Taming of Tom Paris, Part 5

By Britta
Artwork (c) 2002 by Voyeur. All Rights Reserved.

Illustration of Taming #5

When we woke to the chime, I felt much better and by the looks of him, Tom did, too. We untangled ourselves and he hopped out of bed saying, "Excuse me but I need to take a leak."

I let him go and he headed into that mysterious bathroom. The walls were very thin and I could hear him pee. Then I heard a clanking noise followed by what sounded like an enormous rush of water flowing through those odd metal pipes. I was glad he went first, as the sounds alone told me how to operate that ancient toilet. He came back and slid onto the bed as I climbed out blithely saying, "My turn. Back in a minute."

I was so relieved that I wouldn't have to admit my ignorance. I managed to figure out how the toilet worked and then returned to Tom, expecting to find him half asleep. I was wrong. He was very much awake.

"I think it's time to take a trip to the pond and soak a bit." He got out of bed and handed me my robe. He really had been studying. "Grab a couple of towels and the wine and meet me out there," I told him as I walked out to the pond.

Shucking my robe I climbed in and settled on a ledge that brought the water up to my neck. Gods, it felt great. Whatever remaining tension I carried around would surely be soaked out of me before too long.

Tom arrived, towels over his arm, holding the bottle of wine and two glasses. He set everything within easy reach and looked at me for his next instructions. "Get in, you need this more than I do right now."

Confused, he asked, "Why do you say that? You're the one who's been working non-stop for the last few weeks." He eased himself into the pond, wincing when his ass encountered the heated water.

He really needed this but for different reasons than I did. I inched over to him and whispered in his ear, "Correct me if I'm wrong but you haven't been with a man in quite awhile, have you?"

He put his arms around my neck and we floated together gently in the middle of the pond. "If you mean I haven't been fucked in ages, especially by a guy as well hung as you, then yes, you're right," he confessed softly.

"Well, then you need a good long soak to soothe your muscles. I don't want you to be too sore." I kneaded his ass gently and supported his weight as he wrapped his legs around my waist.

"Whatever you say, Chakotay, whatever you say. You do seem to know what I need so I won't argue with you this time." He fell silent and I knew he was thinking about what he'd just said. '...this time.'

Not one to let things go too lightly, I mock growled, "You shouldn't have said those last two words." I felt him tense instantly, wondering if I meant it. Before he could say anything, I kissed him. That did the trick, he relaxed again. I pulled his head down to my shoulder and we let the water embrace us, taking our aches and pains away.

A few minutes later I moved us over to where the wine was and set Tom gently on a nearby ledge. He poured and handed me the first glass. We sat and sipped and I felt a sense of peace envelop me. This was wonderful. He'd done a hell of a job on this program and I hoped we could use it often. I heard a rustling in the large ferns growing a few meters away and glanced over at Tom.

He explained, "Don't worry about anything coming too close. There are critters out there but they won't come near us. The most you'll likely get is a glimpse of one and only at a distance. I made this place as real as I could but tried to keep anything stressful out of it."

Relieved, I remarked, "You did a terrific job. Thank you for sharing it with me." I squeezed his hand and brought it to my lips.

He beamed at me. "You are more than welcome. I made it for you and you can run it any time you want. Of course, it might help if I were around so you could take full advantage of it, what with all the special features I put in." His eyes twinkled mischievously.

I raised my eyebrows and said, "Special features? Hmm. Care to tell me what they are? Or will I have to find out using other methods?" I moved closer to him and he scooted off the ledge with alacrity and over to the other side of the pond. I followed him over, first finishing my wine and leaving the glass behind. He reached behind an oddly placed rock and did something I couldn't see but the result was the front of the "rock" opening up to expose what appeared at first glance to be a variety of things useful in bathtubs.

I peered over his shoulder to see what we had to play with. A loofah sponge caught my eye and pointing to it, I said, "That looks good to me. I think a nice scrub would be very invigorating." He handed me the sponge and closed the rock before I could investigate its contents any further.

