By Britta
Artwork (c) 2001 by Eduardo. All Rights Reserved.

Illustration of Payback

[Disclaimer: Someone else owns these guys. I just let them do whatever they want. Money being made? You have got to be kidding. It's a labor of love--theirs. Contains m/m sex, if you don't like, take a hike.]

*Uh oh, looks like I'm in big trouble now.* Tom thought as the last restraint was slipped into place and fastened securely. He tested the strength of the leather cuffs and chains around his wrists and ankles that were holding him in a most undignified position and sighed deeply when he realized there no way he was going anywhere. He couldn't even close his legs.

Gods, what had he done to deserve this? He couldn't even be certain it was Harry who'd blindfolded him. It *had* to be Harry, right? Someone had waylaid him in his own quarters and caught him totally off guard. He couldn't tell who it was but it had to be Harry, had to be. Who else would know their way around in the dark so well? Unless....

Tom heard sounds of fabric rustling, of drawers opening and closing, then a weight settling on the bed beside him. His unknown assailant promptly stuffed a couple of cushions under his hips and patted him gently on the ass. Startled, Tom jerked and uttered a single syllable, "Uh!"

This was responded to with a sharp slap on his upraised butt and a hissed whisper, "Silence."

He couldn't tell for sure, but it had to be Harry. But whoever it was, he didn't smell like Harry. *This is bad. Definitely bad.*

More noises, then he heard what seemed like whispers intermixed with an evil chuckle or two. Hmmmm, not a good sign. More sounds, a scraping, a smacking, a cracking of someone's knuckles, then silence.

A door opening, footsteps, door closing. Total silence.

He strained to hear. Anything? Nothing. *What is going on?* Time to find out if he'd really been left all alone like this. "Yoo hoo, anybody here?"

Nothing. No answer. No slap, either. Oh great. Left alone like this for someone to find him or worse, he could call security. *No way.* No fucking way was he gonna let Tuvok or anybody else see him like this. Not a lot of options left. *Guess I'll have to wait and see. Maybe I'm supposed to figure out what I did wrong.*

Time passed slowly as Tom ran down his mental list of possible sins he'd committed. He tried to concentrate on those involving Harry but other than being a pricktease in the turbolift yesterday, he couldn't think of any. Now Chakotay was a different story. He'd been teasing him unmercifully and flirting to boot. Harry didn't *seem* to mind, but maybe he did. Maybe that's what this was all about.

He and Harry had been together for quite awhile now and secure in their relationship had begun to share their fantasies. They had enjoyed wild sex in a myriad of places on the ship, done things with each other they'd never thought they'd have the nerve to even mention to another person and in general trusted each other implicitly. *So now it's come to this,* Tom thought. He racked his brain to see if it was one of Harry's fantasies but he didn't think so. He knew it wasn't one of his. Hell.

The sound of the door whooshing open derailed his train of thought and he listened intently. He wondered how much time had gone by. He heard the sounds of clothing being removed. Boots hitting the floor. Thump, thump, pause, thump, thump. *Oh shit, how many boots can one guy wear?*

Harry paused, picked up his boots and dropped them again. He winked at Chakotay who was grinning from ear to ear and they both made extra noise fastening and unfastening various pieces of their uniforms.

Tom was close to panic. *How many of them are there?* He twisted this way and that trying to get loose. Harry noticed his distress and took pity on him. He sat next to Tom on the bed and stroked his back soothingly.

"Tom," Harry whispered, "do exactly as I tell you and you won't get hurt."

Another weight settled on the bed on the other side and now Tom knew for sure that he was in for it.

"You have been very naughty lately. I thought it was time to do something about it. You need to make amends--and not just to me." Harry continued stroking Tom's back, every now and then he'd let his hand slip down to cover Tom's ass. Another hand joined in and started rubbing gently over and between his spread thighs. Tom moaned when fingernails lightly scraped over his balls.

"Anything you say, Harry. I plead guilty. Mmmmmmm." Tom soon forgot to worry about a potential audience or the possible number of participants.

More stroking. Harry leaned down to nibble on Tom's neck. The other pair of hands were equally busy, roaming anywhere and everywhere they could reach. Tom was hard and panting in moments. Then everything stopped. He complained with a groan, "Not fair...."

