Shuttle Trip, Day Two

Bed Games

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2001 by Eduardo. All Rights Reserved.
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Illustration of The Long Shuttle Trip, #2

Paris awoke in his small bed. As senior officer, Chakotay got the main bunk, the one you'd use if only one man had been aboard this dinky shuttle. Paris was stuck with the "hood", a pull-out affair, a mattress you inflated for sleeping, and a quarter-circle area into one bank of the computer. You had a hood you pulled over you to complete the half-circle and be covered and private. And THIS hood was at least solid metal, if cramped and cheerless. It was privacy for sleeping one man, and nothing more.

He remembered the night before. What HAD Chakotay been doing while Paris had unwittingly provided him with a show? Had Chakotay stroked his own cock while watching the horny lieutenant outside? Had they shot their wads together, perhaps? Paris had to admit that he had really churned out the juice last night. Partly the teasing actions of MacGruder earlier that day, partly the intense stories he had heard from Chakotay, and partly just the unmitigated horniness he had lived with since puberty, the infamous Paris lust!

Time for his morning whack-off. He had to start the day that way, there just wasn't any other way to keep his cool while working around anyone who even might be available. If only the Captain knew how often his late arrivals for the shift weren't due to some assignation, but just the usual morning stroke-job. And Chakotay had, with last night's talk, with the two words of a lover's name, made himself available. His own musings about "going gay" for the duration of Voyager's travels suddenly had more than a tentative target. Chakotay was available!

He remembered Chakotay with him in the holosuite during a party with the theme of a tropical beach. The Commander had shown up wearing only a pair of abbreviated swimtrunks and a towel around his neck which promptly went onto the chair he was using. Only idle curiosity at the time, Paris had checked out his body, the lithe muscles of his arms and upper chest distended as he rested his head on his palms, his crotch jutting forward because the chair jointed at that spot and his buttocks raised him up on the bar. He'd filled out those Speedos nicely, and Paris had carried on idle conversation while watching him. The talk had turned to girls and from the way the swimtrunks had shifted and moved, Paris knew he was getting turned on by the talk. He had kept it up, hoping to get him to throw a complete erection and maybe embarrass his commander, but some girls had walked up just at that point, and the entire plan had been aborted.

Now Paris remembered that groin, the slight bulge in the center where the semi-hard penis had begun to announce itself, the warm, brown body looking sun-tanned rather than ethnic Amerindian, the hairs on his body forming accent marks, defining and guiding the eyes where to look, the way they circled and accented the twin brown oval nipples and the thickening below the navel hinting at what was below the covering of the trunks.

Paris stroked his cock and imagined them all alone, just the two of them (like now!), and him walking over to put his hand on that crotch, feel it, the gentle smile on Chakotay's face as he enjoyed Paris' hand, and then to lean over and let his hands and mouth wander where it would across the broad sculpted terrain of Chakotay's body, and...

"Pong!" came the startling sound. His hand, pumping his cock, had hit the metal shield, causing a reverbration that lasted a few seconds before dopplering down into silent subsonics. "Damn!" he whispered to himself, pulled his cock to where it was aiming at his navel, and stroked it like that. That worked. He threw himself back into the fantasy, easing off Chakotay's trunks, to set free the eager schlong waiting there for him, to feel the heat of Chakotay's cock as he leaned over to nibble at the base, inhale the ambrosia of the slight sweat which clustered...


"Uhh!" he grunted in annoyance, lowered his hand again. Imagined Chakotay again, Paris kneeling at his side, to taste the thick layer of skin that engulfed the steel-hard rod beneath, feeling the musky folds as he worked his tongue into the small crater atop the erect prick, to taste the salty clear liquid pooled there, waiting for him to lap it up, and the feel like velvet on his hips and tongue as he dove over the thick pole to take it deep into his throat, hold it there, worship the very...


