Shuttle Trip, Day Five


By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2001 by Eduardo. All Rights Reserved.
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Illustration of The Long Shuttle Trip, #5

Paris awoke the next morning not with Chakotay's tongue in his ear, but with Chakotay's lips engulfing his cock and slurping on it. He'd apparently been sleeping flat on his back (and his throat told him he'd also been snoring mightily) probably with an erection tenting out the sheet, and the temptation to both wake him up (thus stopping the snoring) and take advantage of the erection must have been too much for Chakotay.

His night had been interrupted and waking wasn't easy this morning. Especially at (he checked the chronometer) 0535! Jesus! He hadn't been awake at this hour since cadet field- training!

Chakotay had his cock well-lubed up with spit by now and was bobbing on it firmly and rapidly.

Oh, well, one has to make sacrifices.... Paris reached down and blearily stroked Chakotay's hair while he began to hunch up with his hips. From his urgency, Chakotay wasn't trying for slow love right now, so Paris just let his orgasm build as it would. A few more moments and he was ready, he gasped and panted audibly so Chakotay would know and Chakotay went into overdrive, Paris groaned, shot his wad upwards into Chakotay's milking mouth, and it was done.

As Paris gasped for breath, Chakotay crawled up and kissed him, and Paris tasted the salty tang of his own jism on Chakotay's lips. Along with the taste of Chakotay, of course. Paris licked Chakotay's lips for him and then said, "Good morning."

"Not just yet." Chakotay said, pulling the sheets over them. "Go back to sleep, baby." Chakotay snuggled in and apparently intended to do just that.

Paris reached for Chakotay's cock, found it limp and uninterested in his ministrations. Well, I don't need a wall to fall on me, he decided and let go, tried to go to sleep again. But it was useless, orgasm had been his wake-up call for too many years. He was awake. He considered the problem, went into the bathroom and gave himself a quick rinsing out. Not the heavy duty job Chakotay had done on him the day before (he was sure that was unwise on a regular basis) but a quick squirt of soapy water up inside, followed by a rinse and he felt ready to wake Chakotay up himself a little later on.

But when he walked out, Chakotay was awake and regarding him. "Didn't mean to roust you completely out of bed." he said. "You were just snoring and I couldn't sleep and you were, hm, available that way, so I decided as long as I couldn't sleep....

Paris had reached the bed and threw off the sheet. Chakotay hard cock greeted his action (he'd thought that wrinkle in the sheet looked a little large!) and Paris grabbed the lubricant, opened the lid, scooped out a generous supply and said, "Well, speaking of availability. No, don't move, mister! I got plans for that."

"Think you're ready for it that quickly?"

"Let's find out." Paris said as he deftly smeared Chakotay's cock with the lube. Giving it a thick coat, he fumbled the leftover lube on his fingers into his anus as well as he could (that takes practice, he realized, it ain't easy to reach down there) and climbed onto Chakotay's stomach. "You know what they say about learning to ride. You got to just keep climbing on until you get used to it."

"Take your time, baby." Chakotay said. "Take all the time you want and change your mind whenever you want."

Paris got Chakotay's cock aimed at his ass and pushed against it. Yeowch! He thought to himself. I'm still sore from yesterday! "No problem, dear." he said, trying not to grimace.

"You're not fooling anybody." Chakotay pointed out. "I was sore as hell the next day after my first time."

"Yeah, but Robert didn't take his time like you did with me." Paris pointed out. "I'm not that sore today."

He put his hands on Chakotay's breasts and pushed back again. Mgph! Damn! Mph! Oh, that felt better! "Now, lover, I'll just rest a moment and see if you can think of one reason why I should stop."

"The soreness of muscles stretched too much the day before?" Chakotay suggested.

"Insufficient. The prisoner must have better grounds before making his appeal."

"Am I your prisoner?"

"Caught you at last, Maquis scum." Paris said. "The interrogation will be long and severe. Please do not bother begging for mercy, it only distracts your interrogator." He pushed again and this time, got over half of Chakotay's cock inside of him. Rest again. "Ready now to name your associates?"

"Only one I can think of right now is a young fellow who was an admiral's son. But I sent him on a mission and he never came back from it. Never heard from him again."

Paris grimaced. "Please, dear, not while I'm concentrating." Okay, Paris, he told himself, nice and easy does it. He pushed and this time, the cock made it up to brush his prostate again. Ahhh! "We have made contact."

"We sure have." Chakotay said as he wriggled his hips, brushing Paris' prostate in a nearly circular motion.

"Ooh, I'll give you just two hours to stop doing that." Paris groaned.

"Why two hours?" Chakotay said as he continued his movements.

"Uhh! That scan. The readings are beginning to intrigue me. Mmm!"

"More than this?"

