone. Understand me?" I asked quietly.

His gaze moved to the drawer I'd put the bag in and he nodded. "Yes, sir. I understand. Not a problem."

I took his hand in mine and said, "Just so you know, the strap lives at home and that's the only place I will ever use it; just as this is the only place I will ever use the paddle on you. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir. Clear as a bell." He looked relieved and I squeezed his hand. Now he had some more boundaries. They weren't the ones I would've chosen but they seemed to work for him. Well, whatever it took, I thought.

"OK. Shall we begin?" He nodded and I pulled a padd out of the stack. Handing it to him, I expounded, "This is your first lesson in discovering the usefulness of reports. I want you to tell me what trends you can spot from this month's waste management report."

He took the padd, looked at it and then looked at me as if I'd grown another head and shouted, "You want me to analyze the ship's garbage?"

I knew then that he would be just fine.

The days sped by and our day off came up. We spent most of it on the holodeck. Tom's surprise included a picnic on the top of a mountain which we had to climb. It was a lot of fun even if it was a very strenuous ordeal to get to the top. Once we ate, we napped and then he changed the program to go to our special place.

Once there we took turns making good use of the massage rock. It had a few special properties of its own. It wasn't nearly as hard as a rock even though it looked like one and it was warm. We also spent time soaking our tired muscles in the pond and making love under the waterfall. All in all it was a refreshing change of pace.

As the crew shifted around, working in different departments, Tom's practical experience in Sickbay increased. Accidents happened more frequently due to inexperienced personnel being in unfamiliar places. The Doctor stepped up the training program a bit and gave Tom some interesting homework at times. I resigned myself to being turned into a guinea pig. It was either that or let Tom practice on someone else and I didn't want to put anyone else through that.

I will admit I was hard on him when it came to homework. I expected him to put his full attention on it, the same as I did when we worked together. Being off-duty is no excuse for sloppy work in my book and he earned a few trips over my knee for both motivational purposes and the occasional attitude adjustment when I could tolerate no more complaints. As the weeks passed, these trips became less frequent as he got better at controlling himself. I was very pleased with his progress. Other people noticed as well and I heard positive things being said about Tom, which I passed on to him. As he became more aware of the positive effects of his actions, his self esteem rose. We had many discussions covering these topics and he admitted to me that he never thought he'd feel as good about himself as he did now.

On the nights we were both free, we went out and played pool or swam at the resort. When we could, we spent time at our special place. The crew was used to us being together and treated us like any other couple. Life was good, we had developed a routine we were happy with.

I popped in and out of the science labs sometimes meeting up with the Captain who I could see was enjoying herself to no end. I spent part of a shift in Biophysics watching all the young ladies vying for Mr. Kim's attention. According to Tom, Harry had become a hot property as news of his sexual prowess made the gossip rounds and it appeared that most of the unattached females wanted to get their hands on him.

I also made the rounds of the other departments just to see that everything ran smoothly. I stopped in to see Neelix briefly and scheduled a time to meet with him that wouldn't interfere with any of his meal preparations. He was delighted to see me and thanked me profusely for letting Seven learn how to cook. As it turned out, it was a blessing for the crew that Seven was there. She told Neelix in no uncertain terms what food tasted good and what was simply inedible. That brought about an overall improvement in the quality of Neelix's offerings.

One morning when Tom was busy at the helm teaching someone with very little experience the basics of piloting the ship, I was called to Engineering to settle a dispute. When I got there, I found B'Elanna waving a sonic screwdriver in front of some terrified crewman's face while shouting at him to never leave tools lying around because they might wind up in the wrong place. I approached the two of them but before I could say anything, I heard a crackling sound behind me and as I turned to look, a console exploded and everything went black.

I woke up to find Tom's face hovering over me. His eyes were clouded with concern, I wondered why until I tried to move and the pain hit.

"Doc! He's conscious," Tom called out.

As the Doctor approached, I took inventory. I was still in one piece and I could see and hear so I guessed whatever was wrong couldn't be all that bad. Goddess, the back of my head hurt as did my face and hands. "What happened?" I rasped out.

Tom frowned and said, "You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nobody else got hurt. One of the trainees wired something incorrectly. It caused a build-up of energy which chose to surge at that moment. You were standing between the console and the other people nearby."

I tried to think but couldn't remember anything except Torres shrieking about something. Well, no one else was hurt and that's what was important. I relaxed and felt very sleepy all of the sudden.

Tom and the Doctor mumbled at each other but I didn't pay them any attention. I thought I heard the Captain's voice but maybe I was dreaming. I felt the sting of a hypospray and drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up again I felt a little better. The pain in my head had lessened somewhat and my face and hands just tingled. Someone had been busy with a regenerator. I tried to sit up but a hand came out of nowhere and pushed me to lie flat.

