The Long Shuttle Trip, Day Four

by Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM


Artwork (c) 2000 by Voyeur. All Rights Reserved.

Illustration of 'Shuttle #4'

[NOTE: I have written these scenes partially from my own experiences and partially from research. This IS the proper way to initiate a man into anal sex while causing him to experience minimal discomfort and pain. Just a note for those of you who've read my other stories and were wondering how much I knew on the subject, since I was ignoring it so much!]

Paris awoke the next day with his arm fast asleep. Chakotay's head was lying on it. Paris smiled, managed to crane his neck to see the chronometer without moving, and it was 0645. Fifteen minutes before they had to start their minuscule duties. Enough time to lay and appreciate a moment of complete happiness. Enough time to laze about and feel how good life can be! Or enough time to wake your lover up nice and slow, instead of the snarl of the alarm.

Paris leaned over and kissed Chakotay softly on the cheek. The movement turned his arm to pins-and-needles, but he let it tingle and kept still, letting his lips rest on Chakotay's cheek, his breath gently fanning the soft hairs there that Chakotay had instead of the daily stubble Paris was forced to remove. He reached with the tip of his tongue to gently lick Chakotay's cheek, and the taste of night-sweat was salty-tangy-delicious! Paris touched his tongue to Chakotay time and again, careful to keep his tongue dry as possible. He wanted to dot Chakotay's cheek and temple with warm circles, not drench him.

Chakotay stirred, his face turning away from Paris and a light snore briefly escaped his lips. Chakotay's ear was now right at Paris' lips, and Paris began to dart his tongue at the lobe, not probing, but dancing over the delicate skin there. A soft moan came from Chakotay and Paris saw the eyelids slowly open. NOW time for the probe with the tongue into the ear canal, an impudent invader that touched every nerve and thin hair inside the opening, turning them into strident alarms of pleasure.

"Oooh!" Chakotay sighed.

Paris pulled out his tongue with a slight shlorp-sound coming from the now-wet ear. "Good morning, Commander. How are you feeling today?"

"Pretty good, thank you, Lieutenant." Chakotay smiled.

Paris reached down for Chakotay's manhood and found a hard rod waiting there. "Yes, you do feel pretty good today. May I suggest a change in the routine, sir?"

"What's that?"

"Let the damned scan wait a while. Until we're done here!" Paris said.

"I'll give the matter due consideration."

"I'll keep myself entertained while you're considering it. Computer, shut off alarm." Paris crawled over to lie atop Chakotay, straddling him same as the day before. "You and I have some unfinished business, as I recall."

"That particular business is going to take quite a while." Chakotay pointed out. "Eagerness only goes so far when it's cherry-popping time. The rest has to come with patience and skill."

"I'll supply the eagerness if you can take care of the rest." Paris said. He kissed Chakotay and their bodies moved together, sliding over each other with pulls and catches. Paris winced at a particularly sharp tug on his abdomen, and said, "We should oil each other up if we're going to do this in the mornings."

"Sleep in a tub of oil?" Chakotay asked. "Rather messy."

"But one has to make sacrifices for a good relationship." Paris said, as he leaned over to nibble at Chakotay's neck.

A light, two-toned "hoo-hooh" sound came from the communicator grid. Paris jerked and raised up to look, but the call was gone as quickly as it had come in.

"We'd better remember to shut off the auto-answer in the future." he said. "Computer, who just signalled us?"

"Ensign Potts." came the answer.

"Ouch!" Paris said. "Chakotay, I am so sorry."

"Not your fault." Chakotay said. "She shouldn't have called us so early in the morning."

"Still, that's a tough way to find out you've been replaced." Paris said. "We'd better get out of bed and let you mend your fences. And I'll work on my own message to MacGruder."

"Burning bridges a bit quickly, aren't we?" Chakotay asked. "We don't know if this is going to be anything more than a few days of fun. Sure you want to turn loose of her?"

"I've already lost her. Do you think that Potts isn't going to go running to her with this tidbit of news? No, all I can do is pre-empt the breakup now. Give her that much dignity. And I was getting tired of the old get-closer-now-get-away game anyway."

"Let's get the scan done and get this over with." Chakotay sighed.

"Yes, dear!" Paris climbed off of him and out of bed. A shower and breakfast, the scan at 0730, and then it was time to try to signal. Paris sighed, took a deep breath. "Shuttlecraft Four calling Voyager. Personal Call, Lieutenant Paris to Ensign MacGruder."

"Working." the computer said. Then MacGruder's face came on the screen. Potts was with her.

"Hello, darling!" MacGruder said lightly. "Are you enjoying your little trip?"

"Uh, yes, I am." Paris said. "But you and I need to have a talk."

"I've already heard from Glenda." MacGruder said. "And I think it's wonderful!"

"You do?"

"Certainly, honey. I've been holding Glenda's hand and explaining about men to her. You can't help your hormone games. You and Chakotay go right ahead and make love all you want. I hope it doesn't end when you get back from your little excursion. It'll help you keep your patience and your hands in check while we work on our own relationship. Glenda understands now, I think."

"I guess so." Potts was red-eyed but calm. "Chakotay, I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions. I trust that you love me, and I know I haven't been satisfying you that way. So you and Tom go right ahead. I'll be waiting when you get back."

Paris didn't know how to handle this! He'd been ready for anger, tears or both, but this cheerful acceptance was beyond him! "I need time to think about the two of us." he said. "I mean, what Chakotay and I have isn't anything casual, Megan. When you're on a long trip like this, you talk a lot and really get to know each other. I may not want to come back to you when I come back to the ship. If that hurts you, I'm sorry."

"I know all about long trips." MacGruder assured him. "And I know all about men. So I'll be right here when you get back. You look me in the eyes in person and say that and I'll let you go. Until then, I refuse to listen to any decisions you make while cooped up in a small ship with only one other person. Nobody thinks clearly in that situation, no matter what they may think. Tom, I've said it to you over and over again. I don't date my men casually and I'm not going to throw away a relationship casually either. A little bit of sex on the side isn't going to bother me one bit. In fact, I'm in favor of it. Enjoy yourself, Tom. Just fuck your brains out, both of you!"