"Shit!" he said, louder than he'd intended. He shifted onto his side, but found that this pushed his arm up against the metal shield. He made a few experimental strokes and found the metal quiet. He began to stroke again, looking at his chronometer. Ten more minutes, and it would be 0700, time for him to officially arise and start the day.

Imagined that he was lying like this because he was now lying with Chakotay on the lounge chair, the two of them nestled like this, Chakotay twisting his head back and around to kiss Paris while Paris rubbed suntan lotion onto his cock and slicked it up, then aimed for the tight, moist heat between the crevice of Chakotay's butt, to find the tiny opening and worm inside. Imagined Chakotay making small sounds of eager pleasure as Paris' cock worked it way into his body, to carve out a new path for itself, a tunnel that was hot, wet, clinging with little tuckers to his cock with every move he made, until it adjusted to him and expanded, gave itself over to him completely, his cock a stranger no more.

Paris made quick hunching movements as he stroked his cock, to mimic the way he'd fuck Chakotay's ass, and his passion began to pool in his groin, the tingle that warned you to keep it up, don't slow down, this is it, this is it! Paris grunted and panted as he kept up the pace, though his arm wasn't used to this position and was tiring, he returned to lying on his back and this time being careful to keep his hand down below the damned metal shield, he pounded his pud and orgasm crept up like a timid kitten to be embraced by him, he reached climax and groaned, releasing the flood at last.

Orgasm assaulted his mind, kept him helpless while his come shot out to hit the metal shield with a patter like water being thrown onto it a handful at a time. "Pr-pr-pr-pr-prt! Pr-pr- pr-pr-pr-prt! Pr-pr-pt! Pr-pr-pr-pt! Pr-pr-pt! Pt! Pt! Pt!" And it was over with, and come was raining down on him in thick splats, hitting him from his abdomen to his upper chest.

"Brrt! Brrt!" It was the wake-up alarm! He had to shut it off, fast, but the cutoff was outside the goddamned shield! He quickly wiped the come off the shield as best he could, the covering making a "Ssssst!" sound with every swipe, and then he covered himself and lifted the shield, hit the off switch. Man, whoever designed the shuttle had been a fiend in human disguise! Why wasn't the damned alarm inside with him in the shield, instead of just outside it?

He lay, gasping slightly still, and waited for his body to return to his control and obey his commands once again. He waited until his breathing had returned to normal again, and then he turned to see Chakotay sitting on the side of the bed, looking down at him.

From this angle, he couldn't tell if Chakotay was nude or wearing briefs. And he was smiling gently at Paris. "Good morning, Commander." he said.

"Good morning, Lieutenant." Chakotay said. "Did you sleep all right?"

"As well as anyone can in this cut-rate coffin." Paris retorted. "I kept hitting that damned metal all night long."

"So don't close the hood tonight." Chakotay offered reasonably. "You can detach that mattress and spread it out in the central area, if you'd like."

"And get stepped on when you decide to visit the lavatory in the middle of the night?"

"I usually sleep right through." Chakotay said. "Though visiting it now isn't such a bad idea."

"Go ahead." Paris said nonchalantly. "I'll put away my bed while you're in there."

Chakotay stood up and Paris was disappointed to see that he did wear his briefs to bed. Still, they were the same size as the trunks he had worn that day in the holosuite, and Paris found himself staring at the white-cotton-covered crotch, the neat bulb of Chakotay's manhood distending the central cloth, and he suddenly wanted to gnaw that cloth more than anything in the world. He turned over in his bed instead, until he heard the pattering of bare feet stop and saw the polarizing field in place.

Fool me twice, shame on me." he said quietly, and crawled out of bed to let his body hide what he was doing, which was folding the sheets so the dark spots of his jizz wouldn't show, and to surreptitiously wipe his chest on one corner, threw it over the rest, deflated the mattress and shoved the bed back into the cabinet and closed the vertical hood, which blended the bed space back into the wall, and started the cleaning process.

Chakotay came out, looking very refreshed. "Your turn, Lieutenant." he said kindly.

