The Long Shuttle Trip, Day One

The Small Pool

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2001 by Eduardo. All Rights Reserved.
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Illustration of The Long Shuttle Trip, #1

At 0800 hours, Paris walked to the shuttle with Ensign MacGruder on his arm. Under his arm, actually, she was snuggled in under one armpit while his other shoulder carried his jump bag. Paris stopped them outside the shuttle bay doors and turned to her. "Going to miss me?" he asked.

"You know it, baby." MacGruder crooned as she ran her hand over his chest. Paris closed his eyes and hissed his teeth. "You like that?" she asked coyly. She was beautiful, buxom and red-haired and enough to drive any man wild when she chose to touch him.

"Yeah." Paris admitted. "I'd like that, and even more than that."

"Well, maybe one day you can have more than that." MacGruder said enticingly.

Paris groaned, whined, "Come on, Megan, we've been dating for four months now! How much longer do I have to wait before...."

She had laid her finger on his lips. "These things take time. I'm not your latest conquest, Lieutenant Paris. When I'm sure you're serious, then maybe. Okay?"

"Okay." Paris agreed unhappily.

"Don't pout." she chided. "Just because I wouldn't let you turn this shuttle trip into a reason to take me to bed is no reason to get all upset."

"But I'll be gone for three weeks." Paris protested. "Stuck in that small shuttle with Chakotay. Not even privacy enough to sleep. I could have used a little, uh, recreation to help tide me over these weeks."

"I considered it." MacGruder said. "I really did. Last night when you were kissing on me, I nearly let you go right ahead."

"Yeah." Paris sighed. "Nearly." Close only counts in horseshoes and black holes!

"I have to get to my post." MacGruder said. "Kiss me goodbye?"

Paris kissed her and tried to let his hands wander, but she caught him before he could cup one of her ample breasts. "Now, now!" she said. "Don't start anything you can't finish!"

"I'm sorry." Paris said. All he'd wanted was a quick feel, and she wouldn't even give him that after four months and more ration points than he cared to compute. Maybe he'd better throw her over for one of the others?

But he'd been fishing too long in too small a pool. The first weeks of Voyager's long trip home had been like a candy store, the girls were eager and willing, and so much had gone on in that first year that the entire ship had sounded and smelled like yowling cats in a backyard. He had meant it when he had said he was in no hurry to get back home! But that had been three years ago. Now, most of the girls were in relationships, and those who were left--well, they were either not willing to be considered, like Captain Janeway herself and Wildman, or they had, like MacGruder, some flaw which had kept them single. Who was worth taking among these leftovers? And was he a leftover himself? A butterfly of sex, he had danced from flower to flower, and night had come and they had closed up before he had picked one in which to spend the night, leaving him to perch uncomfortably amongst the nettles in the darkness.

He actually had found himself considering lately the men on the vessel! Starfleet didn't care about who you slept with, so long as you fulfilled your duties and kept your feelings from interfering with ship operations, so some of the men had been eyeing him speculatively from the very beginning. Paris knew he had the looks to take one of them if he chose. But there was the same problem there as among the leftover girls! Of the nineteen men he knew to be gay aboard Voyager, sixteen of those were now in steady relationships (five sets of two and two troikas), and as for the three who were left, well, he wasn't that desperate yet! He'd stick to Mr. Hand, thank you! If he ever slept with a man, it would have to be someone worthy of the gift of his still-virginal-that-way body. Strong, good-looking, caring and gentle. Maybe someone like....

Chakotay was already at the shuttle, kissing Ensign Potts. Potts and Chakotay? Paris felt momentarily ill. God, Chakotay must be as desperate as Paris! Potts was (there was no better word for it) frumpy, dull-witted and just a bit buck-teethed. Yet she had her arms beneath Chakotay's broad, clean shoulders, his arms showing their muscles as he moved them over her back, and Paris, who usually looked on such a joining and envied the man, found himself envying Potts that strong embrace.

Well, Chakotay wasn't getting any, either! Potts was a marry-me-or-forget-it girl, to add to her other liabilities, so Paris just grinned and cleared his throat. It was a kindness to interrupt this particular embrace, before Chakotay woke up the next morning with a case of blue balls!

"Ready to board the shuttle, Commander?" Paris said.

"I'd better go." Potts said, straightening her jacket. "I'll send you messages every day." she promised as she stepped out the door.

"And what thrilling messages they will be, I'm sure." Paris chuckled.

"How often will MacGruder write you?" Chakotay rejoindered. "That woman turns it on and off more than a ship's running lights. She's a Scottish thistle, lovely to look at but painful to the touch. You aren't the first man to get his fingers caught in that particular sliding door, Paris. And I have the mashed fingers to prove it."

