Taming of Tom Paris, Part 3

By Britta
Artwork (c) 2002 by Voyeur. All Rights Reserved.

Illustration of Taming #3

Morning came and I spent some time in meditation. It helped center me, reassure me that all was well. I was little unsure about seeing Tom. I feared that yesterday might have damaged our relationship. I wasn't a sadist but I worried that Tom would mistake me for one. I didn't enjoy inflicting pain for no reason but I did get off on control and punishing someone who has submitted to me is part of that. There's a certain satisfaction in seeing that the price has been paid. Meting out discipline has always been a necessary and enjoyable part of my special relationships. I also loved to feel the power that comes with being in charge of someone both personally and sexually. I didn't want someone bound and gagged and lying at my feet, because then it's involuntary. What I craved was the complete and utter submission of another person to me.

I needed to know that someone trusted me to the point where they would do anything I said, without question. I'd never take advantage of someone in that position and I'd never had the urge to do anything but enjoy them in as many ways as possible. I knew best what some people needed. My joy came from giving it to them. Fulfilling their secret and often subconscious desires. Tom was perfect for me in this respect. I knew that if he allowed me to take control of his life, he would blossom into a flower so beautiful, everyone would wonder if he'd been supplanted by an alien. I also knew he would know happiness and contentment beyond his wildest dreams.

He commed me in the morning and we agreed to meet in the mess hall. I was detained by a quick meeting with the Captain so by the time I got there, he was already sitting with Ensign Kim. They had their backs to me and so did not see me approach. I overheard Harry say, "So how are you feeling today? I heard you got your ass tenderized by the First Officer."

Tom nearly choked on his juice but said, "I'm fine. It was better than spending time in the brig." He paused and then went on, "Does the whole ship know what happened?"

"Yup. Everybody knows," Harry affirmed.

"Oh, gods." Tom sounded worried.

Harry hastily reassured him, "Calm down, most people are proud of you for taking it and thrilled that Dalby will have to work his shift standing up."

I decided to make my presence known at that point, "Good morning." They both turned to me and responded in kind. I set my tray down and dropped a kiss on Tom's lips. "I'm sorry I'm late."

"Uh, that's OK." He looked at me in surprise. I'd never kissed him in public before. Other people noticed as well and I was glad. I wanted it to get around that yesterday's events hadn't harmed our relationship. We ate in near silence but when we finished I pushed away my tray and asked, "So what are your plans for today, gentlemen?"

Harry piped up, "Well, I promised to help out with a project in Engineering so if you two will excuse me, that's where I'm headed."

Tom said, "Sure Harry, have fun. Maybe I'll catch up with you later." Harry took his tray and left us alone. Tom continued, "I don't have anything planned. I'd like to spend some time with you, though. That is, if you want to." He looked a little uncertain. Maybe yesterday would cause problems after all.

I reached out and took his hand in mine saying, "I'd like that, very much. Maybe we could take a walk on one of the holodecks. If you're up to it." I wanted to get him alone to see how he was really doing.

"That sounds good to me. Do you want to go now?" He appeared anxious to leave and I figured he'd want to avoid being in public until all this blew over.

"Sure. Why not? There's something I have to take care of though. Would you mind if we stopped by my quarters first?" I stood and picked up my tray.

Tom did the same and said, "No, not at all. Let's go."

After getting rid of our trays, I took his hand and we headed for my cabin. Once there, I pulled him into my arms and said, "How are you, really?"

He hugged me back and replied, "Fine. I'm OK. Believe me."

I stepped back and held him by the shoulders. "Then let me see for myself. Drop your pants and bend over the table."

He stared at me incredulously. "Are you serious?"

"Yes, I'm serious. I want to look you over, make sure you're all right. So, don't argue with me. Do it. Now." I had to see if he would obey. After all his reading last night, he surely knew there was more to this than me just checking him out.

"Is that an order?" he asked, showing a faint spark of defiance.

"Does it need to be?" I answered softly.

He looked at me intently for a long moment, then quietly did as he was told. He bent over the table and I pulled up a chair behind him. "Spread your legs, Tom." He shifted a little and I said, "Wider. That's right." I ran my hands gently over his thighs and then his ass. The skin was still a little red. I was glad to see no evidence of bruising.

"I'll bet it's still pretty tender, isn't it?" I inquired.

"Yeah...it is," he grudgingly admitted.

I parted his cheeks and looked at him in all his glory. Gods! I wanted to fuck him, right here and now. With much effort, I thrust the thought out of my mind and instead released him, patting him softly. I rose and moved aside. "You can get up now."