Paris was glad to get in and let the shower vibrate the dead skin and dried come off of his body. He never felt really clean with a sonic shower, but it was definitely better than doing without.

He finished and looked around, realized he'd left his bathroom kit in his jumpbag. Of all the green-recruit things to do! And he'd already put his briefs into the laundry chute, to be cleaned, and they wouldn't be ready for another hour with the slow process the tiny shuttle laundry used.

No other choice. He looked out and saw Chakotay was already at his post. He said, "Keep your eyes forward, please, Commander." and turned off the field. Chakotay did what he asked, and he was able to pull on some clean briefs with only a fumble or two. Done, he said, "All clear. Thanks, Commander."

"Don't mention it." Chakotay said. "Get dressed and let's do the first scan of the day."

Paris groaned. "It won't show anything more than I got from yesterday's scan. If anything had changed, the alarms would have gone off."

"It's in the manual for shuttlecraft procedure." Chakotay pointed out. "And besides, what else are we going to do?"

Paris pulled on his pants and was working on his jacket. "Figure out a gamble for today's game." he said.

"Any ideas?" Chakotay said.

"Yeah." Paris said. "An hour of me answering any questions about my love life you care to ask..."

"Not that again!"

"...against your right to use the regular bunk for the rest of the trip."

Chakotay paused and then said, "Okay, you got a deal."

"You can buy back the bunk with the Robert story whenever you want." Paris concluded. "Let's get the damned scan over with."

* * * * *

Throughout the morning, they stayed roughly even. Into the afternoon, Paris was slightly ahead. Then Chakotay hit a streak of luck, and by 1730 hours, Paris was down to eight chips. "I'd better start thinking of my questions." grinned Chakotay.

"Shut up and ante."

"I'll let you call with your last chip." Chakotay said, which was a nice concession for him. Paris had won the game the night before by upping the ante beyond what Chakotay could match and refusing the "last chip calls" rule. They hadn't specified table stakes, ha, ha! It was a dirty trick, but he had been bluffing with that hand, anyway.

Paris dealt the cards, looked. He had two pair, twos and fives. Chakotay was looking at his cards with a slight frown. So much for the "stoic Indian" myth! Paris invested two more of his seven remaining chips hoping to get Chakotay to drop out, but he matched it instead. He was down to five. "How many?" he asked.

"Two." Chakotay said.

Paris gave them to him and said, "One to dealer." A queen, it didn't help him except maybe to be the high card in a tie-breaker, but by drawing two cards, Chakotay was probably trying to fill a flush, unless he had three of a kind. But then he wouldn't be frowning at his cards! Chakotay took the cards and frowned deeper. Paris grinned. He hadn't made his flush. "Takes two chips to see my hand."

Chakotay looked over at him and Paris saw the bluff begin. "And bump you up three more."

"I call." Paris said, putting in his last chip. "What have you got?"

"Two pair." Chakotay said.

"Me, too." Paris said. "Twos and fives."

"Jacks and eights." Chakotay showed him.

"Damn!" Paris said. "How'd you get that two pair by drawing two cards? I had you pegged as trying for a flush or four of a kind."

"I would have drawn three, but one of my discards would have been the jack of spades." Chakotay admitted, holding it up. "My father always taught me that this card brings me luck at poker. So I kept it. And he was right. I drew another jack, and got two pair. Enough to beat you."

"Luck!" scoffed Paris. "Luck doesn't win at poker!"

"It did this time." Chakotay said. "So let's clear off the table and we'll start on my winnings. I'm looking forward to my bunk tonight more now than ever."

"Can we eat dinner first?" Paris groaned.

"Sure." Chakotay said magnanimously. "If you think you can eat something with this hovering over your head, I'll be patient. I'll use the time to work on my questions."

* * * * *

Paris dragged it out until 1830, but finally had to give in. He settled in, put his finger on the timer, and said, "Begin." as he depressed the timer button.

"Were you beating your meat in your bunk this morning just before 0700?"