I wet the sponge thoroughly and pulled an unresisting Tom into mid-pond. I began with his chest and worked my way all over his body. I flipped him over and around like a rag doll, using my fingers on areas I deemed too tender for the abrasive surface of the sponge. I perched him precariously on a ledge and lifted one leg up at a time to do a thorough job, including his feet and each and every toe. By the time I was finished, he was practically vibrating with pleasure. I set the sponge aside and pulled him off the ledge for a kiss. A long, slow kiss that I hoped would get his motor running again. Just touching him as I had was enough to get me interested in more fun and games.

He sidled closer to me and hesitantly asked, "May I make a request?" When I delayed too long in responding, he added, "Sir?"

I forcibly brought my thoughts back online and acquiesced. "Yes, Tom, what is it?"

Charily, he ventured, "Remember when you first touched me all over?"

I nodded and poured more wine.

He took a swallow and boldly continued, "You promised me that night that I could do anything I wanted to you sometime in exchange for me staying still."

I sipped from my glass and recalled that evening fondly. He was correct, I did make that promise to him. "Go on," I urged.

He took another, larger swallow and asked, "May I collect on that promise now?"

I thought it over and replied, "It all depends on what you have in mind. Remember what I said earlier?"

He nodded eagerly and purred, "You like 'getting it' too. I want to do that for you but I also want to do so much more! Will you let me? Please?"

Goddess! Tom Paris, pleading to be allowed to make love to me! How could I say no? It was still my night, our first in this way. I was curious as to what he'd be like when let loose. I was up for Round Two, yet due to my fatigue I didn't feel like being aggressive. Maybe now would be a good time to experience Tom unleashed.

We had no commitment yet. If this didn't work, better to find out now rather than later.

After contemplating the possibilities for a picosecond or two, I decided that I could top from the bottom, as it were, despite my lack of driving energy. I wanted to know what Tom had in mind but I had a few rules he would have to adhere to if this were going to happen on this night, *my* night.

He clung to me expectantly, awaiting my answer. I let him wait a little longer while I drank my wine and stared at him, letting him know that I was considering his request.

Finally, I set aside my half-full glass and said, "All right. I will allow to you collect on my promise. However, there are a couple of things I require."

"Anything! You name it, Chakotay, it's yours!" He looked like a man more than ready to take on a charging targ, he was that excited.

"All right. First, you keep your beautiful ass within reach of my hands at all times. Second, pay close attention to my reactions. I will let you know when I've had enough of something or if I don't like whatever it is that you're doing. This is a warning, Tom; if I'm not happy with something, I *will* let you know, probably painfully. Got it?" To make myself clear, I pinched his nearest ass cheek hard and heard him gasp.

Wide blue eyes looked back at me respectfully and he replied, "Yes, sir. I understand. I'll do my best to make you feel as good as I possibly can." He moved away from me and downed the last of the wine in his glass, as if he needed to finish one thing before starting another. He steeled himself and said, "May I begin?"

I looked him, standing there in the pond, freshly scrubbed, skin glowing with vitality and thought he was as beautiful as I'd ever seen him. All that throbbing sexuality, aimed in my direction. How lucky can a guy get? I smiled widely and answered, "Yes, you may."

"Let me get you settled first."

He grabbed the sponge in one hand and with the other tugged me over to a ledge in a shallow part of the pond. I went willingly and waited to see what he would do. Once settled, he went back and grabbed the wine. He topped off my glass, replaced the bottle and stood at my side. He just looked at things for a moment then turned his back to me and reached for my right leg. I sighed in pleasure at the first touch of the sponge against my skin. It was as if, with each pass, my nerve endings were being roused into action.

When he finished with my foot, I expected him to work up my leg but he surprised me by setting the sponge aside and then following the same pattern, used his tongue. He had to lean forward somewhat awkwardly in order to keep his rear end where I said I wanted it but he managed.

A low moan escaped me when he sucked on each one of my toes, both individually and together. The silkiness of his tongue on my recently scrubbed skin was almost too much to bear. If he kept this up, I didn't think I could stand it. He must have sensed that this was a fine-line situation because he stopped just as I placed my hand on his butt. I had no intention of stopping him then, I just wanted to remind him that this was being done to me, for my pleasure, under my control, not his.