He turned and reached down to pull up his pants and I noticed the partial erection he tried to hide from me. I didn't comment but let him know that I'd seen it. His face flushed red but I just hugged him and said, "That wasn't so bad, was it? Thank you for letting me see for myself that you're OK."

"You're welcome. And you're right. It wasn't that awful. It just makes me feel weird."

"What does?" I wondered.

He ducked his head, "When you look at me like that."

I tipped his chin up and said, "Tom, when are you going to realize that I like looking at you? All of you. I like to touch you, feel you. All of you. It's something I enjoy. You'd better get used to it if we are going to continue seeing each other. OK?"

"OK," he agreed, if a bit hesitantly.

"So now, let's take a walk. Do you have a favorite place you want to go?"

"Yeah, I do. I'd like to show it to you. Come on."

We walked silently, hand-in-hand, thinking our own thoughts until we got to the holodecks and found one available. He chose the program and we entered the room to find ourselves on a beach somewhere. It was tropical. There were huge palm trees and miles of soft, white sand. Small huts peeked out of the thick vegetation.

"Where are we?" I asked.

He just smiled at me, engaged the privacy lock and said, "Paradise."

I grinned back at him and we took off our shoes and socks, rolled up our pant legs and headed for the water. As we walked, I felt the warm sea cover my feet. He was right, it was paradise. The tension I felt caused by the last several days fell away. We didn't speak much, we didn't need to.

When it got too hot, we moved to one of the conveniently placed huts and found two large towels. Shedding our clothes, we left them there and laid the towels under a tree in the shade. Then we hit the water. It was so refreshing. We swam, floated, did silly things and in general had a lot of fun. It was a blessed relief to just be able to play for a while.

Laughing, we left the sea and lay in the shade, relaxing. I knew the questions would not be long in coming and I was right. Tom lay on his stomach a couple of feet away from me. I was on my back but turned onto my side to face him when he queried, "Chakotay? Can we talk about all that stuff I read last night?"

"Sure, Tom, what do you want to know?"

"Well, I read for hours, as you may have guessed." He looked at me speculatively and I winked back at him. "And well, I'm confused about where you fit in with all the descriptions of people that I read about. I'm not sure I know where I fit either. Some stuff seemed to apply to me but other stuff just left me cold. I mean, I don't like pain, per se or the concept of being tied up and helpless. I will admit, though, that I get turned on by the idea of you telling me what to do and of pleasing you. I--" He stopped suddenly and took a deep breath, then began again, "I know that I need discipline. That goes back a long way. I haven't had anyone who cared about me enough to provide it in years and years. I remember when Nanny would take care of me or punish me when I deserved it. I felt so loved then, like I mattered to someone and I want to feel that way again...." He trailed off as memory assaulted him.

I was astonished at his honesty and appalled that he'd not felt so loved in so long. "Come over here," I said, pulling him into my arms. He lay half on top of me like the night we slept together and I held him the same way. Quietly I started to speak to him of the differences between S&M, B&D and D&s.

I explained that there were as many variations of the above practices as there were people in the universe. I told him about my preferences and even admitted that I'd guessed some of his. In the end, I finished up by saying, "I'm dominant, you must have guessed that by now."

He snorted, "No shit."

I pinched him and went on, "If we were to enter into a relationship of that nature, I can tell you what to expect. In fact, I don't do surprises and I also don't share. I'm not an exhibitionist either. I would never degrade you or harm you in any way.

"But, you would have to understand that I would be in control. I'd make the rules. I'd decide what you needed and when you needed it. I would expect you to obey me without arguing or stalling. If you didn't, you would be punished." I squeezed his ass gently to drive the point home.

"My methods might be different from your nanny's but the loving concern would be the same. I do care about you a great deal and I hate it when you are unhappy. I see you flailing around trying to get a handle on life and I know that you need guidance and a firm hand. There are times when you seem unfocused and unsure of what you feel. I can help you with that. I would also expect you to be completely honest with me, especially when I ask you how you feel about something. There are depths to you that you cannot explore on your own. I'd do my best to help you become the man that you want to be but you'd have to place yourself in my hands and allow me to take charge. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Tom sighed and raised up to look into my eyes then said, "Yes, I think I do. I don't know if I can handle jumping in with both feet at once, though. Is there a middle ground? A way to try it on for size so to speak?"