"You're being incredible about this." Paris said. "I really expected you to be furious."

"Furious at knowing you'll come back all sexually relaxed, ready to be gentle and patient with me, having blown off that head of steam you'd built up for four months while dating me? Don't be silly! You and Chakotay take good care of each other. Give him a big, wet kiss for me. I love you." She blew him a kiss.

"Love you." Paris said, stunned.

As the screen returned to the starfield, he looked at Chakotay. "What the hell do you think about that?"

"I think we've underestimated our girlfriends." Chakotay said. "I sure had Glenda figured wrong."

"And I had Megan wrong, too." Paris admitted. "I think she's right. Let's leave off deciding on the girlfriends until we're sure we want to be together. I mean, really together instead of just bed partners."

"Yeah." Chakotay said.

"Speaking of being bed partners, we have nothing to do until 1130 hours." Paris said. "And I have a cherry you are determined to take away from me."

"Right." Chakotay said.

"So let's get started." Paris leered. "Computer, answer all calls voice-only and signal prior to connection."


"That'll prevent the Captain from watching us make out." Paris grinned. "Now where do you want me?" He unfastened his tunic.

"In the bathroom."

"Really?" Paris said uncertainly.

"Really. First thing we have to do is give your body a thorough flushing out."

"Flushing out?" Paris said. "Chakotay, just what do you have in mind?"

"I intend to fuck you today, Tom. Long and hard and over and over again. But first we have to get your body ready."

"You didn't do any of this for last night!" Paris pointed out.

"Just before our call from the Captain, where was I for almost a half hour?"

"In the bathroom."

"Know what I was doing in there?"

"Same thing you want me to do?"


"Chakotay, you mean you had decided by 1700 that we were going to make love?"

"I knew from the moment I asked you for a back rub and you got that grin on your face. For a good poker player, you're a lousy conspirator, Tom. I knew right then that there was no way I was going to get a back rub without getting a dick up my ass at the same time. Thing is, it didn't sound like such a bad idea. So I took a long break and cleaned out my body and stretched myself to make it easier. You still managed to hurt me, after all my precautions."

"I'm sorry!" Paris was instantly contrite.

"I know, you got carried away. You should have realized that a seduction like you planned to work on me was also going to work on you. A scented oil, your hands all over my body, your cock wiggling between my ass cheeks, and you didn't expect to get turned on?"

"I hadn't thought about it."

"So strip down and we'll begin with a little tool I was lucky enough to bring along."

Paris obediently pulled off his clothing, draped them over his chair, and moved to the cubicle. No reason to polarize the entrance with Chakotay inside with him. "Aren't you going to get undressed?" He asked, watching while Chakotay filled an odd-shaped device with soapy water from the cubicle sink.

"Not just yet." Chakotay said. "Someone has to be available to answer the comm if the Captain calls. Now bend over and grab your ankles."

"Last time I was told to do that, some wiseacre doctor stuck a finger up my ass." Paris said.

"That's close enough to what I'm going to do." Chakotay said. "Now bend over, Lieutenant!"

"Yes, sir!" Paris did as ordered. He felt an ice-cold metal nozzle nudge at his asscheeks, crawl over it like a Borg implant, and find his anus. So THAT'S exactly where it's located, he realized as the nozzle entered the tight pucker. He'd thought it was a few inches further up his body! Well, how often do you really have to aim well when you clean it off... "Oog!" he said. "Aagh!"

The warm water he'd seen Chakotay prepare was suddenly near-scalding hot as it was pumped inside his bowels. That bulb Chakotay had wielded had looked small, holding far less than a cup. So why was he suddenly being pumped brim-full of water? It felt like a gallon had been shoved inside him!

"Jeez, Chakotay!" Paris complained. "How much are you putting in there anyway?"

"Hold still." Chakotay said. "There! That's all of it! You can straighten up now."

"I should hope so!" Paris said, standing straight up. He could feel the water slosh inside his body. "Now what?"

Chakotay stepped back. "You do your duty, Lieutenant."

"Huh? Oh!" Paris said as his body suddenly told him just what to do next. "Door close!" he said hastily and dove for the toilet. Quickly as he raised the lid and sat down, his body rejected the soapy water and it ran from him in a loud whoosh with a prolonged farting sound. He was glad the polarizing field also helped muffle sounds, though there was no way Chakotay could have avoided hearing that! He must have farted for thirty seconds! Even when the water was all gone, the fart continued. He watched, bemused, as several rainbow-tinged bubbles, ranging from tiny mites to one nearly an inch across rose up behind and around him, wafting around the tiny compartment. Damn! Now his asshole was making soap bubbles!

"How are you managing in there, Tom?" Chakotay said.

"I'm forever blowing bubbles!" Tom sang briefly in response.

Chakotay didn't catch the reference, Paris was sure, but he chuckled and said, "Good. Now clean yourself off and we'll do it again."

"Again? Is this some sort of sick game you indulge in?" Paris said as he wiped at his nether regions.

"Pretty much." Chakotay said.

"You're not out there playing with yourself, are you?" Paris asked suspiciously.

"My tastes in sex are simple and unrefined." Chakotay said. "And listening to you fart soap bubbles is not among them."

"Good. I guess I'm ready." Paris told the toilet to flush and saw to his chagrin that the remaining water was still heavily soaped.

Chakotay walked over to the sink and ran another batch of water and soap.

"How many times do we do this?"

"One more with soap, then one without." Chakotay said as he filled the bulb. "When I'm done, your ass will be cleaner than that tongue you stuck in my ear this morning."

"That's not saying much." Paris said, making a spitting-out face. "When's the last time you washed out your ears?"

"You're saying my ears need cleaning?"

"It was waxy-build-up city in there."

