A sequel to "Lesson"

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Harry Kim knew well the theory and practice of punishment and reward as it applied to Tom Paris, ship's flirt. The dark-haired Ensign was sitting in his quarters planning their next encounter with the handsome First Officer. For the last week or so, Tom had been extraordinarily well behaved. Harry felt that Tom deserved something extra special. The question was, would their secret friend-lover Chakotay agree to it?


Tom Paris, pilot, stood in the doorway to his bedroom, arms folded. He looked suspiciously at his lover and said, "I don't know about this, Harry. You say you have a surprise for me; I've heard *that* before. Jeez, people have finally stopped giving me the fish-eye. I'm not sure I'm ready for anything else just yet."

Harry grinned seductively, "This is different, Tom. Trust me, you'll love it." He sidled closer and slipped his hands around Tom's hips to fondle that lovely ass. Oh, how he wished he had an excuse to...well, he didn't, not this time. Pulling his errant thoughts back to the current topic, he continued, "This is a present for you. A little something I whipped up to show you how much I love and appreciate you."

Tom wrapped his arms around Harry and kissed him lightly. "OK. You know I can't refuse you anything. What do I have to do?"

"Meet me on holodeck two at 2000 hours. Wear something nice."


Harry arrived early and made sure the program was running smoothly. He then waited for Tom outside. It wouldn't do to have just anyone walk in and see what was there.

Tom arrived on time and Harry looked him over appraisingly, "Verrry nice. You look good to enough to eat."

Blue eyes flashed. "I'm sure that can be arranged," he leered, smoothing down his black silk shirt. "So, what are we waiting for? Let's go, Love. It's been awhile and I'm *more* than ready."

Harry smirked and gazed at Tom's groin. "Yes, I can see that. One thing, though, what I have for you is a *very* special treat. You can do just about anything you want, but you have to play nice."

"I can do nice,'ll see."

"You'd better." And with that, Harry ushered Tom into the room and engaged the privacy lock.

Speechless, Tom took in the scene before him. Everything was a fuzzy white. The room, or whatever, didn't seem to have any corners. The only things that stood out in sharp relief were the enormous bed and its occupant.

"Ooooh, Harry, for me?" Tom's voice rose an octave.

Harry smiled and nodded, delighted with the expression of awe on Tom's face. He gestured toward the bed. "Go ahead and play with your new toy. I'll just sit here and watch for awhile." Perching on the edge of the bed, Harry grabbed a pillow and got comfortable.

Tom walked around the bed, admiring his present from all angles. Noticing the white silken bonds that held his gift stretched out enticingly, Tom absently ran his fingers over the silk of his shirt. He saw the object of his fantasies, captured and laid out face up, like a banquet ready to be feasted upon. His eyes glazed over at the thought that he could ravish this gorgeous creature to his heart's content.

He looked over at Harry and sighed dramatically, "Harry, you shouldn't have."

"But I did."

"So this is what kept you busy the last couple of days?"


"You know, he'll kill you if he ever finds out."

"Who's going to tell him? You?"

"No way! You know I'd never give up this chance to, ah, indulge myself. But what about you? I know you want him as much as I do."

"I'll play with him another time. Quit worrying and enjoy yourself." At Tom's questioning look, he added, "Go on. Have fun. Do what you've always wanted."

Tom decided Harry meant it, but he had one last reservation. He looked at his lover seriously. "Harry, may I fuck him?"

Harry looked surprised that Tom would ask. "Why don't you ask *him*, Tom."

His present looked up at him expectantly, and Tom inquired, "May I fuck you, Chakotay?"

The Commander's velvet voice replied, "You can do anything you want, Tom." His hands moved within their bonds and he locked gazes with the pilot.

Instantly, Tom felt like he'd been put under a spell. He was drowning in those deep, dark eyes. His breathing quickened and he rasped out, "What I want... is to make you feel so good, you won't even know your own name."

It almost sounded like but was not quite an order, "Do it."

Tom slowly unbuttoned his shirt, never taking his eyes off the Commander. Gods, he'd wanted to do this for so long. He had so many ideas crowding his brain, he almost couldn't make up his mind where to begin.