I felt like a class-A idiot. Talk about scaring someone half to death! "Goddess! Tom, I apologize. I didn't mean that you had to make any big decisions right now. Of course there's a middle ground. A huge one! We can just keep doing what we're doing for one thing. We can go slowly, try out a few things, see how it works. I don't require that you sign any papers committing yourself to me in blood. I just wanted to clarify the situation as I saw it, explain to you the possibilities and be as honest with you as you have been with me. That's all. Please don't worry." I reached for him and brought him down for a kiss.

He relaxed then and kissed me back, passionately. I allowed his fingers to wander around my body and after a few moments, he went straight for my cock. "May I?" he asked.

"Of course," I answered in relief. It seemed that Tom was made of sterner stuff than I'd imagined. He stroked me to hardness and looked me over almost as thoroughly as I'd done him.

He moved his head lower and then, kneeling between my thighs, he grinned saucily and asked, "Permission to suck you off, *Master*?"

I laughed, "Permission granted, Smartass!" and he lowered his head to my waiting cock. He took his time and I enjoyed every minute. He was very good at giving head. I thought I might allow him to do this as often as he wished.

Soon he had me writhing and moaning, trying to reach the edge. He just teased me up to the brink and paused again. Finally, I couldn't take any more and growled, "Finish it. Now."

He quit playing around and expertly brought me to climax. I came with a shout and when he'd cleaned me up, I pulled him into my arms and kissed him thank you. I rested briefly and felt his erection poking into my hip.

Reaching over and grasping his hard-on I stroked it a few times and said, "What shall we do about this, hmm?" I kissed him and rolled him onto his back. He put his arms around me and ground against my hand.

"Just keep doing what you're doing," he panted between kisses.

In next to no time, he was shaking, getting closer and closer. I bent my head and tongued a nipple, when I bit it, he came instantly. I used a corner of the towel to clean him up and then we both fell asleep for a while.

Later in the day we agreed to meet again, this time for an after dinner drink and I suspected, further discussion. I knew he needed time after our morning on the holodeck and I wanted to spend some more time meditating. He had dinner with Harry while I checked in with the Captain.

We met in his quarters at 2200. I expected nothing more than a quick and quiet drink and that's what I got. The discussion part didn't last too long either. He had a few questions about how we'd "try it on for size" and I answered him as best I could. I suggested that we get together the next evening for a little experiment. I didn't go into specifics. I wanted to give him time to wonder and let his imagination run amok. We made plans to meet in the mess hall for dinner at 1930, that way we could avoid the usual crowd.

I spent the day doing a variety of things, from what passed for chores domestic to having elaborate fantasies about what I wanted to do with Tom that night. I finally decided that we would start with the physical side of self-control. That would be easiest for him. The lessons in emotional and mental control would come later, when he was ready for them.

One thing I had to make clear to him was that I would never push him further than he could go. If I wanted to have him and I did, I needed him to understand that I would not, could not, in all good conscience, break him. I wanted him whole and intact, mentally, physically and spiritually. The things we'd do together would be for our mutual growth and fulfillment, because we both needed and wanted them so we could become the selves that we were meant to be.

It was such a challenge to take him on. I wondered where I'd end up at the end of our journey. Earlier, I'd thought that it would only be him traveling but now I knew that we'd be on the path together. Such a responsibility! My meditation had shown me that and much more as well.

I dressed for dinner but this time I wore something a little different. I'd hoped we'd be almost alone in the mess hall. So I took a chance and got out my silks. I'd replicated a new set once I'd been on board Voyager a few months and had saved the rations for them. They were black. Shirt and pants and even briefs. I hadn't had a single occasion to wear them until now. They felt so good against my skin. With heightened sensitivity, I walked to the mess hall feeling like I was ready to take on the Borg and all the other nasty aliens we'd run across.

To my surprise, Tom was already there and seated with the Captain and Tuvok. When I approached their table, I noticed that Tom hadn't gotten dinner yet and that the others were nearly finished with theirs. Breathing a sigh of relief, I put my hand on the nearest empty chair and ignoring Janeway's interested gaze, said, "May I join you?"

Tom looked up at me and his eyes widened. The Captain said, "Of course, please sit down." Tuvok just lifted his eyebrow slightly.

I'm sure there were all sorts of thoughts being passed between the Captain and her lover but I was only really interested in Tom's reaction. He was floored, no doubt about it. I could sense his immediate arousal from a short distance away. Good. It was working.

I guessed it worked well on Janeway, too, as she grasped Tuvok's hand more tightly and they excused themselves, then left quickly.