"Thanks for the warning." Chakotay said. "That's what I usually use this bulb for. I'll sterilize it when we're done and take care of my ears. Now turn around and bend over."

"We ARE going to have fun today, aren't we, Chakotay?" Paris said as he bent over.

"I'm having a laugh a minute right now." Chakotay said. "You should see the look on your face when I squeeze this bulb. Sort of like a bewildered puppy."

This time he hit Paris' anus without a bobble. The nozzle slid in (Paris realized that it was soft rubber, not metal despite his earlier impression, and this time it felt warm enough. But when Chakotay depressed the bulb, again, Paris felt his body being filled to overflowing. He couldn't understand it? How could a four-ounce bulb generate two gallons of soapy water? Must be alien technology!

"Okay, stand up and sit down again." Chakotay said, stepping back.

"Door close." Paris sat down and this time, his body was less urgent. That warm water did feel pretty good, and when Chakotay squirted the water inside, there was this one spot inside his body that kind of wriggled happily. He needed to brush up on his anatomy classes.

He let loose the water again, this time with less ferocity, but the bubbles were thicker as a result. Did this happen to every guy who got fucked? He'd never be able to watch a child blowing soap bubbles again without wanting to blush! He amused himself by poking the bigger ones with his finger while his body again played a mournful tune with his nether trumpet. This time, there was no smell attached to his noises. Guess this does clean out the old body, he mused.

"You done in there, Tom?"

"Yes, Master!" Paris said, mimicking an old video character, the henchman of Dr. Frankenstein--what was his name? "Let me wipe down and I'll be ready for the rinse cycle."

As Chakotay this time ran nothing but water, Paris said. "Did you go through all this for me yesterday?"

"Mm-hm." Chakotay said.

"No wonder you were in here so long. I thought you'd fallen in or something. What if we hadn't made love?"

"I would have made the first move if I'd had to. But I didn't think I'd have to."

"Good old computer." Paris said as he bent over when Chakotay raised the bulb. "It DID know the right song to play, didn't it?"

"Yeah. Hold still, I want to load you with a second bulb this time. Extra water to wash you clean."

"Jesus, I'm practically swimming as it is!" Paris said. "I'm not going to get thirsty for a month!"

"Don't be melodramatic." Chakotay chided him. "You're getting less than a cupful with this last batch."

"It sure doesn't feel like it."

"You have to make sacrifices for a relationship. Remember?" Chakotay said.

"I was talking about fun stuff. You filling my butt with water is just plain weird!"

Chakotay squirted the second bulb in him, and again Paris felt that special spot inside of him tingle with delight. "Ooh, that felt good!" he admitted.

"Getting into this?" Chakotay teased.

"Just every now and then." Paris rose up and this time felt a definite slosh in his body. "I think there's a spot inside that likes getting touched."

"Your prostate gland." Chakotay agreed, stepping back once again. "You're going to be learning some fun things about that little organ in a bit."

"Great!" Paris said as he sat down. "And away we go!" Whoosh!

Paris finished and cleaned off and said, "Well, now I'm cleaner inside than outside. Now what?"

No answer.


No answer.

"Door open!" Paris stepped out to see a pile of clothing where Chakotay had been standing. He turned his head to see the lithe brown body nude and resting on his knees on the bed.

"Lieutenant?" Chakotay said.

"Yes, sir!"

"I am about to give you some very unusual orders to follow. Do you feel able to handle them?"

"I'll do my best, sir!" Paris saluted.

"Then get over here." Chakotay said. Paris grinned. This was something closer to normal! But as he clambered in, Chakotay corrected him, "No, the other way. On your stomach."

Paris turned over in bed, his heart racing as Chakotay pulled his ass up into the air with two strong hands. Was this it? Would the next sensation be Chakotay's cock plowing into his ass? He anticipated it so much that with the first touch to his anus, he nearly orgasmed right then. Then he felt it better, the brush of Chakotay's cheeks on his buttocks, the wet, warm probing tongue. My God, he thought, Chakotay is shoving his tongue into my ass! He would have protested but he remembered first, that his ass had been thoroughly cleaned out and was now as sterile as any part of his body at the moment, and second, it felt so goo-oo-ood!

So he writhed as Chakotay licked at his asshole, probing at the ring of muscles that twitched and clutched at his tongue, seemingly of their own volition. Chakotay seemed to be jousting with the sphincter, teasing and taunting it. Then suddenly, (Chakotay must have tightened his tongue up into a round-bodied spear shape) a firm, gentle pressure pushed up against his anus and began to push inside. There was pulse, and then the tongue made it inside, and Paris felt his ass clutch this pink invader and hold it tight. Chakotay grunted, moaned and managed to extricate himself.

"Now it's time for lubrication and a finger." He announced. Paris appreciated that, knowing that this new guest at his buttocks was Chakotay's finger, slicked up with a thick oil, that probed at his ass, much stronger in form and more insistent. His butt made only a brief resistance before Chakotay's finger made it inside and probed into him. Chakotay reached deeply and stroked a spot inside Paris. "There's the inner sphincter." He said. "Can you feel that?"

"Yeah." Paris said. "Feels weird." It did, being touched in this spot he hadn't even known existed, now feeling it like some odd new organ. It was as if his body had suddenly sprouted a third arm and he was adjusting to the new sensation. Chakotay rubbed at the inner sphincter and it gave way and Paris felt warm liquid gush out from it and over Chakotay's fingers. "Oog! Sorry about that."

"Not to worry. Just some leftover water your body didn't quite get rid of." Chakotay said as he pulled out his finger and wiped his hand clean on the towel he had brought to bed with them. Then he relubed it and went back into Paris's body, beginning now to push it in and out of Paris' body like a miniature cock, letting the fingertip probe at the inner sphincter, to jab at it and tease it, until it began to relax.

