A drink too many, a stolen kiss, a promise kept.
And love may grow like the whispering wind.
Then again, it may not!

Susurrations--Prologue & Part One

Susurrations--Part Two

Susurrations--Part Three

Susurrations--Part Four

Susurrations--Part Five

Susurrations--Part Six

Susurrations--Part Seven

Susurrations--Part Eight

Susurrations--Part Nine

Susurrations--Part Ten

Susurrations--Part Eleven

Susurrations--Part Twelve

Susurrations--Part Thirteen

Susurrations--Part Fourteen

Susurrations--Part Fifteen

Susurrations--Part Sixteen

Susurrations--Part Seventeen

Susurrations--Part Eighteen

Susurrations--Part Nineteen

Susurrations--Part Twenty

Susurrations--Part Twenty-One


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