Tom and I just looked at each other for a moment, then I said, "So are you ready to eat?"

"Uh, y--yeah...yeah," he stammered.

"Well, let's go get something." I stood and held out my hand pretending not to see the way his gaze roved from my face to my groin and back again.

We walked over to where the leftovers were and selected what we could tolerate. There were mostly cold dishes at this time of the evening, since the air temperature had been lowered in order to conserve energy. I felt the silk of my shirt play across my chest again and my nipples hardened. Silk has amazing properties: it can be either hot or cold depending on the ambient temperature.

Tom looked at my chest and gulped. We took our food back to the table and before digging in, I kissed him and asked, "So how was your day?"

Blinking, he responded automatically, "Fine, thanks." Then he seemed to come out of his near trance and added, "How was yours?"

"Oh, pretty dull," I answered with a smile. "I just did the usual day- off type things. You know, clean my quarters, meditate." Imagine a thousand ways to make love to you.

He nodded and we continued our meal in near silence. I saw the entire range of emotions play across his face as he chewed and drank and swallowed. I knew he was nervous, maybe even scared.

I didn't want him to feel that way any longer. He needed to know that he was safe so I took his hand and raised it to my lips, saying, "Are you ready for dessert? I have something special just waiting for you."

He looked at me and I wondered if I'd pushed too far. He grabbed my other hand and held them both, then said, "What do you have planned for me? I need to know. I can't stand the suspense any longer."

I decided it was time to come clean. The mess hall was deserted except for us so I didn't have to worry about others overhearing me. "I'll tell you exactly what I want you to do. If you don't want to try it, then you can refuse, OK?"

He gripped my hands tighter and said, "OK."

I stared at him, willing him to understand and explained, "I want to explore you. I want to learn how you react to my touch, everywhere. I won't hurt you, I promise." What I hoped to get from this was an intimate knowledge of his reactions. The more I knew about his body, the easier I could control it.

Confused, he said, "That's it?"

"Yes, that's it. There's only one catch."

He looked at me warily and asked, "What?"

I took a deep breath and said, "I want you to stay still. No touching me back, this time. Let me do what I want." He looked confused so I said, "Can we discuss this elsewhere?"

Tom agreed and we dumped our trays. We headed to my quarters. When we arrived, he spoke again, more forcefully. "I want to know exactly what you mean."

"I'll show you. Just stand there and don't move. Let me kiss you but leave your arms at your sides, OK?" I asked. I liked his spirit, it kept things interesting.

He grimaced but gave in. I put my hands on his face and kissed him gently. I drew it out and felt him trying to keep his hands from coming up to hold me. Stepping back, I inquired, "Now, do you understand what I want?"

Frowning slightly, he replied, "Yeah, I think so. It sure is hard not to react to you, though. And I don't understand why you don't want me to!"

I thought about how best to explain it and decided on the unvarnished truth. I looked deep into his eyes and said, "I love your touch. But, it distracts me when I want to concentrate on you. I promise I will let you do whatever you want to me sometime. For now, I want to experience you, alone. All right?"

He thought about this for a minute or so and asked, "So do I have be a statue or something?"

I laughed out loud. "No, I don't want someone made of stone. I want you to let me know what every single thing feels like when I do it. OK?"

His expression smoothed and he looked a lot more comfortable. "OK. I'll give it a try. What do you want me to do first?"

"Strip." I said, thinking that this was going to be a night to remember.

He peeled off his clothes and put them on the couch while I walked around him, looking him over. He was aware of my scrutiny and I observed his reaction to it. It made him uncomfortable. He wasn't used to it but he would learn. Tom was a feast for the eyes and I wasn't about to deprive myself of the pleasure I got just by looking.

When he was nude, I turned him to face me and explained, "This works two ways. I will touch you anywhere I want in any way I want. While I do this I want you to focus on how it feels. Put your attention on the sensation, not on me, all right?"

He responded doubtfully, "I'll try but I don't know if I'll be any good at this since I've never done it before. Are you gonna get naked or am I the only one?" He grinned to hide his nervousness but I saw it anyway.

I smiled a bit and replied, "You're it, for now anyway. I'm going to begin, remember to keep your hands to yourself."

"Well, if you insist," he pouted.

"I do." I stated emphatically, dashing his hopes of a reprieve. Gods, I'd been waiting for this opportunity and now I had it. Now I could play. My cock grew hard in anticipation of the delights I hoped would follow.