"Shut up, Tom. No whining." Harry motioned for Chakotay to switch places with him.

Chakotay never said a word the whole time but Harry could tell he was enjoying himself. He deserved some kind of reward for putting up with Tom the last couple of weeks.

Harry had approached Chakotay and between the two of them they scripted out Tom's payback and penance. Depending on the outcome of this little scenario, maybe it wouldn't turn out to be just a one time thing.

Chakotay looked at Harry for confirmation and Harry nodded. Chakotay leaned down, gripped Tom at the back of his neck and kissed him on the mouth, hard. Then he pulled away and sat back on his heels and watched Harry as he began to tease Tom with his tongue, licking his way down the crack of Tom's ass toward his balls.

Chakotay silently watched and stroked himself to even greater hardness as Harry drove Tom to the brink and then left him there. He was fascinated by the changing expressions on both their faces as they grew more and more turned on. They were both so beautiful. He considered himself lucky that he had this opportunity and was trying very hard not to lose control and blow his chance for another. So he stayed quiet and played within the parameters Harry had set. No matter how much he wanted them both, he would be patient.

Harry moved to whisper in Tom's ear, "I'm going to let you stay like this for awhile. I have something else to attend to."

Tom started to speak but was cut off by another sharp slap to his ass.

Harry moved to Chakotay and kissed him. They wrapped their arms around each other and moved their bodies together. It felt so good. He pulled away and they both looked at Tom who was trying hard to get some relief. Harry almost felt pity but decided that Tom looked good when he suffered like this. Besides, Chakotay was being most distracting with his fingers exploring Harry's cock and balls and sucking on his neck like there was no tomorrow.

Tom could hear licking and sucking sounds and feel movement beside him. *What is Harry doing? And who with? Who was it that kissed me?* His arousal was fading a bit, he realized, since he could actually think. The sounds of lovemaking grew a little louder. Tom recognized Harry's moan and that brought an answering one from him.

All motion ceased and two pairs of dark brown eyes looked down in surprise. Harry said, "Do you want to fuck him or shall I?"

Tom jerked his head around and waited for the answer.

Chakotay just shrugged and mimed something like 'It's up to you.'

Harry paused, thought about it and reached for the lube. He handed it to Chakotay who looked at him with a grateful smile.

As Harry watched, Chakotay gently and carefully prepared Tom. First he inserted one slick finger and spent some time moving in and out and around the tight opening. *This is not Harry's finger, it's too big.* Tom thought. *It must be Chakotay, he's got big hands....* As a second finger joined the first, Tom stopped thinking and began gasping.

Harry looked on with approval at Chakotay's thorough ministrations. He was a big man, in more ways than one. *Tom's gonna be surprised.* Harry thought gleefully. *He ought to feel this for the next couple of days.*

Meanwhile, Chakotay moved his fingers back and forth, teasing Tom's prostate causing him to moan and make indecipherable noises. Harry leaned down to kiss Tom just as Chakotay entered him.

"Aaaaaahhhhh," Tom breathed into the kiss. The familiar taste of Harry distracted him momentarily from the slightly uncomfortable entry of the commander. Harry kissed and licked and nipped his way around Tom's face, ears, and neck before coming back to his lips and feasting on them.

Tom felt himself held firmly in place by hands on either side of him and the weight of the commander on top. He couldn't move much on his own, he just had to lie there and take it.

Chakotay loved this. Finally, he had Paris right where he wanted him. At his mercy. As he slowly thrust into the pale body beneath him, he thought *This is perfect. I'll teach you to wiggle your ass all over the bridge. Tease me, will you?* Weeks of sly looks and interesting moves, quiet double entendres and a few "accidental" touches had driven Chakotay crazy. Thank the spirits that Harry was a generous guy.

Harry was watching and stroking himself in time with Chakotay's thrusts. Every now and then he'd touch Tom or the commander, just to remind them that they weren't alone. While he rubbed the head of his cock with one hand the other strayed to Chakotay's rear end. Harry felt the muscles clenching and relaxing as the commander pushed into Tom.