"What?" Paris said.

"You heard me." Chakotay grinned. "Well?"

"Yeah." Paris admitted. "How did you know?"

"The sounds of heavy metal music." Chakotay said. "Do you beat off every morning, Lieutenant?"

"Yeah." Paris said. "I couldn't function without easing my load. I don't see how anyone skips it."

"How many times a day do you beat your meat?"

"Can we get off the masturbation questions? They're embarrassing me."


"Twice a day. Maybe three times. What can I say? I got a high sex drive and it's got to go somewhere." Paris smiled and shrugged.

"On that third time, is it in the bridge washroom?"

"Sometimes." Paris admitted. "Though usually I make a quick stop in my room before returning from break."

"Do you stroke it left or right-handed?"

"Can we move on to B'Elanna soon?"

"Answer the questions as I ask them, Lieutenant." Chakotay said. "I had the entire afternoon to arrange my questions in their order of importance."

"This is important? Okay, I'm a leftie. Don't ask me why, I just am."

"Do you use any lubricant? Or even saliva?"

"Nope. Just a dry hand."

"Do you use quick strokes or slow?"

"I don't know. Medium, I guess."

"Show me how you move your hand."

"That's not a question."

"I'm elaborating on the last question. You can't give me a definite answer, so I'm asking you for illustration."

"All right." Paris did a mid-air move with his hand. "About like that."

"That was your right hand, Lieutenant. And that wasn't on your crotch, you were waving your hand way up in the air at eye level. You're not that hung, or I would have noticed."

"I was showing you how fast I did it."

"Show me the right way."

"All right! Like this." He put his left hand down at his crotch and moved his hand. "Does that look okay to you, or shall I unzip so you can see the real thing in action?"

"Thanks, I already have, remember?" Chakotay said. "Okay, about B'Elanna, why didn't you make your move while she was willing?"

"Because she wasn't in her right mind, that was why! She would have come after me and slit my throat when she came out of the pon farr. And I'd never have had a chance with her again after that, using her like that."

"Lies aren't tolerated." Chakotay said. "The truth."

"I told you the truth."

"You told me what you've told everyone who's asked you. I didn't believe it then, and I don't believe it now. She wouldn't have blamed you, you would have been helping her. Instead, she went through three hours of hell with Tuvok, coming down out of the pon farr, and she was twitchy for days. That doesn't sound like gentle consideration to me, when you compare it to a few minutes of humping in the grass."

"I guess not."

"So why did you really push her away?"

"Because she scared the hell out of me!" Paris almost screamed. "I like a woman to be a little driven in bed, but she was coming on like a sex machine on fire that could never be satisfied. I not only couldn't get an erection, but I couldn't have found my scared dick with both hands and a magnifying glass. From the way it felt, I think it was hiding somewhere underneath my navel. Satisfied?"

"Yeah." Chakotay said. "I never did swallow that gallant attitude you put on afterwards. Now I'm ready for a repetition of your female conquests. Just lay it on like I did with you, give me all the details you can, and don't leave out any of the embarrassing stuff."

Paris sighed, launched into it. He had expected this.

By 1915, Paris was out of stories. He racked his brain for a moment and said, "That's all I can remember right now. There may have been one or two others, but if so, they weren't anything special. Good enough?"

"Good enough. Now tell me about your male conquests."

"Huh? There aren't any!" Paris protested.

"Never? Not even when you were a kid?"

"That wasn't sex!" Paris groaned.

"If you had your hand on another boy's groin, I'm calling it sex." Chakotay said.

"What do you want? The circle jerks at summer camp, or with my roommate back in boarding school?"

"Both, and go into detail." Chakotay said.

"Okay. I guess I was seven years old the first summer camp. That first night, me and five of the boys from my bunkhouse...."

Paris looked at the timer. 1928. "You got two minutes left and I can't think of anything else. Now you know my pre-adolescent explorations, which is more than I know about you."