"Well, not quite so much. But--whoof!--if it turns out to be a wormhole, we can launch a probe--oh!--in, into it, and" Chakotay reached and grabbed Paris' cock, began to stroke it in time to his movements "and, and, uh, what was I talking about?"

"Nothing important."

"I didn't think so." Paris began to move atop Chakotay in the smooth motions of an accomplished horserider.

Chakotay said, "I didn't know you rode horses."

"Yeah." Paris panted. "We had a stable when I was young."

"I just don't see you doing anything so...outdoorsy."

"Are we talking or fucking here?"

"Good point." Chakotay agreed and began to hump upwards into Paris. After a few awkward moments ruined by lack of timing, they fell into a synchronous movement

"Oh, ah!" Paris sighed. "Oh, yeah! Yeah!"

Chakotay was silent, just an insolent grin on his face as he watched Paris fucking himself on his cock and moving his own cock in Chakotay's hand. Paris looked down, met his eyes, and grinned himself, moved suddenly very rapidly and only his open mouth and closed eyes as he raised his head alerted Chakotay, who sped up his pounding of Paris' cock and Paris groaned and erupted all over Chakotay's broad, brown chest.

Chakotay had Paris' tight ass clamping even tighter as Paris ejaculated, and the hot sperm hitting him all over his chest like sparks falling from a sacred fire, he groaned himself and pumped his own wad into Paris' waiting bowels.

Paris fell gasping on top of Chakotay's heaving chest, and the two men were again glued together with Paris' jism on both their bodies, and Chakotay's cock buried in his ass.

Paris smiled as he roused, rested both his arms on Chakotay's chest, put his chin on top of his arms and said, "Now this is the best way to wake up in the morning."

"Except it's nowhere near time to get out of bed yet." Chakotay pointed out.

"True." Paris said. "Do you think you can sleep now?"

Chakotay cocked his head, considering it. "Not really."

"Me, either." Paris said. "Next time remember that before you decide on the best way to stop my snoring."

"Next time I'll just stuff a pillow into your mouth." Chakotay said. "From the way you were snoring, I think it would fit."

Paris scooped up his pillow. "Oh, really?" and he buried his pillow in Chakotay's face, rubbed it, then sat up to swat Chakotay with the tiny pillow. Chakotay got his own from behind his head and they engaged in a brief pillow fight, unevenly matched because Paris could dodge from his perch atop Chakotay, while Chakotay could barely move. Chakotay dropped the pillow, got Paris' wrists in his hands, and pulled straight away from his body in the two horizontal directions, and Paris was pulled down with them, their chests collided with a loud "whoof!" from Paris and a grunt from Chakotay, and their faces were together, and they kissed.

"I am awake." Chakotay admitted. "Computer, turn off alarm." There came a ring from the communicator. "Who's calling at this hour?"

"God knows." Paris said as he lay down beside Chakotay and covered them both up. "Probably one of our girlfriends."

"Are you decent?"

"No, but I'm covered." Paris said. He raised up on one hand to see the screen over Chakotay.

"Close enough." Chakotay said. "Computer, answer call."

Janeway's face looked out at them from the bridge screen.

"Whoops!" Paris said. "Good morning, Captain." he said. Might as well put on a brave front. "We thought you were one of our girlfriends."

"Forgive me for calling so early." Janeway said.

"Is there a problem, Captain?" Chakotay asked, raising up. Paris had to grab the sheet to keep from being exposed by the movement.

"Problems with the warp core." Janeway said. "A major inconvenience, but we can fix it in a few days' time and we weren't going anywhere, anyway. I had to be awake to deal with this, so I left a message for the computer to call you when you shut off your alarm. My fault, I should have realized you wouldn't be ready for visitors at this hour."

"Checking up on our progress, Captain?" Paris asked. "You can see that things are progressing nicely, here."

"I don't know what you mean." Janeway said. "I was just curious about the anomaly."

"So am I." Paris said. "The readings are looking less and less like a neutron star, but we haven't done the morning scan, and are not really close enough to confirm yet. We'll contact you when the morning scan is done. We'll have a bit more information then."

"Thank you. Janeway out."

"That was a rather rude way to speak to the Captain." Chakotay said disapprovingly.

"Oh, come on!" Paris said. "She was hoping to catch us in bed together. No other reason for a call at this hour. To be buzzed as soon as we cut off the alarm. What did she expect us to report that we didn't tell her yesterday?"

"I don't know." Chakotay admitted.

"I'll tell you what she expected. She expected what she got, a look at us in bed together. I wouldn't be surprised if the comm officer broadcast it around the ship while they were at it. With replays for late arrivals."

"Was this a secret?" Chakotay asked.

"After yesterday, no." Paris agreed. The lovely Megan MacGruder loves to gossip, and the two of us playing hide-the-sausage is just grist for the mill. She gets to play rejected lover, and everyone will give her sympathy and attention. And Potts, too, I'll bet. I...What is it, Chakotay?"