He picked up the sponge again and then proceeded to work his way up my leg. This time, he only used his tongue in various places, here and there, teasing me. I sipped my wine and basked in his loving attention. He repeated the entire process on my left leg and then started in on my right hand and arm, changing sides as he needed to in order to reach where he wanted. I permitted him a swallow or two of wine from my glass and closed my eyes as he sucked on my fingers.

The feel of his lips nearly drove me crazy. I played with his tongue, the insides of his cheeks and the roof of his mouth. I ran a fingertip over and around his teeth and gums, feeling the sharp edges and whisper softness existing side by side and marvelling at how such contrasts could bring so much pleasure.

When he reached my left shoulder, he changed direction and moved to my face. I opened my eyes and watched him as he carefully explored and cleaned and kissed me. He was very gentle. I caressed his ass as he continued his ministrations all around my ears and down to my throat. Some places he skipped the sponge, not daring to risk a swat or two, but I didn't mind. It all felt so good, I didn't even think of complaining.

He had a field day with my chest. The sponge made a hasty appearance, but it was his tongue that did most of the work. My nipples made their acquaintance with his teeth and lips more than once. I was so sensitive, it was like my entire nervous system was singing.

My ribs were counted and traced, then he pulled me to my feet saying, "Turn around, please." He stood to my side so I could still reach around and grab his ass with one hand.

I felt lips at the back of my neck at the same time the sponge slid over my shoulders and down my spine causing me to shiver. I was being partly bathed, partly massaged. It was heavenly. Never had I had so much attention paid to me. He didn't miss a single spot. I could get used to this, I thought. We stood in the shallow water, Tom worshipping me with fingers, tongue and sponge and I thanked the Spirits for every second of it.

He stopped and moved to stand in front of me, cradling my face in his hands. "Permission to ask a favor?" His eyes sparkled.

Enchanted, I murmured, "Permission granted. What is it?"

"Well," he drawled, "I want to do a complete job on the rest of you but to do it, I need to move my targeted ass out of range for a little while. Will you let me?" He grinned and rubbed his cheek against mine then stood back again.

I leaned forward and kissed him, rubbing my erection against his. I pulled back and said, "On one condition."

"What's that?"

Putting my hands on his ass, I squeezed a bit and answered, "You will have to pay a penalty because this is a break in the rules I set forth."

"What sort of penalty and when would I have to pay it?" he queried as he ground against me, breath rasping in my ear.

I ran a fingertip between his cheeks and felt him jerk in reaction. "I think this particular infraction is worth a trip over my knee at some time in the near future. And I'm warning you, it will be much different from your last experience. I'll let you know when tomorrow. Is it worth it to you?"

His eyes dilated even more if that was possible, remembering the last time he'd been there. I smiled inwardly, knowing he would agree. "Oh, yeah. It's worth it."

"OK, then it's a deal. You are now free to move your ass in any way you like in exchange for one spanking to be delivered at my discretion," I said seriously. Then turning him sideways, I swatted him and continued, "This is how I seal a bargain made to break one of my rules." I smacked him twice more and watched his cock jump each time, thinking he really had a thing for this. Amazing. How had he done without it for all these years?

He turned back and kissed me. "This is how I will seal all my bargains with you, if you don't mind, that is."

I laughed, "No, I don't mind."

"Good. Now can I get back to what I was doing?"

"Of course," I replied, removing my fingers from their warm haven and releasing him.

He said, "If you would spread your legs and bend over some, it would make my task a little easier and I can guarantee more enjoyable for you."

I complied. If it was to enhance my pleasure then it would be worth it. He ran the sponge all over my ass and upper thighs. It set my skin to tingling deliciously. He then abandoned the sponge and went to work again with fingers and tongue. He parted my cheeks and made sure I was as clean as a whistle. Then I felt hot breath on a most sensitive spot and knew what he had in mind. I gripped the edge of the pond tightly when his tongue touched me. I knew I wouldn't be able to tolerate much of this, it was so incredible. My cock was as hard as it has ever been and suddenly, I needed to feel him inside me. I ordered, "Enough, Tom."

"But I'm not finished..." he whined between licks and jabs.

"Oh, yes you are." I managed to get out. Oh, the sensation was too good. If he kept it up I knew I'd come far sooner than I wanted to.