"No exploring with boys after puberty?"

"Not a one."

"Have you considered it after puberty?"

"Once or twice." Paris said. "There was this one guy who...."

"Stop." Chakotay said. "Last two questions, and I want a single yes or no to the first one, and no stuttering. Have you been considering any of the men on Voyager recently, asking any of the male members of the crew if they were interested?"

"Yes." Paris said. He looked at the timer, watched it flip to 1929. One more minute and this would be over.

"Final question, and I want a name only. Who is the man aboard Voyager you'd most like to go to bed with if you could?"


"Don't stall. Say the name of the man you'd most like to aboard Voyager. Say it right now."

"Commander Chakotay." Paris said.


"Timer hasn't gone off yet." Paris pointed out. "You can try for another question if you want."


"Yeah, you. Surprised?"

"Yes. I was expecting you to say Harry."

"Well, Harry's nice, but he's my best friend. Besides, if I go to bed with a man, I want someone who's not scared of his own shadow. Someone brave, loyal, kind, strong, good- looking. And someone generous, so I'd know I'd get as much in bed as I had to give. That's how I read you. And for the record, I had not planned to ask you while on board this shuttle trip, no. But I have been considering maybe trying to get you alone one night and find out if there was any interest. Something slow, low pressure and easy to back out of. You crash-landed that scheme, all right."

"I'm sorry." Chakotay said contritely.

"It's okay." Paris said. "I mean, if I was ever going to even try to ask you, I would have had to blurt it out sooner or later. You can only dance around so long before you have to charge in."


Paris sat back, feeling utterly drained. "We have got nineteen more days aboard this shuttlecraft, and we may have just sabotaged any chance of being friendly for that long. Chakotay, don't worry about me creeping out of my little cubbyhole tonight or my hand reaching over while we're at the controls. I am not going to get any closer to you than I am right now unless you make it damned clear that you want me to. I am not going to ask you for sex. You are going to have to ask me, loud and clear. Okay?"


"Good." Paris heaved a big sigh. "Now what else can we talk about? Sex is the last subject I'm interested in, right now, and I'm as surprised by that as you are!"

"What about the annual psychological profiles?"

Paris was shocked, they were considered utterly confidential. Only a commanding officer could review them, and while the person interviewed was allowed to review his profile upon request, in actual fact you only did that once. There are things in your psyche that you should never take out and look at. Paris knew that if everyone's profile had been like his when he first reviewed it nearly ten years ago, he was surprised that Janeway or any captain would take people out into space, or even come out of their rooms without being fully armed. But then, command staff got special training. Besides, if everyone was in the wacky farm, who'd run the planet?

But he wasn't going to discuss his psychological profile as a mere conversational ploy! "Commander, I haven't looked at mine in years."

"Neither have I." Chakotay said. "But I was thinking about the timing of this shuttle trip."

"The Captain found an anomaly and a good planet to scour for food. Voyager couldn't be in both places at once."

"True, but why did she ask me to take the science post? I'm no scientist."

"You didn't volunteer?" Paris said, surprised. "I did."

"Did you? Or was the choice not really a choice?"

Paris thought it over. Janeway had given him the choice of leading one of the landing parties, or flying the shuttle. As leader, he would have stayed on the planet while crews beamed up and down. Three weeks of that, or on the shuttle. Yes, he had been manuevered into the choice. And hadn't even known that Chakotay would share the trip with him until the night before! "I see what you mean."

"My last psychological profile was two weeks ago." Chakotay said. "When was your last one?"

"About that same time." Paris admitted. "Kind of caught me off guard, just report and start the probe. I was pissed about it, it was three months early! But who's going to overrule the Captain's orders these days? Starfleet Command?"

"Your little admission had got me to thinking. I'm wondering what my own profile showed her, and if the Captain has just engaged in a little matchmaking."

"Chakotay, what are you saying?" Paris said. "Am I your man-most-likely?"

"Haven't you ever wondered about the uneven way I treat you, Lieutenant?"