"Hide the sausage?" he smirked.

"Hadn't heard that phrase before?"

"Can't say I have." Chakotay began to chuckle. "Pretty good."

"Oh, I know plenty of other phrases." Paris said. "The double-backed beast, the old in- and-out, bouncing the mattress, baloney ride, planting tadpoles, making bacon, rolling in the hay."

Chakotay began laughing.

"...bouncing bellies, doing the nasty, varnishing the flagpole, the horizontal firing range, hiding in the bushes, the mattress mambo...

"Stop!" Chakotay begged, his laughter having turned to a sustained gasping for air.

"The rumpy pumpy, exercising your love muscle, going at it like crazed weasels, and of course, my very favorite..."

"No! Don't!"

"My really, truly, very favorite..."

"Oh, God, please!"

"Playing naked pool."

"Naked pool?" Chakotay didn't get it, and his laughter died suddenly.

"You got your cue stick." Paris grasped Chakotay. "And your balls." Grasped again, lower. "All you need is a hole to sink them in. Which is where I come in. And speaking of which...." Paris caressed Chakotay's penis, holding the mushy organ and pumping it as well as he could.

"Ouch! Lieutenant, I refuse to believe that you'd be capable of doing it again at this time." Chakotay said. "I personally am out of the game for at least a few hours."

"Care to place a wager on it?"

"What would the stakes be?"

"Hmm. Let me think about that." Paris said.

Chakotay reached down and grasped Paris. "I don't see any reason for you to be setting odds on this bet." he said as he jiggled the flaccid equipment.

"I have great confidence in my body's recuperative powers." Paris said.

"At 0600?"

"Hmm, I get your point. Okay, no bet then. What do you want to do?"

"Turn the alarm back on and take a nap?" Chakotay suggested.

"If you want to." Paris said.

"Computer, alarm on again." Chakotay lay down and closed his eyes. Paris watched him for a moment, and then leaned over to kiss one exposed nipple.

"To-om!" Chakotay complained.

"So sleep." Paris replied. "I'll just keep myself amused until then."

"I give up." Chakotay said. "Let's get out of bed and go ahead and run the scan. Your turn to get breakfast."

Paris watched as Chakotay got out of bed and his eye carefully searched Chakotay's left rump as he stood up. Saw the blue "D" tattooed there. Oh, God! He's got it! Poor Chakotay! Does he even know what it means?

Paris spent breakfast in a pensive mood, trying to figure out how to ask, or even if. Chakotay was finally getting over Robert, did he deserve to find out NOW that Robert was a number one jerk? Jeez, the tattoo! He'd always thought Buzz had made that up!

"What are you thinking about, Tom?" Chakotay asked.

"Hmm? Oh, just my old days aboard the Farsight." Paris said.

"The Farsight?"

"Yeah, I put in my internship as a temporary ensign on that ship."

"What made you think of that, of all things?"

"Oh, you know how it is. One thing makes you think of another."

"Yeah, I know." Chakotay said. "It's like I can't get Robert out of my mind these days. Oh, I don't mean I think you're him any longer. You've shown me enough differences that I can tell you two apart now. Just that my mind keeps going back to those days and every little thing reminds me of something about him."

Change the subject, quick! "You're finished eating. Ready to run the scan?"

"Sure." Chakotay said.

"You get the dishes, and I'll run the scan." Paris said, getting up.

"Leaving me with the dirty work?"

"Something like that." Paris said, grinned evilly. He sat down and started the scan. First, the comprehensive scan.

Dishes clattered as Chakotay worked. "Like I said, everything reminds me of Robert. There was an opening in Professor Exemara's seminar on Betazoid rituals I wanted to attend, and so did Robert. They had booked solid and we were both on contact for any cancellations, which were first-come, first-served, only as a cadet from a non-aligned world, I got priority, and a half-hour chance to claim it ahead of the others. So I was first in line for any cancellation, provided I moved promptly. The call of a cancellation came in, and Robert took the call. I went over to see what the call was about and next thing I knew, he had me on the bed with my legs in the air. When he finished fucking my ass, he then ordered me to clean up the bed, and as a junior cadet, I had to do what he said. So that took the half hour, I lost my shot, and Robert was waiting to hit the accept button when the call came in for him. Well, like Robert said, it was his last year and if he missed the seminar, he never had a shot and I did. He was right, I attended the seminar my own senior year, no harm done. But he was always using my junior status to get me to clean up his messes. I got to where I was a really good housekeeper."

"I can imagine." Paris said carefully. "Would you rather run the scan tomorrow morning while I clean the plates?"

"We'll see how it works out." Chakotay worked the dish cleaner, stacked away the dishes for their next use, at the noon meal. "In the meantime, how is it looking?"

"Comprehensive scan complete. Very dull section of space we're in."

"That's good, or we'd have to sit for hours at the helm." Chakotay said. "Would put a crimp in our love life."