The man tied to the bed watched Tom's every move avidly. Sharp eyes missed nothing, not the play of emotion over the younger man's face, nor the almost trembling hands as they moved between buttons.

Harry stayed quiet, determined not to interfere. He wanted to see his Tom in action. This, he hoped, would be a very educational event. And by the way Tom was reacting, it promised to be a very passionate event, too. Harry shivered with lust and anticipation. He expected one hell of a show.

Naked, Tom lay next to Chakotay. He reached out one hand to run his fingertips over the man's face and neck, trailing down to his chest. Just feeling the softness of skin and the texture and firmness of the muscles was enough to make Tom's cock twitch. He leaned down and nuzzled the Commander's neck, breathing in his scent and loving it.

Fresh and clean, tangy, almost spicy, Tom wondered if what Chakotay ate had anything to do with how he smelled. He looked at the man's face briefly before lowering his lips and darting out his tongue to taste the skin at the hollow of Chakotay's throat.

The contact was electric. Tom's mouth seemed fused to the Commander. He kissed and licked and nibbled his way up to an ear, across cheekbones, and down the other side to wind up locked onto Chakotay's mouth. Tom's lips teased the Commander's into opening and he slipped his tongue inside. One of them moaned. It might have been Harry. No one noticed.

Tom explored his CO's mouth thoroughly, before inviting the other's tongue into his own. The sensation stole his breath from him, Tom thought, *this guy is good*. Gently pulling away, Tom sucked in air and switched his attention to what he could do with his hands.

Flushed, with kiss-swollen lips, Harry thought Tom had never looked sexier. His own cock was starting to react to all the nearby action, and he eased the pressure by opening his pants. When he looked up again it was to see Tom carefully exploring the First Officer's cock and balls. Tom's hand moved lightly over the hard, brown cock and carded his fingers through the hair surrounding it. The restrained man jerked at Tom's touch and arched upward, spreading his legs.

Tom laughed softly. "Take it easy, Big Man. We have a long way to go yet." With his passion tightly under control, he moved to Chakotay's chest. His mouth captured a nipple, and he licked and bit gently until it crinkled up to his satisfaction. He did the same to the other one. He stopped and looked into Chakotay's eyes, seeing how turned on he was, how frustrated. Tom knew the feeling well. Harry was expert at this kind of loving torture, and Tom remembered times when he thought he'd lose his mind. This was fun, not being on the receiving end. Maybe he could cajole Harry into letting him be in charge one of these days.

Harry saw the expression on Tom's face and read the different thoughts as if they were spoken out loud. The creamy smirk Tom wore screamed power and the enjoyment of it. Had he created a monster? Would Tom ever let him run riot over his body again?

Chakotay writhed beneath Tom's touch. Tom stroked the man's thighs and parted them even further. He changed position and nestled between the powerfully muscled legs. He began with light touches, from knee to groin and back again. He shifted down and caressed every inch of skin all the way to the soles of Chakotay's feet. *Ummm, toes,* thought Tom as he popped a big one into his mouth and sucked on it.

*Good thing Chakotay is tied to the headboard,* thought Harry as the big man nearly jumped off the bed when Tom attacked his feet. Much amused and very aroused, Harry wondered how much longer Tom would draw this out. His dick was hard, but he was hoping to last as long as the other two. *Soon, soon,* he promised himself.

Using his mouth, Tom worked his way back up to the Commander's weeping cock. He paused for a moment, and then lay full length on top of the older man. He rubbed his body against the other's and whispered in his ear, "Do you know how long I've wanted to do this? Do you have any idea how much I've wanted you? Gods, you feel *soooo* good. I want to fuck you senseless and hear you scream my name when you come."

A jolt ran through him at hearing the words, the need in Tom's voice. The Commander ground out, "Then take me, Tom. Make me yours. Fuck me!"

Completely beyond rational thought, Tom started moving his erection against Chakotay's. Just a few strokes, enough to fan the flames a little more. He then moved off the Commander while he turned over onto his stomach. Tom looked at the man lying there, ready to be plundered, and ran his hands over the warm, soft skin. He deliberately ignored his own erection and concentrated on learning where every erogenous zone was, on this, the flip side of his CO.