He pulled his tongue out of my ass and kissed both of my cheeks before helping me upright and letting me turn around. I grabbed him tightly and tried to regain control when he said, "I just have one more thing to wash before we can go inside and I send you over the moon." He grinned at me wickedly.

I sighed heavily; he was going to drive me nuts at this rate! Well, I chided myself, you wanted to know what he was like! I put my hands on his shoulders and he dropped down further into the water. He ignored the sponge completely and just used his hands on my cock and balls. Then of course, his mouth. I did not permit him to linger, no matter how much he wanted to bring me off. He got me close then stopped and stood, handing me the last of the wine. I took a huge swallow as he said, "Ready to go inside?"

Mouth full of wine, I just nodded. He climbed out of the pond, then gave me a hand. Scooping up a towel, he dried me off carefully then used the other towel on himself. I set down the wine glass and told him to just leave everything where it was. He could clean it up in the morning. Impatiently, I grabbed his hand and nearly dragged him into the shack. I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me now. No more preliminaries, I wanted the real thing.

I hit the bed and rolled to my back pulling him down on top of me. He squirmed as I arched up against him, trapping our erections, rubbing them against each other. His hand darted out and started blindly searching for the lube I'd tossed aside earlier. He kissed me hard, plundering my mouth with his tongue. It appeared his urgency matched mine. A few seconds later I felt slick fingers pushing inside me, almost roughly. I didn't care. I wanted it too badly to slow down for the niceties. He stretched me while he kissed me and rolled me sideways.

Gasping for breath, he pulled away from my lips and grated, "How do you want it?" His fingers plunged inside me again and again, deeper, twisting and turning, hitting my prostate more than once.

"Like this, so I can see your face," I ground out as I lay on my back and brought up my legs. "Do it. Now."

He slipped his fingers out of my ass and applied the slick gel to his waiting cock. He bent over me and I lifted my legs up, more than ready to receive him into my body. He aimed at my entrance and thrust inside. I was suddenly full and it felt wonderful. He gave me a few seconds to adjust and then began to move. He started out slowly, changing angles often, watching my face intently. Then he hit it just right and I'm sure my expression changed dramatically. So he did it again just to be certain. I moaned involuntarily. Then he really started to move. Gods! The man knew how to fuck. He played me like a virtuoso plays his instrument.

It was all I could do to concentrate long enough to pant, "Harder!" He followed my order without hesitation, slamming into me, using that marvelous angle and I raced to the edge of what felt like incipient madness. A few battering, shattering strokes later, I erupted. He couldn't help but notice and he allowed himself to let go. I watched him as he got closer, knowing, seeing in his expression the same thing I'd felt earlier. It was a glorious sight when he climaxed. My breath had evened out some and I helped support him when his arms gave out. He pulled out of me and I let him rest on my chest.

When he could speak, he whispered, "Thank you."

I stroked him gently and kissed him saying, "You're welcome and thank you, too. That was exactly what I wanted."

He smiled and yawned, "Good, I'm glad. I hoped you'd like it."

Like it? What an understatement! If he was this good every time, I'd be a worn out old man by my next birthday! Either that or we'd have to practice often so I'd get used to it, I thought selfishly. Ah, the things one thinks in a post-orgasmic haze.... I drifted off to sleep contentedly, with Tom softly snoring atop my chest.

I woke up spooned around Tom, my arm holding him tightly against me. He slept on peacefully while I plotted out various morning scenarios. Just pondering the possibilities got me hard. After thinking about it, I decided to go ahead and put my erection to good use.

I eased him over onto his stomach and freed my hand. I wondered how far I'd get before he woke up. I grabbed the lube and inched the sheet down below his hips. Slicking my fingers I moved to lie close to him, keeping him warm with my body.

Carefully I worked a single finger inside him. He shifted a little but that was it. I fingered him, feeling his muscles loosen. I went slowly as I knew he was probably somewhat sore. I added more lube then another finger. He felt so nice inside, all soft and pliant, yet tight and warm. My cock itched to be buried in there. I pulled the sheet to the side and off of us. Coating my erection, I parted his legs and gently lifted myself over him.

As I slid home, he woke up. "Urghh! Hmph! Uh, what the hell are you doing?"