"True." Paris managed a smile. Thinking of Chakotay blithely cleaning up after Buzz, a slob of a man, smiling all the while. Jesus! "So I'll run the select scan now on the anomaly."

"How's it looking?"

"Give the nice computer some time, dear."

"Sorry, baby. I get impatient."

"Coming in now. Ah! Well, it's definitely the right shape for a wormhole. Still doesn't rule out the chance of it being a neutron star but we're now thinking wormhole instead of neutron star.."

"Good! Let's get the probe ready." Chakotay said. "We can fire it tomorrow if it looks good. Then the probe will have returned by the time we get to the wormhole. If not, we can fire another one point-blank and monitor it more carefully. Save a few days."

"Makes sense." Paris agreed. And adjusting the probe would chew up several hours.

"Also, I want to put our personal messages on this probe." Chakotay said. "I got a good feeling all of a sudden. We might get them through to the Federation."

"If you insist." Paris said. "I'll make the copy first, then."

"Taking the clean jobs again?"

Paris stood up, a touch exasperated. "All right, you make the copy and I'll pull out and start adjusting the probe."

"Don't be upset, darling." Chakotay said.

Paris grinned. "I'll be all right. I just don't want you thinking I act like Robert, okay? And you do outrank me."

"Well, you do move pretty quick to grab the cleaner jobs. I'll also call the Captain and tell her of the scan and our plans." Chakotay said as he sat down.

Paris bit back the comment he really wanted to make, reached over and hit the buttons to open the probe container. A section of the wall slid out, holding three probes. He pulled one of them out and closed. Now for the engine. Another compartment, another selection, and close. Time now to get his hands messy. Chakotay was right, he did try to grab the cleaner jobs as they came in. But that was just human behavior, right?

The morning progressed rapidly as the probe took shape. Paris got his hands and uniform greasy from the assembly process, and Chakotay was ready with the personal message chip when it was done. "Captain approves, provided we put a self-destruct on this probe. Any contact from anything but a Federation vessel, and it self-destructs after sending the contact signal back to us."

"Makes sense." Paris said and wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Hoo!"

"Need help?"

"Need it. Want it. Crave it." Paris said, smiling. "Can you hold this while I put the pins in?"

Chakotay reached around him from both sides to grasp the loose panel. "Like this?" His cock was rubbing Paris' ass. Not hard, but it felt really nice.

"That'll do nicely." Paris said. He inserted the pins and, as he got the last one in, Chakotay nibbled one of his ears. "Ooh, honey!" he said. "If you're that hungry, let's get lunch!"

"Not that kind of hungry." Chakotay said and nibbled his ear again.

The communicator "hoo-hoohed" again and they separated hastily. "Yes, Captain?" Chakotay said.

"It's 1230." Janeway said. "Have you done the second scan yet?"

"Not yet, Captain." Chakotay said. "We'll take care of it right now. I was working on the personal messages chip and Paris was assembling the probe."

"Last time I checked, you could assemble a probe without having a tongue stuck in your ear while doing it." Janeway smiled.

"I was holding a loose panel for the Lieutenant." Chakotay said, blushing.

"And doing a wonderful job of it, too." Paris said. "And he was nibbling my ear, not probing it. I'd run the scan myself, but my hands are filthy at the moment, so with the Captain's permission, I'll continue setting up the probe instead. A few more panels to install and then I'll fix us our lunch. We had an early breakfast, as you probably remember."

"Go ahead, Lieutenant."

"Starting the selective scan on the anomaly." Chakotay said. "Signal's pretty conclusive, I'd say. Take a look yourself, Captain." he switched the signal over to Voyager.

"I agree." Janeway said. "You have a wormhole there, just opened. When will the probe be ready?"

"Late this afternoon." Chakotay said. "We'll launch it when we can and follow it in. It'll arrive and enter the wormhole approximately twenty-four hours before we do, so we should be in a good position to pick up the return signal or the returning probe."

"Very good, gentlemen. We will fix the warp problems and join you in seven days' time. Janeway out."

"Did you have to tell her I was nibbling your ear?" Chakotay said.

"Well, you were."

"True, but I didn't want the entire bridge crew to know that."

"You'd keep their respect better if it had been your tongue in my ear, like she said?" Paris grinned. "Sorry, honey, the cat's out of the bag. Let it run free and enjoy the show. That's my motto."

"Robert was the same way...."

"I'll fix lunch. Does leola root soup sound okay to you, or would you rather have some of those weeds we picked up on our last stop? You know, the ones that taste kind of like kelp seaweed?" Paris said desperately.

"Leola root soup is fine." Chakotay said. "The other reminds me too much of something I'm getting a good supply of from another source. Good heavens, Tom, you're blushing."

"Yeah." Paris said. Actually, he was furious, but no need to mention that to Chakotay.