"Yeah!" Paris said. "Some days you're so tolerant and understanding I figure you're my best friend, the next you're as cold as a Ferengi cost accountant."

"Would you like to learn one thing about Robert Brennovan?"

"Sure!" Paris said.

"He looked just like you."

"Looked? As in past tense?"

"He's dead now." Chakotay said. "Died during a rescue mission of a refugee ship being attacked by Cardassians. He was your height, your size, your color skin, color hair, color eyes. You scare the hell out of me sometimes when you smile at me. You have his smile. But you don't act like him and you don't sound like him. Robert was kind, intelligent, caring, dedicated, all the things you're not. Some days I get angry that you're alive and he's dead. Other days I miss him so much that I find myself looking at you, ready to forget the differences and pretend that he's still with me. If you make your play at that time, you can get me, Lieutenant, if you want me. But do you really want me under those circumstances? Think about it." Chakotay turned and went to the aft of the ship. "And then make your choice. But do think about it first."

Chakotay went to bed, though he didn't go to sleep. Paris sat and thought about it, while music played in the background. God, only two days out! He'd go crazy before this trip was over!

And Chakotay's final comments rankled. Was he everybody's textbook example of human scum, or what?

Finally, he walked and said, "Chakotay?"

"I'm trying to sleep."

"Well, wake up and listen."

Chakotay rubbed his eyes. "This had better be good."

"Nothing good about it. Do you know how tired I am of ghosts?"


I grew up with the ghosts of my illustrious ancestors. Now I find you have brought another ghost along. I find it really annoying that there were so many perfect people in the world who died just so that I could be measured against them and found lacking. I'm saying this one time. I'm sorry Robert is dead, but I had nothing to do with that. I'm sorry I look like him, but this is my face and this is my life, and stop trying to measure me against some imitation demi-god, all right?"

"Is that really how you see yourself? A martyr?"

"How would you feel if I announced that you looked like my one true love, and he was wonderful and I was mad at you for not being as wonderful as he is."

"I see. I apologize, Tom." Chakotay said. "I was so upset myself that I didn't think of your own feelings."

"Screw my feelings." Tom said. "You said you could never make love to me so long as you were looking at me and seeing Robert. Are you seeing Robert right now?"

"No." Chakotay admitted.

"Good. Hold that in your mind and look at me again. Judge my life by any standard but the one of Robert, and decide if you want to enjoy a few hours of pleasure with me, and maybe see if there's anything more to it than that. Or do visions of the bountiful Ensign Potts run through your head these days instead?"

"Can I think about this some more?" Chakotay said.

"Take all the time you want. But be sure you keep Robert buried while you're doing it." Paris walked back to his bunk. "I am going to spread the mattress out on the center area like you suggested. If you get up in the night, remember that, okay?"


"And I'm going to whack off before I go to sleep, too." Paris announced. "Watch or don't watch, suit yourself. I find I don't really care right now. This is a tiny shuttle and this is a tiny room and there are few enough pleasures in my life right now without stinting the one pleasure of my life I had before Voyager took its trip into the Delta Quadrant."

Paris made out his bed and really tried to go through with his announced intentions of beating his meat. But his cock was as limp as a strand of spaghetti and he was too upset to stimulate it with his imagination. He gave up after a time and tried to sleep.

He was dozing off after what felt like hours of tossing and turning, when he heard Chakotay arise. He waited for Chakotay to pass over him to the bathroom cubicle, but only a single pair of steps followed. He looked up to see Chakotay looking down at him.

Silence. Paris waited for Chakotay to say or do something, and Chakotay just stood there, looking at him.

After a time, Paris reached a hand toward Chakotay's ankle, intending to stroke it and thus show Chakotay that he was awake. But Chakotay started at the movement and moved back to his bed and got back in.

Nuts, Paris thought to himself. He lay there for quite some time, hoping Chakotay would return. He never noticed when he went to sleep.

* * * * *

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