I gathered Tom was not always too coherent in the morning. My weight kept him in place as I bit him on the neck and said, "What does it feel like?" I pulled out and thrust steadily back inside.

A few moans and sighs later, he mumbled, "You're fucking me...oh, gods, what a great way to wake up."

I moved faster, gliding in and out, not letting Tom have enough time to perfect any countering moves. "Just think of this as the Chakotay alarm," I murmured. Using my knees, I spread his legs further apart and reached to grab his hands and bring them above his head. Now, he had no leverage, none, he just had to lie there and allow me to take my pleasure. And take it I did.

"Cha! I can't move," he complained.

"I know. Be still, Tom. Quit wiggling." He wanted to know what it would be like to be mine, well, this was a part of it. This time was all for me. I rotated my hips, alternating short, fast thrusts with long, slow strokes. I took my own sweet time and enjoyed myself tremendously.

Tom whimpered and groaned, his hands rhythmically gripping mine in exasperation. After he made a particularly loud noise borne of frustration, I ordered, "Be quiet. I'm trying to concentrate."

"But, Cha--"

I cut him off in mid-whine, "I mean it, Tom. Not another word or you'll pay for it." He shut up instantly. Good. He was learning. I continued pleasuring myself, letting the sensation of sinking into his body become my sole focus. He could wait. I knew I wouldn't last too long, even though I wished I could do this forever. Surging forward again and again and again, I finally came, collapsing on Tom's back, buried balls-deep inside him.

After resting a minute or two, I released his hands and snaked my left arm underneath him, across his chest. Moving my leg over his, I held him against me and rolled us over to our sides. I kissed his nearest shoulder and brought my right hand around to find his cock. He was rock-hard. Hmm, he must have enjoyed that, I thought idly.

With my fingers, I went exploring. I pulled back his foreskin and using the fluid he produced, ran my thumb over the head of his cock. He shuddered in reaction. I moved within him fractionally, my spent dick still erect enough to do some good. He jerked and then sighed. I reached down to his balls and weighed them in my hand, squeezing very gently. I played between his legs for a few moments, letting him simmer.

His breath grew faster and I could feel his tension mount, yet he didn't utter a syllable. I quit teasing him and returned my hand to his cock. I began to pump in concert with the tiny undulations I could manage without removing my softening cock from its warm haven. It didn't take long. He must have been close to the edge since I started. A very short time later, he shot his wad all over my hand.

As I went to wipe it off on the sheet, he grabbed my hand and brought it to his lips. His tongue flicked out and he began licking me clean while I finally slipped out of his ass and turned him onto his back. I'll admit that he'd surprised me with that move. I hadn't expected it at all. When he finished, I leaned over to kiss him. I wanted to taste him and "him" together. It turned out to be a most erotic and flavorful combination.

Pleased with our morning activities, I checked the time and found that we had enough left for a decent breakfast, which I replicated out of my own rations, along with time to bathe and dress. I let Tom play houseboy and do the cleaning up. He stuffed our clothing into the 'fresher, which turned out to look like an old-time oven or was that thing called a dryer? I wasn't sure but dismissed it as a relatively unimportant item while I set out our food.

Once we sat down to eat, I asked him, "So how did it feel? Was it all you had hoped for?"

Confused by the many possible things I could be referring to, he answered shortly, "Huh? Was what all I'd hoped for?" He shifted in his chair and I realized he needed another soak in the hot pond.

"The whole thing, Tom," I said gently. "Belonging to me for one night. Was it what you wanted?" I chewed on a slice of melon and waited for him to formulate a reply.

He chomped on a piece of toast and shuffled his scrambled eggs around trying to get them to stay on the fork. Stymied by this task and obviously feeling overloaded in the critical thinking department, he flatly stated, "It was a whole lot more than I expected."

He did not sound happy. I thought then that I'd ruined everything. Well, at least I'd had this much. Morosely, I reached for my tea, hoping against hope that we could salvage something from this mess that I'd gotten us into.

He must have seen the expression of sorrow on my face, because his fork clattered onto his plate and he stood abruptly, placing his hand on mine, forcing me to set down my cup. That done, he shifted both me and my chair to face away from the table, then he dropped to his knees in front of me and laid his head in my lap, clutching my hips with both hands.