"I'm sorry. You have to admit, it tastes like sperm."

"Kelp does, yes." Paris said. "This other stuff just has the nasty salt taste to it. But we got plenty of it. If we have leola root soup for lunch, we get the fake kelp for supper."

"All right."

Three times during the meal, as they talked, Chakotay mentioned Robert and each time, Paris interrupted and changed the subject. Finished, Paris picked up their dishes to take to the cleaner.

"It's my turn to do that." Chakotay said. "You got the meal."

"You can fetch supper." Paris said. "Dishes are on me from now on."

"Tom." Chakotay was at his back, and strong arms reached around him as he inserted the dishes. "Baby, what's wrong? You've been on edge all day."

Time for another truth, to replace the right truth. "I'll be all right." Tom said. "Just that I have the same feeling about the wormhole. If it goes back to the Alpha Quadrant and we can ride through it, I have to face prison again. Janeway will probably be willing to figure out a way to let the Maquis off before she gets contacted by the Federation, but me, I got to ride the ship in and go back to New Zealand."

"I didn't think of that."

"Chakotay, remember that I am the only person on board NOT in a hurry to go back to the Alpha Quadrant." Paris said. "Can we leave it at that? A feeling isn't enough to get all fretful about."

"Sure." Chakotay said. "And I'll help on the probe this afternoon."

Three hours later, they were done. Paris stood back and looked at the probe with a touch of pride. "Really a beautiful thing, isn't it?"

"It sure is." Chakotay said.

"Chakotay, the probe's over there." Paris pointed out.

"I know where it is."

"So why aren't you looking at it?"

"You look at what you want, I'll look at what I want."

"Feeling frisky, Commander?"

"I've had plenty of time to recuperate from this morning." Chakotay said. "And it's my turn to be on bottom. Really bottom, this time."

"Okay." Paris said.

"Now there's the smile I like most about you." Chakotay said. "You've been frowning all day. I don't like it when you're frowning."

"Alpha Quadrant. Prison. Father. Nothing cheerful about today for me."

"Tom, if we can get off Voyager before contacting the Federation, I'll beam you off the ship myself before we enter warp. The last treacherous actions of a Maquis leader, who's ending a very long truce. Kidnapping the ship's best pilot. Holding him hostage for ransom. Which I'll never go collect."

Paris grinned. "Sounds wonderful. Tom Paris, captive love slave to the infamous Maquis leader, Chakotay."

"Good." Chakotay said. "We're agreed. I'll get some shackles replicated before we enter the wormhole."

"Make them padded." Paris said. "Can get some good use of them later."

"Tom." Chakotay said. "I never knew you like wearing shackles."

"I wasn't thinking about me." Paris retorted.

Chakotay leaned over and kissed him, then said, "Let me at the cubicle and you get undressed."

"I got to get cleaned off, first. I got that packing grease all over myself."

"No, leave it on." Chakotay said. "Makes you look macho. Especially that swipe on your forehead and around the right eye."

"I got it on my forehead?" Paris reached up to touch. "Yow, I do."

"Have for hours. I like it. Almost my tattoo in shape."

"So now I'm one of your people?"

"You marry me and you will be. I'll insist on the tattoo before the marriage."

"I'll give it due consideration when you propose." Paris said. "Get in there and be ready for a probe aimed down your wormhole."

"Nice imagery. I can't wait for the signal burst."

Paris laughed, smiled as the cubicle opaqued, turned away as his face turned dark. "Damn you, Buzz!" he said. "How long are you going to be the ghost at the feast?"

He thought about it, keyed in the request. Checking the Starfleet personnel once again. Same display as before, but notation added at the bottom. "See alternate display for Commander Chakotay." He did, and this one had "Killed in Action July 2354." That's a relief! He sighed.

An Indian chant came from the cubicle. It sounded happy. Paris smiled and reached for the fastenings on his jacket. He took off his clothing and used his hands to dab grease spots on his chest and one at his thigh. If Chakotay wanted a grease monkey in his bed, he'd get one! Then he put just his pants back on, wiped the rest of his hands on the trousers.

When Chakotay walked out, Paris said, "Well, sir, I finished repairing your shuttle. Any other tasks for me, sir?"

"Yes, I have one other thing for you to look at, if you don't mind." Chakotay said.

"Where is it, sir?"

Chakotay leaned over and turned around, his ass bumping Paris' thigh as he did so. "It's right down here."

Paris leaned over Chakotay, as if he were looking where Chakotay was and didn't realize he was now lying across Chakotay. "I see the problem, sir. I think I have just the tool to permit a quick fix of that. If you'll just hold this light for me while I get the tool out I need." He handed Chakotay a small light he had been using on the probe.

"Oh, of course."

Paris rose up, looked at Chakotay and grinned. So the big guy was into fantasies, was he? Well, he was dealing with a master at that! He undid his pants top and let them fall to mid- thigh.