Tom was slowly losing his mind. He couldn't concentrate on anything at all. Frustration seeped from his every pore. He wanted to push back. He wanted to get up. He wanted someone to touch his cock. He wanted to do something, anything, but he couldn't. He contented himself with making as much noise as possible. He knew it turned Harry on. Maybe if Harry got turned on enough he'd let him loose so he could really get into the act.

In and out, long, slow strokes. Chakotay took his time, reveling in his revenge. He grazed his teeth along Tom's shoulders and nipped at the back of his neck. He stretched out and ran his hands all over the parts of Tom he could reach. Soon though, it wasn't enough. The heat started building and the pace of his thrusts increased. More, harder, deeper, faster.

Harry kept up with the pace and leaned over to kiss Chakotay which pushed the commander over the edge and into oblivion. As he collapsed upon Tom Chakotay made the only noise Tom would hear from him, a very contented sigh. Gently, Chakotay kissed Tom an anonymous thank you.

Harry looked at the two men, one satisfied, one not. His own erection begged for more attention and he wondered if Chakotay were up to the next phase of the plan.

A few minutes after the commander rolled off Tom, Harry was pleasantly surprised when Chakotay reached for him, kissed him thoroughly, and then went down on him. *Ah, the First Officer gives good head. I might've known.* Harry blissfully gave himself over to the exquisite sensations and congratulated himself for thinking this whole thing up.

It wasn't long before Tom heard the sounds of his lover approaching climax. He was still hard and even beginning to hurt a little. He decided to chance it and whimpered, "Hey, what about me?"

He was answered by another smack to his ass, a groan, and then a lot of labored breathing in his ear followed by a scream. Tom ground his hips into the cushions but without enough leverage to get the friction he needed.

Chakotay got up and fetched a towel. He and Harry cleaned each other up and got dressed silently. Tom heard footsteps, muted whisperings, and kissing noises then the door opened and closed.

Thinking he'd been left alone again, Tom howled with frustration. Harry moved over to him and untied the blindfold. Tom blinked and looked around. "Harry, don't leave me like this! Please. I'll do anything, anything, just don't leave me this way."

"OK, Tom. I think you've learned *something here* today. I'll let you loose if you promise not to be such a shit when teasing other people. You know, it was starting to reflect on me and I wasn't even doing anything! I don't want people thinking that I don't keep you busy enough. Is that understood?"

"Yes. Yes! I promise, really. I won't do it again. Just let me go or touch me or something! Please!"

Harry released him and helped him to turn over, rubbing his wrists and ankles. He looked at Tom critically and eyed his rock-hard cock, "That's gotta be getting painful. Why don't you do something about it?"

"Why don't you? After all, you're the one who tortured me into this state." Tom replied.

"I wasn't the *only* one, Tom." He paused. "You made amends to our visitor, but not to me. I want to watch you pleasure yourself. Give me a good show and I'll be satisfied." He smirked.

Tom lay back against the cushions, wincing slightly as his butt hit the mattress. Harry noticed and chuckled. Tom pouted and tried to get more comfortable. Finally, he settled on his side, cock in hand.

Harry watched and waited until Tom lost his self-consciousness before venturing a question, "Tom?"

"Um hmm?" The hand speeded up.

"Have you guessed just who was with us today?"

"It...was...the Big Man...Harry. It...just...had to be." Tom panted.

"Are you sure?"


"You're positive it couldn't be anyone else? Ayala maybe?"

"Oh!" Tom tried to think. *It couldn't have been, could it?* His hand was moving at almost the speed of light.

"Or maybe I asked someone *else* you've teased in the past. Did you think of that?" Harry murmured.

Confused and excited by the possibilities, Tom screamed and came, and came, and came. Harry was amused at the mess he made. Good thing it was Tom's bed.

Once his breathing returned to normal, Harry threw him the towel and said, "I don't know about you, but I worked up quite an appetite. I think I'll go see what's for dinner."

He bent to kiss Tom and then straightened his uniform. "I'd ask you to join me but I don't think you're up to sitting on those hard mess hall chairs just yet. Think about this the next time you feel like flirting shamelessly with someone." With that parting shot, he left.

Tom lay back and winced again. He surveyed the mess and sighed. Of course, he'd get stuck cleaning it all up. Just desserts indeed. Damn it anyway. He was sure it was Chakotay. It had to be, right? But what if it wasn't?