"Second finger now." Chakotay said and this time Paris felt his ass being stretched to accommodate the twin intruders. Chakotay moved them again in an in-and-out motion, and Paris' body first resisted their advances with waves of red-hot near-pain. Paris grunted and gritted his teeth, and his body moved with its own motions as Chakotay's fingers moved in and out of his body.

"Are you all right?" Chakotay asked.

"Yeah. Hurts a little." Paris said.

"I'm stretching you out. It's going to hurt some from here on out. I'll add more lubricant." Chakotay did and that helped some. Chakotay continued with his strokes, then reached in and tickled that special spot inside Paris. "There's your prostate gland. Feel those two little nodes?" He gripped them one at a time.


"That little gland is going to make your day." Chakotay continued to stroke the gland, gentle brushing strokes, and Paris' body reacted by giving him the hardest erection he'd ever felt. His brain was pulsing with the sensations as Chakotay brushed his prostate and Paris realized he was rapidly approaching orgasm.

"Uh, Chakotay, you're going a little too far." Paris gasped out.

"Don't want you to go completely crazy." Chakotay said with a chuckle in his voice. "I just wanted you to be ready for this." And Paris felt a third finger enter his anus. This time the muscles stretched even further and with minimal pain. Chakotay kept them in a triangular formation and probed down to the very base of the fingers but avoided Paris' "button", and Paris felt the need for orgasm fade, feeling disappointed at its departure.

Paris was going absolutely wild from the sensations. It felt as if he had been in this position forever, kneeling on the bed with Chakotay probing his anus with his thick, masterful fingers, that he had been possessed like this for an eternity. His entire past telescoped down like seen through the wrong way of a dual lens, and his life, his essence, was defined by this moment, he was on the bed and Chakotay was probing his ass.

"Ready now for the main event?" Chakotay said gently.

"Oh, God, yes!" Paris moaned. "But I don't know how long I'm going to last."

Chakotay crawled up to lay beside Paris. "Lie down besides me with your back to me, but give me some space between our bodies for right now." Paris did and Chakotay was silent for a time. "Now snuggle up to me spoon-fashion."

Paris pushed back to press his back and buttocks into the curve of Chakotay's chest, abdomen and crotch.

"Here it comes." Chakotay warned and Paris felt the warm intruder enter his body. Even with the fingers having stretched his body, it was different. The fingers had opened his outer sphincter all right, but from then on in, his body reacted as to a new pressure. Chakotay took it slowly, stopping with his cockhead inside Paris' outer sphincter. "Get used to that for a while."

"God, Chakotay, this is driving me insane!" Paris said, his face flushed, his eyes hungry. "Did Robert do this to you?"

"No." Chakotay admitted. "I read up on this later on. You're the first I've ever done it to. But it's the way you're supposed to be initiated. Do you like it?"

"It's wonderful." Paris said.

"The more you want this, the easier it is on your body." Chakotay pontificated. "I wanted Robert a lot, so my body opened up, but even so, I bled a great deal, not to mention making a mess on the bed. But he didn't care, and neither did I. Get ready for a small push now."

Paris' body had accepted Chakotay's cockhead where it was, now a new wave of pain and stretching hit him. He felt a small tear in his body, and apparently so did Chakotay. "Whoops, that was too much! I'll hold still again." About another half inch of Chakotay's cock had entered Paris' body.

"Ooh, how much more do I have to go?" Paris asked.

"Quite a lot." Chakotay admitted. "But we aren't going to try for the entire length this first time."

"Okay." Paris agreed. How did Chakotay take him last night? This was like having a baseball bat shoved up your ass a little at a time. The broad end of it, no less! All his stroking and probing earlier had helped, but only helped, what was turning into a major invasion of his body! "How are you feeling right now?" he asked, remembering that there were two people in this bed.

"A little frustrated." Chakotay admitted. "But I'm determined that you're going to have the minimal amount of pain this first time. Your first is important, and I'm remembering that as well as I can."

Paris felt a sort of gurgle in his bowels, and his body released in some undefined manner its tight grip on Chakotay's cock. "I'm ready for more now."

"I can tell." Chakotay responded by pushing in. It was easier now, somewhat. Chakotay's cockhead still was pushing against his body in strange ways.

Paris wondered just how his body was set up in there. He knew (now!) of the two sphincters of his anus, but apparently there were more muscles in there, which were now declaring themselves in their protest at being shunted aside, to make way for Chakotay's cock. Chakotay stopped again, and Paris could feel that he had pressed his cockhead against that inner sphincter, even pushed into it some, which seemed to be the other end of these muscles Paris was feeling.

Chakotay again held still. When Paris felt his body relax into this invasion, he said, "I'm done."

"So we are." Chakotay said and he pulled out! Paris couldn't believe it!

"Aren't you going to start fucking me now?"

"Nope." Chakotay got out of bed!

"What are you doing?" Paris asked incredulously.

"We, Lieutenant, are taking a break. I suggest we go ahead and do the scan and rest a while. Round two is coming up in a moment, and it's the round you've been waiting for." Chakotay smiled down at his young lover. "You're allowed to call yourself initiated right now if you want."

"No!" Paris said. "Come on, let's finish this."

"Let your body rest a time." Chakotay reassured him. "And I will. Believe me, you're going to get fucked thoroughly today. But not just right now. Now hop to, Lieutenant. We've got a scan to take care of."

Paris looked at the chronometer. It was nearly 1100 hours! "God, you were playing with my ass for that long?"

"M-hm." Chakotay said. "Kind of lost track of time, didn't we?"

"I sure did!" Paris said. He got up and felt his asshole almost sagging beneath him, an open and flapping, actual, grease-filled hole in his body. There was a draft getting in there! "Think we're going to pick up anything on the anomaly today?"

"I doubt it." Chakotay said. They were getting into the range where the shuttle's scanners would get a clearer reading than those of Voyager's, but this trip out was still less than half over. "But we'll find out. Let's move it, Lieutenant."