"Well, we'll both have three weeks to consider who we're going to replace them with if we're going to." Paris said as he stepped aboard. "Unless you spend the next three weeks working on your marriage proposal instead."

Chakotay was silent and Paris grinned as he sat down in the pilot's chair. Potts wouldn't be getting a ring out of Chakotay, that was for sure!

Their trip was to investigate an anomalous reading around a star. Paris knew full well the answer, the star was a Cepheid variable and that anomaly was probably a neutron star circling it and thus distorting the radio waves. But Janeway had insisted, and Paris conceded that it could be an incipient wormhole. If their readings showed it about to open, a probe could tell them if it was worthwhile for Voyager to take that particular ride to shorten its journey.

They had ten days to get there, Janeway unwilling to take Voyager itself on that course, preferring instead to circle the M-class planet they had found and stock the cargo bays. Paris had to agree with her, the anomaly was a long-shot, but the planet was the bird-in-the-hand you held onto, even if it was mostly swampy and treacherous. Paris knew why he had volunteered for this shuttle trip, and was sure Chakotay's reason for being the science officer was the same! Better boredom than the squish of muck in your boots while you pulled up edible roots!

So after the ship was en route, Paris scanned the surrounding space, found it obligingly dull, and put the ship on autopilot. "That takes care of shuttle business for the next four hours." he said. "Now what are we going to do?"

Chakotay considered it. "Poker?"

"I'm pretty tapped out." Paris admitted. "MacGruder has very expensive tastes."

"I was thinking low stakes myself." Chakotay admitted. "Potts likes Dutch chocolates, which take a lot of ration points to make properly."

"Maybe something else for the stakes?" Paris said.

"Okay." Chakotay said. "Tell you what. We'll decide on a task. Then deal out fifty chips. Whoever wins all the chips wins whatever. Good enough?"

"Sure." Paris said. "But what will be first set of stakes be?"

"I don't know." Chakotay admitted.

"How about, for one hour, the loser has to answer questions about his love life." Paris said. "And I mean ANY questions, directly and truthfully. I'm very curious about what reduced you to dating Ensign Potts."

"I have some questions about you and B'Elanna myself." Chakotay said. "Like why you turned her down while she was, uh, available that time."

Paris winced. "Pretty steep stakes we're talking."

"My love life is equally precious to me." Chakotay said. "So is it a deal?"

"Yeah, so deal." Paris said. And Chakotay began to shuffle the cards.

* * * * *

Fifty-five minutes after the last hand, Chakotay was visibly sweating and Paris sat enraptured by Chakotay's confessions. He had asked the single question of "Tell me about everyone you've ever been to bed with." and Chakotay had been talking ever since.

"So then I turned her over on the bed and as I shoved my cock up her ass, she howled like a Ferengi who's been shortchanged. 'That's the way, stud, give it to me hard!' she said. 'Use me, treat me like a whore!' 'You are a whore!' I said back to her. 'You're a slut and a tramp, a whore that lets anyone fuck her for the right price!' And that's when she hit orgasm and that asshole of hers clamped down onto my cock so damned tight it hurt! I shot my load right then and there, but she was so tight on me that my sperm couldn't come out, it just stayed there in my cock and I thought I was literally going to burst! When she finally let go, I expected to drench her, but nothing came out at all! I got so scared I went to the Academy doctor and told him everything including the girl's name, and he explained how my jism had backed up into my bladder. 'Go take a whiz, son, and you'll clean it all out.' he advised me. And that's the story of the time I made love to the Admiral's daughter." Chakotay stopped and wiped his face. "Thank God the doctor didn't tell the Admiral!"

"Was that everyone you ever made love to?" Paris pressed him.

"That's every girl I ever made love to." Chakotay said.

"Every GIRL?" Paris hit on the qualification. "Chakotay, who else was there? You're holding back on me and I want to know everything."

"All right." Chakotay said. "There was one other."

"Go on."

"I don't know where to start with it." Chakotay said.

"What about the name. Who was it, Chakotay?"

"Robert Brennovan." Chakotay gasped out. Paris didn't recognize that name, started to ask more, and that's when the damned timer went off! The hour was up!

Chakotay got up and said, "I got to go to the bathroom right now. I'm about to wet my pants." he hurried up and went into the small cubicle and turned on the force-field that served as the door, a polarized shade that heavily obscured but did not completely conceal the inside.

Paris sat there, stunned. For an hour he had heard Chakotay tell of a wide and varied love-life, so much so that Paris found himself comparing it to his own and coming up short. Well, Chakotay did have a few more years of experiences. And the way he had told it, stretching out the stories and telling absolutely every move he had made during the lovemaking, until Paris' groin ached from the excitement of hearing all of it, so much detail he had wondered.

And now he knew. Chakotay had delayed with the detail so he could have (hopefully) avoided telling that last name. And he had almost made it.