I reached for his head with my fingers and starting with his hair and scalp, worked my way down his face to his neck. Light touches followed by firmer strokes told me much of what I needed to know. I took him close to the edge of pain once or twice but he never said anything. "Tom, does this hurt?" My fingers were wound tightly in the hair at the back of his head.

"A little," he conceded.

"You're supposed to tell me stuff like that, remember?" I released him and he let out a deep breath.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot. I'm sorry." He looked at me contritely.

It seemed to me that he was trying hard to do as I said and focus on what he was feeling. It appeared that the effort interfered with his intention to speak up. Interesting, I thought. This was a very useful observation. I gave up on him ever telling me in words what I wanted to know but it didn't really matter because his expression spoke volumes.

At one point, I became aware that most of the time he kept his eyes closed. I guessed it helped him concentrate but I wanted to know for sure so I asked, "Why have you closed your eyes?"

He opened them and stared at me hard. "Because looking at you, all dressed to kill and not being able to touch, is very distracting to *me* and you told me to concentrate on what I feel and so I am. So there. Just get on with it." The frustration was evident in his voice and he pointedly closed his eyes again.

I continued my task and learned where he was ticklish, which was almost everywhere with the right touch. My fingers explored and tested and felt every part of him. He laughed a few times and squawked when I played with his toes and feet.

He was enjoying this. I decided to up the ante on the return journey north. Instead of using only my fingers, I added lips, teeth and tongue. It became much more difficult for him to stay in control. When I licked the soft skin of his inner ankle, his breath came out as a hiss. By the time I'd reached the juncture of thigh and buttock, nibbling a bit, his hands were clenching and unclenching convulsively. I paused and queried, "You OK?"

A low affirmative was forced out between gritted teeth and I smiled to myself. I licked a path up and over one soft cheek and let my tongue just slide by the top of his cleft. He started to tremble. I ignored his groin completely this time and worked around his side and up to his rib cage. Lifting his arm out of the way I continued kissing my way up. I rubbed the tip of my nose along a rib to his sternum. His breathing sped up even more. Slowly I made my way to the base of his throat and then abruptly detoured to map the area where arm and shoulder meet.

After a few more minutes playing with his neck, I took him in my arms and kissed him lightly on the lips, then said, "Break time. How are you holding up?"

He seemed to return from someplace far away in his thoughts and tried hard to calm down. Eventually he blurted out, "I'm fine. Are we done? Can I touch you yet?" I could see that he ached to get his hands on me.

"No, not yet." I still hadn't decided if I would allow him to touch me at all this time. Maybe, maybe not. "Would you like a drink?"

He sighed and shrugged impatiently, "Sure. I could use one after all that." He began pacing around the room, letting his frustration out. I allowed it because it was his first time and he'd done remarkably well.

I moved to the replicator and got us each a glass of wine. It would help ease the way to what came next. I handed him a glass and he immediately took a large swallow then confessed, "I feel a little underdressed right now. Do I have to stay naked all night while you get to wear clothes?"

"Yes, you do." I confirmed. "Get used to it. I like it when you're naked. You can plan on being naked whenever you're with me for any length of time. Whether I'm undressed or not is irrelevant." I sipped my wine and pulled him toward the couch to sit next to me.

"Oh." Now he had another thing to think about. A new rule, more information to process.

I pulled him close and ran my hand over his chest and downwards. Skimming over his half-hard cock, I let my hand come to rest on his thigh, my fingers gently squeezing the firm flesh. While he was busy thinking his thoughts, I went over his reactions in my mind, cataloguing them and storing away the information I'd gleaned. He'd enjoyed our first little experiment, I could tell. What confused him was why he liked it. I was certain that's what he was thinking about at that moment.

We sipped our wine in silence. I let him ponder without interruption while I decided what to do next. It seemed that he had a natural bent in the direction I was headed. The big surprise was his silence. It was the last thing I expected. I had a feeling that it would only manifest itself under certain conditions. The rest of the time, he'd be his usual voluble self.

During my little exploration, I noticed that Tom had slipped into his submissive mode without even realizing it. While he might not be aware of it happening, I was. It's a very subtle shift in stance, both physically and mentally. It's odd how certain things can trigger its appearance. I suspected that one of those triggers for Tom was his being naked and exposed while I was not. It's a fairly common reaction. It was one reason why he would not be allowed clothing in our future encounters of this nature.

Deciding he'd had enough time to think, I turned to face him. "Tell me how you felt when I was touching you."