"Yes, sir." Paris sat down nude in the chair and first ran the spherical scan. He let it run in all frequencies before he spoke. "Nothing unusual out there still. Just a rather odd pulsing signal we're getting. Gee, I wonder what that could be? Do you think it might be an incipient wormhole?" he said with saccharine tones.

"Maybe, Lieutenant." Chakotay grinned. "What say we go check it out?"

"Current course will take care of it." Paris said. "Approximate time of arrival, six days."

"Try for a specialized scan, narrow range."

Paris did so, he had already started it. "Well, it's possibly an incipient wormhole. But it could just as easily be a neutron star orbiting that Cepheid variable in a circumpolar orbit and pulling the radio waves around it."

"You're probably right, Lieutenant, but let's keep our minds open."

"Yes, sir."

"Care for a drink?" Chakotay said as he got up.

"Don't mind if I do." Paris said, his eyes fastened on Chakotay's crotch. Poor Chakotay had a rampant erection, and it looked purple and angry, shining from the leftover lube clinging to it.

"I got plans for that particular container." Chakotay said, watching Paris' eyes. "You can have a drink from there later on."

"I look forward to it." Paris said. "We got other games to play and I got other first times I want you to help me with."

"What's your poison?"

"Spending your rations on little old me?"


"Vodka, straight up with a twist of lemon." Paris named one of the simplest drinks a replicator could make.

"At least you're a cheap date." Chakotay said as he dialed two of them and brought them over.

"Remember that when it's my turn to buy the drinks." Paris joked in return. "Which is going to be about three more days from now, unfortunately."

"Ditto." Chakotay said. "We're lucky Neelix packed us a load of provisions, aren't we?"

"Lucky is the wrong word." Paris sipped his drink. Synthehol was disappointing, somehow. Oh, it tasted all right, but you could tell that this wasn't alcohol, just a substitute that made you tingle, but never, never took control of you. "When I get back to Earth, I'm not going to touch even replicated rations for a solid year. I'm going to go out shopping and buy actual, real food and I'm going to eat and eat until I'm as round as a beach ball."

"Me, too." Chakotay said. "But first off, I'm going to find a busy city and just look at all the people. Just stand on a busy corner and watch them go by, all the young people and old people, the children and the aged grandmothers. I want to see thousands of people again, humans, that is, swarming around me. I want to remember that there are more than 140 human beings in existence, let it really sink in and reassure myself that we on Voyager aren't the totality of mankind. Sometimes I find myself forgetting."

"Yeah." Paris agreed. "That's why I've been feeling so damned frustrated lately. It's not just Megan, who's fun to be with so long as you remember that you're not going to get her into bed with you, it's sort of that I know everybody on Voyager now. I know their faces and I know their families and I know their likes and dislikes and I really don't have anything new to discover about them. Although" he looked at Chakotay "I'm beginning to wonder just how well I do know the people around me."

"Short of taking them on one at a time and getting them on a three-week shuttle trip with you, I'd say there's still plenty to discover." Chakotay said.

"Yeah." Paris drained his glass. "That was good, Chakotay. Thanks!"

"No problem." Chakotay finished his own. "Are you ready for the grand finale now?"

"I've been ready for hours already!" Paris said enthusiastically.

"Good. This time, crawl in first and face-up. I want to see your face while I slide it in this time."

"Great!" Paris did as ordered. Chakotay used more of the oil he had replicated (Paris realized that he must have used a lot of his rations on that oil, he had a sizeable container of it there) and stroked his cock with it until it reached a firm rigidity. Then he clambered on top of Paris and Paris wrapped his legs around Chakotay's waist, his heels digging into Chakotay's buttocks.

Chakotay's cock again pressed against him, and Paris found the pain was minimal. His body was still stretched out, and it seemed like the muscles had relaxed during the break. In no time, Chakotay was back to his original position inside Paris with the inner sphincter still giving some pressure, but yielding to Chakotay's gentle insistence. And as the inner sphincter gave way, Paris felt his prostate gland brushed by the top of Chakotay's cockhead! "Ooh!" he gasped.

"Like that?" Chakotay asked him, panting slightly.

"Yeah! Feels great!"

Chakotay pulled out and pushed back in. "How about that?"

His prostate was brushed in both directions. "Ooh, yeah!" Paris moaned.

Chakotay began a gentle movement of slow strokes. With each move, in or out, Paris' body responded with a wave of pleasure.

"Oh, God!" he moaned, his eyes and mouth wide as if a face of frozen shock. "If women feel like this when we fuck them, no wonder they put up with us!"

Their noses nearly touching, Paris' world was nothing but Chakotay, his view nothing but Chakotay's face, his body touching nothing but Chakotay and the sheets beneath him, his mind concentrating on nothing but the feel of Chakotay's cock going in and out of his body in gentle waves of pleasure. His entire body rocked with every move, as if he were lying in an ocean away from the shore, and the waves were moving him up and down, back and forth.

Then Chakotay clutched him hard and the moves of his body were quicker, harder, more demanding. Paris looked up into Chakotay's face, a slight grimace on his features, and felt his will suspended in Chakotay's, he gave his body to Chakotay and let him use it for his needs, and in this act of surrender he found a new source of pleasure, that of the submissive, something he had never played with a woman, not in this context, not at this point in their lovemaking. He'd always had to shift the role at the point of sex, to take the control and move his body. Here, he only needed to lie and respond. How could he please Chakotay further? Small strokes along Chakotay's back? He tried that and Chakotay breathing became interspersed with gasps.

There was no pain at all, Paris' body had completely relaxed. "Come on, Chakotay, harder, harder!" he begged. "Really fuck me! Come on, harder!"

Chakotay moved and Paris' left leg slipped from its perch. Chakotay grabbed Paris' right leg and held it high in the air, almost suspending his young mate by the leg and he pumped into Paris like that.