Tom's voice assaulted my ears. "Don't you dare move. Doc! He's awake again."

The Doctor appeared at my side and ran a few tests. Then he turned my face this way and that remarking, "Nice work, Lieutenant Paris. Your technique has vastly improved."

I wondered what they were talking about and started to ask when Tom put a hand over my mouth and said, "Thanks, Doc. Can I take him home now?"

The Doctor looked at me appraisingly then back to Tom and replied, "Yes you may. However, I have a few instructions for you to follow during the next 48 hours." He handed Tom a padd and then focused his attention on me. "Commander, I want you to know that the only reason I am releasing you from Sickbay is because the Lieutenant has promised to be there to care for you in your quarters. You are both off duty until further notice. You are to follow his instructions regarding your convalescence or you will wind up back here in no time at all." He frowned at me. "Is that understood?"

Tom removed his hand from my mouth and caressed my cheek. It was all I could do in the face of all this heavy concern to whisper, "Yes, sir."

The Doctor nodded in satisfaction. "Very well then. You may go."

Tom assisted me to a sitting position and when I swayed, put a hand on my shoulder to steady me. I was surprised at the dizziness and nausea I felt.

He said quietly, "Just sit for a minute or two until the room stops moving. Don't worry about falling off the bed, I've got you." His arm moved around me and held me tight.

I slowly turned my head toward him and stared into serious blue eyes. My symptoms eased immediately. It was as if once I had Tom's gaze to lock onto, everything settled into place. "I'm all right. Let's go home." I brought my legs off the biobed and prepared to stand.

The Doctor hovered uncertainly nearby, unsure of the wisdom of this course of action. I didn't care. I just wanted to get out of here. As I used my hands to push myself to my feet, I noticed they were extremely sensitive. I looked at them for the first time and was startled to see mostly pink skin instead of brown. Even my palms were affected. I thought that as soon as we got home I'd worm the whole story out of Tom.

My lover put his right arm around my waist, his hidden strength becoming apparent to me as I realized how tired I was. My head throbbed with every step we took. As we neared the door, he asked me seriously, "Can you make it or shall I call for a site to site transport?"

Despising myself for the weakness I was showing him, I grated, "I'll make it. Let's go." I called upon every resource I had to get back to my quarters. We met few members of the crew on the way and those we did see shot me strange, yet compassionate glances, which mystified me.

When we got to my cabin, Tom led me to the bedroom. I used most of my remaining strength to steer us toward the bathroom. "I need the head. I refuse any and all bedpan service," I stated firmly.

He smiled at my show of spirit and responded, "I knew you'd say that. Let me get you naked first and then you can go, OK?"

I nodded my acceptance and braced myself against the sink while he undressed me. I took care of my needs while he took care of my clothes, or what was left of them. I knew my uniform jacket was ruined. I turned to face the mirror and saw why people had given me such strange looks. Parts of my face were pink. Spots, some of them quite large, stood out showing where I had been injured. My tattoo was intact and for that, I was grateful.

I really wanted to take a shower but knew I couldn't stand up for that much longer. Tom stood silently in the doorway, waiting until I finished assessing the damage then inquired, "Are you done in here?"

I nodded and asked, "Can I take a bath? I feel filthy. I know I can't handle a shower...."

Tom shook his head and firmly stated, "No. No bath. Once you got into the tub, I'd never be able to get you out again by myself without hurting you." He came over to me and pulled me into the bedroom. "You are going to lie down. Now. If you want a bath, I'll give you one. But we'll do it my way. Any objections?"

Once I was horizontal, I couldn't think of anything except how good it felt to be off my feet. I was so tired but I hated feeling dirty and gritty in my own bed. I didn't exactly understand what Tom was proposing but thought maybe he meant to run a portable sonic cleanser over me once or twice. That would make me feel a little better so I answered, "No objections. Go ahead."

He looked at me with compassion, respect and love. "I'll be back in a minute."

I didn't know if I could stay awake that long but I tried. I drifted a little until I felt a warm, wet cloth run gently over my right foot. I tried to sit up but Tom said, "Relax. Let me take care of you." I felt a towel under my leg and realized he was going to give me an old-fashioned bed bath, complete with soap and water. This was unexpected. I'd never had one before but had seen how they were done. His touch was soft, gentle and oh, so loving.

He concentrated on his task, moving up my body, placing towels around me where needed. He made sure the bed didn't get wet while he washed, rinsed and dried me carefully. His touch was not sexual at all. Part of me was surprised at that, part of me relieved, as I couldn't have gotten an erection at that point if my life depended on it.

When he finished the front of me, he helped me turn over and began again at my feet. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before he reached my knees.