A quick grab and the left-over engine grease was slathered over Paris' cock. "I have the part you need right here, sir. I'll just slip it into place." and he jabbed at Chakotay's asshole.

"Hmm, that part's a little large, but I think it'll fit if we force it!" he said and shoved again.

"Ugh!" Chakotay said as he took the rest of Paris' cock.

"There you go, sir, all installed. Would you like me to turn it on and see how it runs?"
"Yes, please!"

"Very good. Initiating sequence. Ignition!" and Paris began to fuck Chakotay's ass. Chakotay rose up partially, managed to lean one hand against the shuttlecraft wall. Paris moved them slightly so he could brace it better.

"That's how she handles on low speed." Paris said. "Shall we try the higher gears?"

"I think that would be wise." Chakotay gasped.

"Here's setting number two." and Paris speeded up his thrusts to about half again as fast as he had been. "Ah, she handles real well, sir."

"I can tell."

"Up another notch." Paris was about double his previous speed on his thrusts with this act.

Chakotay's only response was a high groan.

"Time now to turn it up to max. Are you strapped in, sir?" Paris said.

"I'm ready."

"And away we go!" Paris began a slam-fuck of his dark-skinned commanding officer, going all out, no effort at gentleness, just an all-out hard butt-pounding.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Chakotay groaned.

"At these speeds, there may be some friction." Paris gasped out. "Nothing to worry about, sir!"

"Oh, oh, oh!"

"I think she's heating up!" Paris panted.

"I think so, too! OH, OH!"

"I don't know if she can handle it, sir!" Paris said. "I think the connection's going to blow!"

"OH, OH, OH!"

"Yes, she's breaking up! There she blows!" Paris gasped out before he shot his wad into Chakotay's butt.

"OH, ARGGH!" Chakotay groaned as he sprayed the console with his jism. Paris' thought, sounding as if it coming from a mile away from himself, was that it was good that particular panel was sealed off! If they had done this at the main console, sheesh!

Paris held Chakotay up, he seemed about to fall over. When Chakotay was quiet, and Paris had caught his own breath, he said, "So sorry, sir, that part didn't take the pressure. I'll bring you out a replacement part later and we'll try it again."

Chakotay stood up and turned around. "So very kind of you."

"Just a part of our service contract, sir." Paris gave him a salute, not regulation, but the tip of the hat salute of a mechanic. "And we aim to please."

Chakotay broke into a large grin and grabbed Paris. "You crazy man, you!" he said as he embraced Paris, hard.

"Hey, Commander, you like fantasies, I got a few more where that came from." Paris said. "Next time I'll play a Klingon warlord and you can be the captured Romulan spy I'm trying to make talk."

"Next time, turn off the commlink." Janeway's voice said.

Chakotay and Paris looked at each other, horrified.

"Or at least remember the times I call in for status reports on the scans. Janeway out."

Paris looked at the chronometer. 1700. "Shit! She's right."

Ten minutes later, cleaned up and dressed, they called in. "Ready for the scan report, Captain?" Paris said when Chakotay kept silent.

"I'm ready, Lieutenant." Janeway said. "Are you two?"

"Captain, I am so sorry. We've been busy today and lost track of the time." Paris said. "By the way, just how much of that did you see?"

"Not much, thank God." Janeway said. "But how much of the shuttle mission logs am I going to have to classify as necessity-only?"

Paris cocked his head. "Pretty much all of it, Captain."

"I suspected as much."

"Hey, this trip was your idea!" Paris said. "And I can't thank you enough, personally."

"The scan report, if you please?"

"Definitely a wormhole." Chakotay said. "Newly formed. If it follows standard wormhole activity, it will be available for use and reasonably stable for the next eighteen days. Plenty of time to get us home if it goes to the Alpha Quadrant."

"Very good. Have you launched the probe?"

"Going to do that right now." Paris said. "Transporting probe into position." A hum behind them told him the transport was successful, and he watched it materialize in front of the shuttle. "Launching probe at Warp 7."

The probe took off, moving slowly relative to the shuttle's own Warp 5.

"Probe launched, Captain. We will report in at 2130 hours."

"Very good. Janeway out."

"Tell you what Chakotay." Paris said. "A new division of the duties. From now on, when we make love, you're in charge of being sure the commlink is off, and my job is to check the chronometer and make sure we're not going to miss a call from the Captain."

Chakotay was silent.

"Hey, Chakotay, is that all right with you?" Paris looked over. "Aw, come on, Chakotay, it's embarrassing, I admit, but you also have to admit that we should have remembered to turn off the commlink."

"I know." Chakotay said sharply.

Paris sighed. Ice time again. "Bad memory?"