"Oh, yeah, really use me, Chakotay, use me!" Paris begged. "Harder, faster, faster!" This wasn't generosity speaking, every stroke on his prostate was like a stroke on his cock and he wanted more of it, more! "Oh, yeah!" His orgasm was building, an odd-feeling one since his cock, though erect, was being ignored. This orgasm wasn't building up there, though his cock was responding, this orgasm was coming straight from his ass to his brain, along a different and utterly new route. And he wanted it! He wanted it now! "Oh, oh, oh, yeah!"

Growls sprang from Chakotay's throat, deep, meaty sounds that were wrung from him rather than spoken, his teeth showed, clenched tight, his face was puckered into a scowl, and Paris felt again the animal nature of sex, this time the victim, though willing, this time the passive, though consensual. He was being possessed here, and it felt GREAT!

Climax crept up on red-hot feet along his spine and when it reached his neck, Paris began to tingle all over in a way he'd never felt before. "Oh, yeah, oh, yeah!" he moaned. "More, more, more! Oh, oh, OH!" And his cock was squirting like a hose, thick long splats of long- denied come that had been boiling in his groin since early morning, teased into existence by the hours of preparation, and now released at last, they ripped through his urethra and into life and flew through the air in sheer joy! Paris gasped, groaned, and felt his ass clamp onto Chakotay's cock with a hard ferocity. Chakotay used this tighter grip and soon Paris felt hot, salty, stinging pulses enter his body from Chakotay, and the joy of it was incredible, the gift of his body to this man, a completely new experience for himself. It was his first time all over again, he was the bashful boy again caught up in the thrills of something new, and he relished it with the increased maturity of the last ten years. Another good memory to store for years of remembrance!

Chakotay finished and, face flushed, fell atop him, only catching himself on his elbows at the last second. Paris reached up and pulled him the rest of the way down. The motion pulled Chakotay's diminishing cock from his ass, and Paris felt a twinge of disappointment. He made up for the lack by reaching for Chakotay's lips, to press them to his own, and share the last vestiges of joy in this way as their breathing returned to normal.

A grin touched Chakotay's face and Paris returned it, reached up to hold Chakotay's head in both his hands, thread his fingers through the sweat-soaked hair, and show by such actions that he had appreciated this gentle lover.

"Thank you, Chakotay." He said quietly. "That was absolutely incredible!"

"You were too." Chakotay said. "Another first for me, you're the first man I ever fucked."

"Really?" Paris asked. "Robert never let you fuck him?"

"It wasn't his style." Chakotay said. "But I didn't really care."

"Well, he doesn't know what he's missing. Didn't." Paris made a face. "Sorry about that."

"It's been a long time." Chakotay said. "I think I can let go now."

"That's good." Paris didn't push it any further than that. "As I was about to say, I think I am now hooked. I hope you want to do this some more and for a very long time."

"We'll work on that." Chakotay said. "For now, how about a shower and some lunch?"

Paris realized he was famished. "Sounds good. I could actually eat some of Neelix's cooking right now."

Chakotay showered while Paris selected from the variety Neelix had packed. A hundred different choices, all flavored "bleagh!" is how Paris thought of it. Still, he picked out what looked edible. Then while he cleaned up, Chakotay processed the food. Paris came out to a hot meal and realized the benefits of a relationship. Nice to divide up the work of living, makes it easier on both of you, he thought to himself.

After lunch, Paris actually found his body, usually so insistent on its pleasures, surfeited for now. "What do you want to do now?" he asked.

Chakotay smiled. "I personally need a rest."

"Yeah." Paris agreed quickly. "I never thought I'd say it, but I am fucked out at the moment."

"So we're back to the poker game."

"Let's see what else the computer has to offer." Paris temporized. "I don't feel like trying to take anything away from you right now."

"Not that I have anything to take."

"And I don't feel like silly-stakes poker, either."

"Agreed. Well, computer, list games."

They settled on various computer games and whiled away the afternoon. The mid- afternoon scan gave me a little more detail, and Paris began to wonder if it were a wormhole after all. Readings were consistent. But it was still too far away.

A late-afternoon snack was more of Neelix's concoctions, and Paris saw that they'd better ration out the more edible portions if they didn't intend to be stuck with nothing but garbage for the last week. He took unofficial charge of this by arranging the food into portions, balancing them out, good with horrible in a hopefully balanced arrangement.

"Nearly 1700." Chakotay reminded Paris.

"Yes." Paris pulled on his uniform jacket, which he hadn't bothered to don yet since the morning, and was thus back in full uniform when the call from the Captain came in.

"Good afternoon, Captain." Chakotay said.

"Well, good to see you two back in uniform." Janeway said.

"I apologize for yesterday, Captain." Chakotay said. "In retrospect, it was a foolish action."

"I understand." Janeway said. "I sent you on this shuttle trip to get you away from command duties for a while. I hope you two are enjoying yourselves."

"Yes, Captain." Chakotay said.

Paris couldn't keep the smile off his face. He was smirking when Janeway turned her attention to him. "And you, Lieutenant? How are things?"

"Couldn't be better, Captain." Paris said. "The Commander and I are getting acquainted."

"Excellent." Janeway said.

"If I may ask the Captain a question?" Paris said quickly.

"Go ahead."

"Was that your motive on sending us on this mission, Captain? To let the Commander and myself get acquainted?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"We got to thinking about the timing of our psychological profiles a day or so ago, and I was just wondering if they had anything to do with our assignment here."

Janeway's face was as blank as any poker face. But Paris played poker and knew it well. "I let the Doctor advise me on the profiles. His suggestion was to get both of you away from the ship for a while to let you relax. Since this planet is good for food but terrible for shore leave, I chose to send you on a long but necessary shuttle mission. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes, Captain." Paris said. "Tell the Doctor that I said, thanks!"

"From me, as well." Chakotay said.

"Janeway out."

"You were right, Chakotay." Paris said. "She was playing matchmaker."

"Does that bother you?" Chakotay asked. "Knowing we were set up together?"

Paris shrugged. "I'd rather have found it on my own, and I was planning something like this. In the back of my mind, for later on. Still, this way was as good as any."