Tom stroked the broad back, fingers slipping down to run along the man's sides and hips. He used his knee to spread the Commander's legs and knelt between them. Reverently, he caressed Chakotay's ass. Softly, he rubbed his thumbs along the crease between cheek and thigh. The smoothness drew his mouth like a magnet, and he grabbed the Commander by the hips, lifting him upward to rest on elbows and knees. Tom lowered his head and kissed the small of Chakotay's back. His lips and teeth then wandered south to the fullness of one perfect light brown cheek. Suddenly, he sucked hard and long enough to leave a bruise. Then he licked the area gently, soothing the pain away.

Harry watched with growing appreciation. He started jerking off, ever so slowly. He had the tube of lube ready for when Tom needed it. He licked his lips and moaned once, quietly, so as to not disturb Tom's concentration.

The Commander groaned when Tom reached around and fondled his aching cock. With his other hand, Tom gestured to Harry to hand him the lube. With practiced ease, Harry squeezed a generous amount onto Tom's fingers and cock. As Harry smoothed the gel all over Tom's erection, Tom spread Chakotay's cheeks and gently inserted a finger into the tight opening. Slowly, he finger-fucked the Commander until the muscles relaxed.

Harry turned his attention to his own pleasure. The lube remaining on his hand was put to good use. He positioned himself at the foot of the bed, behind Tom. From this angle he'd get to see everything except their faces. *Well,* he thought, *I already know what they look like.*

The Commander was panting slightly, pushing back against Tom's fingers. Tom said roughly, "Tell me you want it."

"I want it. Tom, fuck me. Now!"

Slowly, Tom replaced his fingers with his cock. He eased inside, then stopped for a moment. It was so tight and hot he knew he wouldn't last long. Taking deep, even breaths, he bent over the Commander's back and reached for the restraints. Untying the man's hands, he quietly said, "I want you free, even if you're not real."

The Commander pushed himself up onto his hands and rocked back against Tom. They established a rhythm and the fucking began in earnest. The pace quickened and Chakotay growled, "Harder, fuck me harder."

Tom pounded into his CO's ass as hard as he dared. His breathing grew ragged, and he held on to Chakotay's hips as the man bucked beneath him. Harry was entranced by the view of skin slapping skin, balls swinging, and ass muscles clenching. He gripped his cock and pumped in concert with Tom's thrusts.

Moans turned into groans coming from all three men. Together, they climbed toward the peak. Tom grasped Chakotay's cock and the Commander gasped out, "More...don't stop...oh please...."

That did it for Tom, hearing Chakotay say 'please' sent him over the edge. With a shout, he started to come, which set Harry off. Tom jerked on the Commander's overheated cock even harder and that was enough.


All three collapsed. Harry lay sprawled along the foot of the bed and looked at the tangled bodies next to him. No one had the energy for speech. Several minutes passed in relative silence. Eventually, Tom slipped out of Chakotay and rolled to his side. Still breathing hard, he lifted one hand to caress the Commander's face. When dark brown eyes could focus on him, he whispered, "Thank you. That was fantastic."

Harry reached for a towel under the edge of the bed and began cleaning up. Tom and Harry pulled on their clothes while the First Officer lay there with a sated look on his face.

As they neared the door, Harry said, "Go on ahead, Tom. I'll just be a second."

Tom shrugged and wandered off down the corridor.

Harry winked at the Commander who grinned in response before saying, "Computer, end program." The bed disappeared and Chakotay's clothes were revealed in a neat pile on the floor. He waved Harry away, reset the privacy lock, and got dressed.

Harry caught up to Tom at the turbolift. They entered and snuggled together for the duration of the ride. "So, Tom, what did you think?"

"It was great, Har. Just great. Thank you." Tom leaned in for a kiss. "One thing, Harry."

"Hmmm, what?"

"You shouldn't have programmed him to say 'please'."

The turbolift doors swished open. Harry exited and turned to Tom with a wicked grin, "I didn't."

The End