"Whoa, Commander." he muttered to himself. "How little I knew you." Paris heard the sonic shower start and knew that the Commander was washing himself off. He'd be a while. Paris quickly opened his fly and his cock sprang out. He made no effort to toy or tease his cock, he had just thirty seconds of Chakotay in the shower, then he would dress and be right back out again. So he wiped the precome off his cockhead (those stories had really turned him on, he had to admit, he was stickier than hell!) and stroked his cock hard and fast. Pictured Chakotay with the women he had described, until Paris could conjure up every lover who had lain in Chakotay's arms, the Rigellian stripper, the timid-spirited xenoarcheologist, the buxom blonde horticulturist, Seska, Paris pictured them all lying in Chakotay's arms, being rammed by his cock over and over again, as if on a conveyer belt. And finally, there was Robert, only a name, but Paris pictured a muscled, hairy man, bent over while Chakotay rammed him up the ass and that was the ticket, that did it, that was the scene he needed to get off. Paris moaned, "Give it to Robert, Chakotay. Give it to him hard! Uh, uh, uhhh!" He stifled his noises while he blocked the wads of come with his free hand, flogging his cock for all it was worth, and making a genuine mess of his palm and groin with the copious flow.

Done, panting, he wiped his palm on his briefs as quickly as he could, and saw Chakotay dimly through the polarizer, only an outline, but in the process of doing up his jacket. He's done! Paris quickly pulled his fly-fastener closed and turned around, pretending to scan the area as Chakotay walked out the door.

He expected Chakotay to come over and watch, and he quickly started the scan with still- trembling fingers. But of course, there was nothing out there still and wouldn't be for days. He was surprised when Chakotay turned instead to the kitchenette and said very calmly, "What would you like for dinner tonight, Tom? My treat."

"A standard foodpack will be fine." Paris said. "Save your rations for the beautiful but rather abundant Ensign Potts."

"Thanks, I will." Chakotay said.

Paris worked a while in quiet, waited until the scan showed nothing at all in all frequencies, before he said, "Chakotay, if I got too out of line, I'm sorry."

"You won the bet." Chakotay said. "I had to pay up."

"Well, you did a wonderful job of it." Paris said. "In fact, I was wondering about tomorrow's game."

"Yes, we have to decide on the stakes." Chakotay said as he brought over Paris' foodpack. "Now that we used up mine, we have to find something new to bet on."

"I'll make you a deal." Paris said. "An hour of my stories for just one of yours."

"No." Chakotay said.

"Come on, Chakotay." Paris begged. "After all you've told me about the others, you can't leave me with just the name of this Robert! Just the same treatment you gave the rest of your life, with that one person, and I'll match that against an hour of my own stories, any questions you want. Including everything and I mean everything about me and B'Elanna."

"No." Chakotay said firmly.

"Well, think about it." Paris said. "Because otherwise we are both going to get very bored very quickly." And he reached over to turn on some music, just to make his point.

Music after dinner, with nothing else said between them. Paris wanted to speak, but only one subject was on his own mind. Finally, he had to say something, if only because the music was driving him out of his gourd!

"Chakotay, talk to me. Forget the game and the bet. I'm sorry I ever made that bet with you. I don't want to spend the next three weeks in silence like this."

"What do you want to talk about?" Chakotay said.

"I don't care. Anything." Paris said.

"All right. How about polarized fields, as they are used in shuttlecraft."

"I don't know what you mean." Paris said.

"Go into the bathroom and turn on the field. See if you notice anything about it."

Paris did. He was used to the field, a space saving measure. It gave you privacy for your bodily functions, which was plenty, though it had to use a dimmer light inside to help with this.

Paris looked at the field, saw how he could see outside quite easily. Looked over at Chakotay sitting there looking at him. What was Chakotay doing with his hand, bouncing it at his crotch like that? "Oh, my God!" he said suddenly.

He stumbled out of the booth, blushing bright red. Chakotay grinned in triumph. "See what I mean?"

"Yeah." Paris choked.

"Next time at least turn your chair away from the bathroom, instead of looking right at me."

"I am so sorry." Paris said. "I hadn't thought about the polarizing fields ever since I was a kid. You go inside, and you have privacy."

"But the people outside don't." Chakotay pointed out. "Not from those inside. They can see absolutely everything."

"Don't remind me!" Paris said, blushing again. "I never did anything like that before, and I'll never do it again!"

"Don't apologize. I enjoyed the show, actually." Chakotay said, grinning widely. Enjoying this power over him, Paris knew.

"And what were you doing while I was putting on the show?" Paris asked suddenly.

Chakotay turned away from him, appeared interested in the side view. "That bet is over with." he said.

And Paris smiled. "I'm ready for bed." he said.

* * * * *
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