"Can you imagine that scene, you trying to feel me out on the ship?" Chakotay mused. "How would you have done it? If we hadn't taken this trip?"

"Hmm, I hadn't gotten that far. Someplace quiet and neutral. Not in public, but not on duty. Maybe in Sandrine's on a day you stayed behind after everyone left."

"I usually don't stay that long."

"No, but you often arrive late. It wouldn't have been too hard to ask to speak with you in private one day like that."

"True." Chakotay considered it. "Then what?"

"Oh, I would have talked about girls with you, and the problems I'm having and you're having, and the shortage of appropriate girls."

"That makes sense."

"Then I'd have said something like, "Commander, uh, Chakotay, may I call you that?"

"Oh, please do."

"Chakotay, have you ever thought about one of the men aboard this ship?"

"You mean, instead of a woman?"


"Sometimes." Chakotay was playing the scene, Paris realized. He was visualizing himself in Sandrine's, late at night, just him and Paris while a tune played on the piano.

"Computer, music, piano, no voice." Paris ordered. "Soft and romantic."

A gentle tune from an old movie ("Tammy") rose around them.

Paris then said, "I mean, you and I, we've waited too long to make our choices. Let's face it, we've ended up with women we don't really want."

"I wouldn't go that far." Chakotay remonstrated.

"Do you really see yourself settling down and having a family with Glenda Potts?" Paris asked.


"I can't see myself settling down with Megan MacGruder." Paris said firmly. "She's fun to be with, but if I don't break down that wall she's erected around herself soon, I'm going to go nuts."

"So you were thinking of one of the men aboard Voyager? There are plenty of them who'd be interested in you." Chakotay said. "I've seen them watching you, you know."

"So have I." Paris shrugged. "But I don't know. I have some pretty high standards for the people I'd get involved with."

"So what kind of man would you want?"

"Well." Paris reached his hand over to lay it on Chakotay's. "Let's say I'd want the man to be something really special." And his fingers danced over the back of Chakotay's hand.

"Lieutenant, are you thinking"

"Well, there's thinking and there's doing." Paris said. "I think now's a good time to ask if you'd have any interest in such an...arrangement?"


"Two men, both with their needs, both of them in a difficult environment and a long way from home. Never knowing if they'll ever see home again, or if the next day will be their last alive. Has it occurred to you that we could die here, a hundred thousand light years from home? Not a single molecule of our bodies would ever touch Earth again. Separated forever. So would it be such a bad thing, for us to turn to each other and help each other through this time? It doesn't have to be anything permanent, anything serious. Just some fun and a bit of healthy relaxation. It'd sure make standing the watches on the ship a lot less onerous, don't you think?"

"Well, I'd have to think about it."

"So that means you would be interested?"

"Let's call it more, intrigued."

"I'll settle for that. In the meantime, perhaps you'd care for a dance?"

Chakotay suddenly broke the mood, leaned back and laughed. "That line's as smooth as a Ferengi sales pitch, Tom. And about as honest."

Paris grinned. "I've been working on it for a long time."

Chakotay laughed some more, and Paris let him. When he was quiet, Paris asked, "So, would it have worked?"

"No, not on me, not before we took this trip." Chakotay admitted.

"So how about now?"

"You have a one-track mind, Lieutenant."

"Do you mind where it's heading?"

"Not at all."

They moved together and kissed fervently, the bare beginnings of arousal. And the computer music reached its end, the piano playing the words in notes, "Tammy, Tammy, Tammy's in love."

The shuttle was small, but the trip from the chairs to the bed seemed a very long way. Paris didn't want to end the kiss, but they had nearly ten feet of deck to cover, and that was too long for a slow maneuver out of the corner of the eye. He was forced to break the kiss and mood long enough to walk that distance. But Chakotay came with him. Another kiss, while he reached for the closure of Chakotay's jacket, to open it along that invisible seam, and gently rub his hands over Chakotay's chest and shoulders, removing it in the process of stroking his body. Then there was the T-shirt, which had to be pulled over Chakotay's head, this while Chakotay was doing his own removing of Paris' jacket. Paris settled for a quick break while they shucked their T's, then back together to rut against Chakotay, to rub their cocks, still heavily covered by clothing, together, announce each other's presence. Paris leaned over to kiss at the deep brown nipple in the dark brown skin, to tongue the small nub in the middle, wiggle it like a toggle switch. He worked it harder and harder until he found Chakotay's threshold, when it stopped feeling like nothing and started feeling like a button of pleasure/pain. A hard pinch and he sent white-hot lava through Chakotay's veins to rush to his brain and Chakotay groaned, reached up to grasp both of Paris' nipples.

"Careful, they're more delicate than yours. OW!" Paris said. Chakotay eased into a more gingerly manipulation. "Yeah, that's better. Mm, yeah!" Paris fished at Chakotay's trousers, not trying to unfasten them, but to worm his hand through the waistband and into the crotch, snaking beneath the boxers Chakotay wore and onto the hot pool of maleness beneath. He fished the rod, which was cramped in a downwards position between their bodies and pulled it upwards, until he could wrap his hand around it and stroke it like that, an upwards tugging on it, rolling it through his fingers. Chakotay moaned as he did this, his whole body tightening, and Paris winced at the tightening on his nipples, but he didn't protest though the rough handling sent waves of pain through his body, and his body got used to the pain, tolerated it as part of the game. They stayed together like this, Paris' hand on Chakotay's cock while Chakotay's thumbs- and-fingers pulled at Paris' nipples.