"Chakotay..." he began softly, unable to look at me directly. "It was -- I don't have the words to tell you what it was like for me." He drew in a deep breath and went on, "I'm sorry I upset you a minute ago. I didn't mean to. All I can say is thank you."

I tried to comprehend this sudden shift in his manner, then I remembered that his defensiveness often included belligerence or sarcasm in order to put some distance between himself and whatever was threatening his composure.

I stroked his hair and quietly said, "It's all right. Don't worry about a thing. You're fine, I'm fine. We have plenty of time. Come back up and let's finish breakfast." I pulled him up gently and stood, turning my chair back to the table and, holding his hand, I kissed him then guided him to sit down at his place. He picked up his fork again and I said, "Eat up. Don't let it grow cold. When we're done, we can make a trip to the pond and talk some more. OK?"

He shoved a forkful of food inside his mouth and nodded. I smiled in return and we finished our meal in relative silence.

Once done, Tom removed our clothes from the 'fresher and tossed our dishes into the recycler, which appeared as some sort of aged dish-washing contraption. He placed our clothing on the sofa and we wandered out to the pond. Tugging him under the waterfall, I asked, "Where's the soap?"

He pointed to something that appeared to be lichen growing on the rock face behind the water. I touched it experimentally and found it to be soft and slippery. A piece of it melted onto my fingers. It dissolved completely and lathered up considerably when I rubbed it over Tom's back. Satisfied that we truly had all we needed for now, I washed him from head to toe.

He explained that the "soap" was safe for everything from shampoo to internal use and so between the two of us, we got very clean. Standing under the waterfall, which was cooler than the pond itself, we rinsed off. Then I pushed him into the pond saying, "You need another soak." He began to protest but I interrupted him, "We also need to talk. Don't worry. We still have enough time, thanks to you. So let's take advantage of it."

He ignored that little dig and gave in gracefully, although with some trepidation. "OK. Where do you want to start?" He gave me a brittle smile.

I didn't quite understand why he seemed so unnerved but thought maybe he was struggling with his reactions and feelings to the activities of last night and this morning. Maybe it was too much for him to assimilate all at once. In any event, I decided to bring things back to a more comfortable and familiar level.

I brought him close to me in the middle of the pond, much as we had been after I'd first made love to him. I put my arms around him and very deliberately waited until he lifted his legs and wrapped them about my waist. He then held on to me and I let one hand float down to hold him by the ass cheek while with the other hand I stroked his damp hair gently and purposefully.

I kissed him lightly and inquired, "So what were you saying about Dalby last night? Remember? I told you I would ask you to repeat it. Tell me now."

Tom relaxed so much so quickly, I wondered if he'd fainted. But then he croaked, "Dalby? You want to know about him?" Letting out a sigh of such duration that I was both amazed and amused, he continued, "All I was going to tell you was that he came to see me and apologized for picking that fight with me."

"Oh? Is that so? I'm surprised. Maybe he's finally growing up."

Tom shook his head and said, "I think he did it because he's really sorry he upset you. He respects you a lot and when he saw how angry you were, I think he realized that he'd crossed the line. He'll probably come to see you, too, as soon you have time and are available again."

"I'll believe it when I see it." Doubt colored my tone and I meant every word. I'd known Dalby a long time. I couldn't picture him doing the apology routine. But then, stranger things have happened.

Tom brought me back to the moment with a kiss, then he murmured, "Thank you for breakfast. You didn't have to spend your rations on me like that."

"You're welcome. I wanted to do it." I hugged him tightly for a moment, then said, "We'd better get out. It's nearly time to go on duty." I released him and we headed over to the edge.

We dried off and went inside to dress. I allowed enough time for Tom to go back to his quarters and change into uniform. Just as we were leaving, he turned to me and asked, "When am I going to pay my penalty?"

"Meet me for dinner and I'll tell you then." I smiled and he grinned back at me with a knowing expression.

"You're really going to make me wait. I should've known." He shut down the program and we exited the holodeck.

I kissed him quickly and said, "I have my reasons. See you later." Then we went off in different directions. I felt good, rested and ready for just about anything.



Taming of Tom Paris, Part 6