I woke slowly, vaguely aware that my bed was empty. It seemed unnatural somehow. It didn't happen often. Tom spent almost every night with me these days, even if he came in late or we worked different shifts. I felt disappointed, grumpy and sore. My head still hurt and I wondered what it had connected with to cause this much pain.

I sat up and reached for my robe intending to go replicate something to eat and drink. Before I could put the robe on, it was snatched away from me and Tom said, "Just what do you think you're doing? You aren't going anywhere."

"I'm not? Says who?" I had just enough energy to argue and besides, I was hungry.

"Says me. You are going to stay put. You are not getting up unless I say so." He put my robe away and then continued, "What were you going to do anyway?" He pushed me down into the pillows again.

I let him tuck me in and answered, "I was going to get some food. I'm starving. Why do I have to stay in bed?"

"You had a serious head injury and until I know you can handle being vertical for any length of time, you stay here. I'll bring you tea and toast. All right?"

"OK." I agreed because suddenly my energy was gone again. He left me for a minute and then returned with the food. I managed to eat a slice of toast and drank my tea then rolled over and went back to sleep.

The day passed in a blur. It wasn't until late evening that I felt even close to normal. I staggered into the head with Tom staying as close to me as a shadow and looked in the mirror. My face and hands looked fine. They still felt weird but at least my appearance was back to normal. "When did you finish the regeneration?" I asked.

"While you were sleeping. I gave you a mild sedative so you wouldn't notice. I know how much you hate taking drugs." He grinned at me impishly.

"Oh. Well, I'm hungry again. May I have something to eat *Doctor Paris*?" I turned away from the mirror and headed back to bed.

"Yes. You may have soup. I'll bring it to you." He waited till I was settled and then brought me a bowl on a tray. "Here you go."

"Thank you. So tell me what you did today." I started eating while he regaled me with tales of fending off unnamed visitors and having the Doctor com him repeatedly with questions or instructions if such and such were to occur. The soup was delicious, full of vegetables and I demolished it quickly.

When I was finished, he took the tray away and kissed me lightly. "Time for you to get some more rest. I'll be on the couch. Holler if you need anything."

"OK and Tom?"


"Thank you for doing all this, for taking care of me. You didn't have to."

"I know I didn't. I wanted to do this for you. I love you." He lowered the lights and left the room.

As I drifted off to sleep I wondered what it was I had done to deserve such a treasure as Tom Paris.

The next day I felt much better. I persuaded Tom to let me up for a while. He agreed and even took a shower with me. I got to eat real food and he allowed the Captain to visit me.

She arrived after lunch and Tom tactfully left us alone. I was in bed, shrouded in sheets and blankets and propped up on a pile of pillows. She caught me up on current events and we talked Ship's business for a few minutes, then she surprised me by saying, "I'm glad I could see you today. I was afraid your personal dragon wouldn't let me."

"Personal dragon?" I was puzzled.

She tilted her head in the direction of the other room. "Tom. He was being very overprotective yesterday and wouldn't even let me look at you while you were asleep."

"He didn't tell me that you'd stopped by." I was more amused than anything else. Imagining Tom denying the Captain anything was nearly anathema. I had a hard time picturing it.

"Well, of course I came to see how you were. Tom gave me a thorough report on your condition, served me a cup of tea and refused to let me anywhere near you. Also, while I was here, B'Elanna came by and he even managed to firmly yet politely turn her away without causing a scene."

"Now that is something I wish I could have witnessed."

She looked at me intently. "You know, Tom's matured a lot since you two have been together. What impressed me the most about my visit yesterday was what he was doing while you were resting."

"What was that?" I asked curiously.

"He was going through all your reports, summarizing and flagging the important parts for you so that when you're up to it, they should be a breeze to get through."

"He was? I'll have to remember to thank him for that."

"You are one very lucky man, Chakotay." She smiled at me. Just then Tom stuck his head into the room and announced that visiting hours were over.

"My patient needs rest." He hustled the Captain out the door graciously and she went without protest, vastly amused.

When he came back, I said, "The Captain told me about your working on my reports. Thank you. I really appreciate all you've done."

He sat down on the edge of the bed saying, "You're very welcome." Then he smirked, "You know I live to serve."

I shot back, "Well, how about you come over here and serve as my bed warmer?"

Adamantly, he replied, "No way are you up for any acrobatics right now. But I'll tell you what...."


He tapped me on the nose and crooned, "If you're a good little Commander and agree to take a nap now, I promise I'll give you a nice, relaxing blowjob later. Deal?"

I couldn't help chuckling. "Deal."

He leaned over and gave me a big kiss to seal the bargain.



Taming of Tom Paris, #10