He swallowed the last of his wine and set aside the glass. "It was different. It's hard to describe. I liked it. Hell, you saw how turned on I was. But it was frustrating to not be able to do what I wanted, what I still want! For a while there, I thought I'd get off just standing there letting you do your thing...but then you stopped." He looked at me a little suspiciously, "Did you do that on purpose? Stop right then, I mean."

"Yes, I did. I didn't want you to come yet. I have other plans for you. It's still early and we have more things we can do, if you want to. I'm going slow because this is new to you." I looked at him intently. "You have to let me know if it gets to be too much. If you have any questions about anything, by all means ask." I set my now empty glass next to his on the table and wondered if I should spank him or fuck him or both.

He looked back speculatively. "So far it's been pretty interesting. But I feel like I don't know all the rules of the game and it bothers me. Can I ask you to do things or what? I don't know how this works!" A flash of annoyance crossed his face.

I caressed his cheek gently. "OK, let's get one thing straight. Don't worry about anything long term right now. Just stick to whatever it is we're doing at the time. Take it step by step. It's early days, Tom. We have lots of time to work out the details. So just think about tonight. Are you up for something more or do you want to call it quits for now and go do other things?" I put my arm around him briefly and gave him a squeeze. I knew he was up for more but he had to decide. It was no good pressuring him at this stage of the game. He needed to make these decisions himself and live with them. It was part and parcel of him recognizing what he wanted, what he needed.

He dropped his gaze to my hands and after a few moments admitted in a small but steady voice "I'd like some more."

I turned him to look at me and quietly said, "You wanted to know if you could ask me to do things. You can. I may or may not do what you want me to as that decision is mine to make but you may ask. Is there something in particular you want me to do you?"

Blue eyes flickered under my steady gaze. I knew what he was thinking. He was dying of curiosity to make that trip over my knees. Softly he answered, "Yes, there is. I don't know if I can say it though. No, I can't. I can't do it." He looked at me apologetically, ashamed and embarrassed.

I locked eyes with him and said, "Is it something along these lines?" as I pulled him up to his knees then draped him across my lap.

"Yes," he whispered, his face growing redder by the nanosecond.

"I thought so." I rested my hand on his ass, letting him wait for it, feeling that cool skin just begging to be warmed.

He wiggled nervously, no doubt second guessing himself at every turn. When he finally settled with his cock resting on my thigh, I raised my hand and let it fall squarely on his bottom. He jerked at the impact so I did it again. And again. I didn't hit him hard, I saw no need to. This wasn't about pain or punishment. This was different: it was turning him on.

"You like this, don't you?" I asked him between swats. I gazed at the now rosy skin and pushed his legs apart a little wider.

"Y--yes...yes, I do." He fairly radiated deep shame at the admission. I smacked him again and he twitched.

"All right." We both would benefit from this. "You wanted it, you're getting it, enjoy it." As I continued spanking him, he started moving against me. I felt how hard he was and surmised he wouldn't last long enough for me to do a thorough job on his ass. I was right, a few swats later, he arched and groaned and then went completely limp. I stopped then and stroked him softly.

"Oh, gods, Chakotay," he managed to get out.

"Hmm?" I replied absently, moving my hands over his back, butt and legs, feeling the contrast in the skin temperature from place to place.

"That was...uh, unbelievable. Thank you." His eyes closed and he let out a long breath.

"You're welcome." I let him rest for a few minutes. He was obviously overwhelmed. I knew then I wouldn't be fucking him that night. It would have to wait. He couldn't take any more either emotionally or physically right then.

I helped him up and took him into my arms for a kiss. He gripped me tightly and I let him. After another moment or two, I said, "Go take a shower." He trotted off obediently and I cleaned things up and got undressed, throwing my silks, now sticky in places, into the 'fresher.

I donned my robe and pulled back the bedcovers. When he emerged from the bathroom, I gestured to the bed and ordered, "Hop in. I'll join you shortly."

A quick shower and an even quicker hand job later, I was done and anxious to get back to Tom. He did not need to be alone right now. The last thing I wanted was for him to have second thoughts or to start doubting himself or worse yet, me.

I crept under the covers, not sure if Tom was still awake. I found out he was when he moved into my embrace so quickly he took me by surprise. He had tensed up in the short time I'd left him alone. I held him and rubbed his back until eventually he let it all go and drifted off to sleep.

I ran over the events of the evening and was fairly satisfied at the way things went. I was proud of Tom, he'd done well. My last thought was that tomorrow would be interesting, to say the least.



Taming of Tom Paris, Part 4