"Kind of." Chakotay said. "One night, Robert was making love to me and I turned my head and saw the commlink was active and four of my best friends were watching us. I was so embarrassed. A joke by Robert. He had a funny sense of humor sometimes, especially when you understand he had asked me to talk dirty to him while he made love to me that time."

"Ouch!" Paris said. "Janeway said she didn't see much of it. And we were done before she said a word. I don't think she heard much."

"Klingon warlord and captive Romulan?" Chakotay raised an eyebrow.

"You're saying you want to play the Klingon?" Paris cocked his own eyebrow.

Chakotay turned away and Paris was worried, then he heard the snort. Then the chuckle. Then the guffaw, and Chakotay turned back. "That's a good idea about the division of duties. But don't you dare miss checking the chronometer!"

"And you keep an eye on the commlink status."

"Deal!" They shook hands.

"So, tell me more about the Klingon and the Romulan." Chakotay said.

"After dinner." Paris said. "Ready for some, uh, sort-of-kelp?"

"Sounds good."

"I'll be glad when we're due more replicator rations."


After dinner, they made it to drinks-status and Paris decided a relaxation period was in order. "What do you have on your personal message?" he asked.

"Personal things." Chakotay said.

"I mean, in general. Just trying to make small talk."

"A message to my sister, mostly." Chakotay said. "I'm fine, living okay, still healthy, that sort of thing. You?"

"A letter to my father. Hey, Dad, I'm doing okay, actually being a Starfleet officer and valued member of the crew, can you imagine that?"

"I thought he disowned you."

"He did." Paris shrugged. "But I can try, can't I? Janeway said she has a special report to him in her own message bundle, and I have my message on a six-hour delay, so he'll have time to get her message first. Dad may read it. If he doesn't pick up the message in twenty-four hours, it's set to relay to my aunt in Bristol. She'll take it and ram it down his throat if necessary."

"I'm sorry you have problems with your family, Tom."

"Well, as they say, you choose your friends, but family you're sort of stuck with." Paris said. "I'm glad we're friends."

"More than friends."

"Yeah." Paris said. "I'm glad of that, too. I'm counting on being your love slave if we get back, you know. That's a heavy obligation to take on."
"I'm sure I can manage it." Chakotay said. "After you get the tattoo."

"I thought that was if we got married?"

"Different tattoo. Tattoos are used for many different things. Robert put a tattoo on me, you know."

"Really?" Paris covered his face by taking a drink from an already-empty glass.

"You didn't notice it yet? The letter "D" on my left ass-cheek? One reason I avoid any parties which are clothing-optional on Voyager."

"What does it stand for?"

"Robert gave it to me. We went out and got really drunk one night, and I woke up the next morning with it. Robert put it on me to stand for "Drunk and Disorderly."

"Shouldn't that be two D's?"

"One was all he had the credits for." Chakotay said, shrugged. "He kept making me show it to my classmates until everyone saw it. Everyone thought it was so damned funny, and looked at me oddly for months afterwards. I didn't see the joke to it myself, but growing up on Dorvan V, that happens a lot in my life."

"Sure, Chakotay. Also, people behave oddly in the Academy." Paris was talking as well as he could. "You're under so much pressure, you have to release it somehow." Like creating a mean tattoo for the man you're fucking, then telling everyone except him what it really means. Letting him believe it was comradely, rather than mocking.

"D" for "doofus." The man who you can talk into anything, like being fucked while your friends watch, and call it a joke, and believe it. Who you can literally fuck out of a chance at a beloved seminar with the extra credit you get for attending it. Who you can turn into your houseboy his first year, the year you really need to spend every moment studying.

"What's that, Tom?"

"Was I talking?" Paris asked, startled.

"Muttering." Chakotay said. "Thinking about the Alpha Quadrant again?"

"Yeah." Paris said. "God, prison. They're nice about it, with their implanted restraints. You're fine so long as you obey every rule they have. Otherwise, you take one false step and you fall down helpless. You can lie there for up to a half hour before they come get you. I think they do that on purpose. I don't see why they don't hook the restraint into a transporter and just beam you back to your room if you step out of line."

"Kinder than the old days." Chakotay pointed out. "They used to use walls and real chains. Big balls on chains for people who would try to run away."

"I've read history. But restraints are still restraints. And they make you spend hours talking to a psychiatrist, who wants to 'cure' you."

"I'll let you in on a little secret, Tom."

"What's that?"

"Janeway's recommendation to the Parole Board. Asking that your time on Voyager count as time served. She points out that your activities are restricted and you are engaged in useful, productive activity, and behavior modification. She's read the guidelines for substituted time, and makes a good case for it to apply. It's not like you've been flying about the Alpha Quadrant, or spending time on Risa. You've been on Voyager, working away, hard. Unable to leave the ship for long periods of time. I think she has some convincing arguments. She makes the same arguments for the Maquis. At worst, they may subtract some time for it. And we've been out here for YEARS, Tom."