Paris had to break this off! He couldn't stand it any longer. He stepped back and quickly removed his boots, pants and briefs. Chakotay was slower, seated on the bed, pulling at his boots, and Paris pushed him back to lie on the bed, tugged off the errant boot, and then shucked him of his pants and boxers as efficiently as any night-nurse. As the pants came off, Paris kneeling at Chakotay's feet, Paris cast them carelessly aside and dove for the rigid schlong aiming at the ceiling, gulping it down eagerly. He'd had women do this to him, and he knew what felt good to him, he didn't need any initiation for this! He got his mouth slippery with worked-up saliva and coated Chakotay's cock liberally with it as he moved up and down. He was rewarded with grunts from Chakotay, who raised up to a semi-sitting position on the bed and made movements as if to get Paris to move, but Paris grunted a negation and kept up milking Chakotay's cock, diving down on it, trying for deeper and deeper strokes. Chakotay's one hand on his hair made no effort to guide or control him on this, and Paris moved faster, until Chakotay groaned a warning.

Paris had to make a fast decision. Swallow or not? Well, did he want it? Yeah! He kept up the pressure while Chakotay groaned more and more insistently, and then the groans choked off and Paris felt his mouth fill with the salty slimy semen. No worse than that lunch they'd had, or the dinner they'd be having! Paris chuckled to himself and swallowed it down. It felt great, taking in this very essence of Chakotay into himself. He'd tasted his own jism in the past, and it just tasted obnoxious. This tasted wonderful!

Done, with Chakotay quiescent, chest heaving on the bed, Paris raised up to climb atop him and said, "Another first, Commander, and thank you very much."

"No, thank you." Chakotay said. "I didn't know you were so talented."

"It wasn't so difficult. I just imagined what I'd like done to me. And combined that with how much I wanted to. End result, talent."

"It was that." Chakotay said. "Now how may I serve YOUR pleasures, Mr. Paris?"

"I think this time a little bit of the same."

Paris climbed up to sit on Chakotay's chest and brushed his cock over Chakotay's lips. "After all, how often will I get to do this to a superior officer?"

"We'll find out."

"Less talk, more suction." Paris ordered and reached down to pull Chakotay's head up to his body. Chakotay managed to capture Paris' penis on the way up and it slid down his throat in one smooth motion. "Ooh, you've got quite a talent yourself, Chakotay." he crooned.

He didn't let Chakotay show any more talent, he was feeling dominant at this time. Perhaps a reaction to an entire morning of submission, but he wanted to be in control now, he wanted to make Chakotay do what he wanted. Chakotay didn't protest, as Paris fucked his face roughly, impudently, with little consideration for anything but his own pleasure. After an entire afternoon of abstinence, and the brief arousal period while he slurped on Chakotay's pud, he didn't need much time. A bit more than five minutes of thrusting his prong into Chakotay's mouth and down his throat and he groaned, let go of Chakotay's head. Give him that decision, at least.

Chakotay clung tight, moving rapidly and Paris groaned, pumped his wad into Chakotay's mouth, which gave him a suction like a disposal tube on the ship, pulling the seed away from Paris' cockhead as it was jettisoned, until Paris was done, panting and sweating, his entire body reddened in color by the climax, and he looked down with glazed eyes into the eyes of Chakotay, still sucking on his wilting rod, giving him the last ounce of pleasure to be had at such times.

Paris sat like that a while, enjoying this position. It's tough to take orders all day every day with no breaks like it was aboard Voyager. He couldn't blame the Captain for keeping him on active duty, but he could use a shore leave, even it if had him confined to the ship. Realizing this, he wondered if he had misread the Captain's decision after all. This trip was almost as good as a vacation.

He slid down Chakotay's body. "Ready for your supper now?" he asked.

"I think we just had it."

"An appetizer only." Paris agreed. "Better than anything I've seen Neelix brew up. You know, it's funny, but I don't like the taste of my own sperm. But yours, I like."

"That's good." Chakotay said. "I'd hate to think this was the last time you intended to do this."

"First, but not the last." Paris confirmed. "Still, sex does make me hungry."

"I could eat." Chakotay agreed.

"Same deal as before?"

"Except you get the shower while I select the food."

"I did some arranging in there." Paris said as he got up and went to the cubicle. "It occurred to me that if we pick only the best stuff, we're going to be in pretty bad shape at the end of this mission. So I tried to average it out. Each stack is meant to be one day."

"A good idea." Chakotay said.

After dinner, more computer games. They were pretty evenly matched, neither of them having paid the games much attention until now. Then a final scan (Paris was beginning to wonder even more, that DID look less and less like a neutron star as they got closer) and bedtime.

Paris had to admit he was worn out sexually. Chakotay, though, seemed the same, and while they stroked and kissed, it didn't go any further. Then, by unspoken mutual consent, they stopped and settled in to sleep.

Paris was awakened a little later on (it was 0200) by Chakotay's muttering in his sleep. Paris heard what appeared to be part of a conversation. Chakotay was talking to someone he called "Buzz."

Buzz Brennovan. Paris HAD heard that name before. Could it be?

Quietly as he could, he got up and went to the computer station. Turned it on and typed in his commands rather than speaking. "Access Personnel Files, Starfleet Command. Name: Robert Brennovan."

The display came back to him. Paris stared at the service record:

"Graduated Starfleet Academy: June 2354
Assignments: U.S.S. Intrepid, 2354 to 2356, Ensign
U.S.S. Farsight 2356 to 2367, Ensign, Lieutenant, Lt. Commander.
U.S.S. Potemkin 2367 to Present, Commander."

Paris looked at the display and whistled softly. "Deceased, indeed." he muttered. "Buzz, you old scoundrel, I thought I knew you." He didn't think that Commander Brennovan and he looked at all alike. At least, not when he knew the man, sunken chested and with a permanent leer on his face. Then he remembered one of the stories he'd heard from Lt. Commander Brennovan on the Farsight in his cadet days.

If true--did Chakotay have a second, somewhat infamous tattoo?

Paris typed a message for the Ship's Doctor.

"Recommend revision of attached personnel file should it be accessed by Commander Chakotay. Revise service record to state 'Killed in Action July 2354.' Correlate with psychological examinations and confirm with Captain on highly confidential basis."

Paris sneaked back into bed and into his lover's arms. He could keep secrets. He swore to himself that he would keep this one to his dying day.

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