"Don't remind me." Paris sipped again at his non-existent drink. "Thanks for telling me."

"Glad to help."


"Now what shall we talk about?"

"The Klingon warlord and the Romulan spy."

"Right! Well, it seems that the Romulan spy has been prowling around the Klingon embassy when this Klingon warlord walks in and...."

"One minute, before you go any further."

"What's that?"

"Computer, what's the commlink status?"

"Signal prior to connection, initial connection voice only."

"Sorry, Chakotay. Time is 2125."

"Nuts. Save that story for fifteen more minutes."

"I'll do the scan."

"I'll wash the dishes."

"Oops! Trade with me."

"Forget it, Tom. I'll do the dishes. Half the time."

"Fair enough."

Paris slid into his seat and hit the comprehensive scan. Nothing. Selective scan. Definitely a wormhole. Definitely. Probe was en route and would arrive in two more days' time. He switched to get a report from it.

Wormhole size was five meters across. Small for a wormhole. Maybe it would get bigger as time went on? The probe would fit, but the shuttle never. And Voyager? Impossible.

Small wormholes never reach very far. It probably ended up at Galactic Center and the massive black hole there. Ah, well. Live goes on in the Delta Quadrant. And hope springs eternal. They had two more probes. And Voyager would come along before much longer.

After reporting to the Captain, Paris decided to talk with Megan MacGruder. He buzzed her, and got a "not answering" response. Then he buzzed Harry Kim.

"Hey, Harry!" he said.

"Hi, Tom!"

"How's it going on Voyager?"

"Pretty busy right now. Working on the warp core."

"Yeah, sorry to hear that. I'm having a great time, myself."

"I saw a bit of that. Klingon warlord?"

"Aw, Harry, you picked up one of my best fantasy bed games on me!" Paris laughed.

"I knew about it already. You pulled it on one of the Delaney twins."

"But it works much better with another guy."

"I guess so."

"Hey, Harry, you embarrassed?"

"I just didn't think you went for guys, Tom." Kim admitted. "I might have dated you myself if I'd known."

"Harry, I didn't know you were ever interested that way." Tom said.


"If Chakotay and I don't work out, Harry, you and I can give it a shot. Okay?"

"Don't say it like that!" A loud groan from Kim.

"How should I say it?"

"I don't know."

"Okay, dinner with candles and flowers, and I'll say it then."


"Forget I said anything." Paris said. "Harry, I do love you. As a good friend. If you want to try for anything more, we can consider it. But after Chakotay, and I'm not promising this isn't anything permanent. I don't know yet. It's too brand new! Let me find out before we do anything to hurt a terrific friendship, okay?"

"I wish you luck, Tom."

"Thanks, Harry."

Paris cut the connection and said, "Whew!"

"You okay, Tom."

"Yeah. That caught me off guard!"

"Well, what did you expect? I could tell Kim had some feelings for you that way. The entire ship knew it. You didn't?"

"I guess I wasn't looking for it."

"I think you handled that very well. You made it clear you weren't available right now, but you left the door open so that if you and I don't work out, he knows he can try. That's a good place to leave it."

"Thanks, Chakotay." Paris said. "I may date like crazy, but when I get serious, it's only one at a time."

"Lucky me." Chakotay said. "Now am I ever going to hear about the Klingon warlord and the Romulan spy."

"Oh, right." Paris yawned. "How about tomorrow some time? I'm really tired right now."

"Me, too." Chakotay agreed. "But tomorrow, we play it."

"Fair enough." Paris said.

They made it to bed and sleep. Paris took another look at that awful tattoo. Chakotay didn't seem to like it. Maybe he could quietly take a regenerator and erase it? Buzz claimed to have done it to twelve men over his lifetime up until Farsight. Paris, young and full of self- confidence, had sneered at that number. But when you're in love, or think you're in love, you will believe almost anything. Maybe Buzz had marked twelve men with a letter "D" for being stupid enough to fall in love with him!

Chakotay deserved so much better for his first love. Better than a manipulative sneak like Lt. Commander Brennovan. Who was now a full Commander, aboard Potemkin. That ship had a nasty record of heavy casualties in several engagements. Maybe Buzz was with the angels right now.

The angels with pitchforks and nasty attitudes, that is. Poking his acne-scarred, flabby butt! Yeah!

That made Paris feel better. He laid his head on Chakotay's strong, loving arm and looked at him, eyes closed and probably sound asleep.

You may be a Doofus, Chakotay, but you're my Doofus. Nobody hurts you as long as I can help it. Not even me. From now on, you talk about Robert all you want. I'll smile and agree with you. Wish I'd done that today.

It's a small price to pay for happiness, silence. He just wished Chakotay wouldn't grin so widely as he talked about it.

Chakotay, my lover. Chakotay, my beloved. No one is ever going to hurt you again. I'll kill them first.



Shuttle Trip, Day 6