By "Britta"

A Sequel to "Payback"

[Disclaimer: Someone else owns these guys. I just let them do whatever
they want. Money being made? You have got to be kidding. It's a labor
of love--theirs. Contains m/m sex, if you don't like, take a hike.]

Commander Chakotay entered Harry Kim's quarters at precisely 1900 hours.
He stopped short and his eyes widened in surprise as took in the tableau
before him. Incredibly, Tom Paris, naked as the day he was born except for
a piece of black fabric serving as a blindfold, was on his knees in the
middle of the living room, sucking off another man while Harry lounged on
the couch and watched.

Harry grinned up at the Commander, put a finger to his lips, and patted
the couch beside him. Chakotay sat down rather heavily, as his legs didn't
seem to want to hold him upright any longer. He stared with fascination as
Tom's head bobbed up and down, his lips firmly attached to the hard cock
in front of him.

Tom was vaguely aware that the door had opened and closed, but didn't pay
it any attention, concentrating instead on what he was doing. He sure
wished he knew who he was sucking. Then again, it didn't really matter
since he was enjoying himself and pleasing Harry at the same time.
Interesting, he thought, how Harry had turned out to be Mr. Kink. A voyeur
even. And he knew he deserved this. Harry had caught him red-handed--
make that, red-faced--flirting with one of the security guys last night
at the resort. Oh well, his flirting sins had sure spiced up their sex
lives. Lucky for him that Harry understood his needs and trusted him
enough to play along. Of course, he knew Harry enjoyed these encounters
as long as he called the shots.

Chakotay stared at Tom, looking him over from head to toe and wondered if
he knew what a pretty picture he made. *Probably, no, definitely* the
Commander thought. As his uniform became uncomfortably tight, he reached
down to rearrange things, only to encounter Harry's hand. He looked over at
Harry and saw that the front of his robe resembled a tent. They smiled at
each other knowingly, and Harry motioned for the Commander to get
comfortable. The uniform was removed in seconds, along with Harry's robe.

The man Tom was currently deep-throating, moaned loudly and held Tom's head
in a death grip while he came long and hard. Panting, the man released Tom,
who started to breathe again. He patted Tom on the head, refastened his
clothes, blew Harry a kiss, and walked out the door without a backward

Tom was aware enough now to notice such things as door whooshing sounds,
so he correctly surmised that his suckee had left. He heard other noises
and wondered what just the hell Harry was doing. He figured it was time to
become the center of attention again, so he sat back on his haunches and
stroked his cock. "OK, Harry, I'm all warmed up now, when do we get to
the main event?"

Harry pulled his lips from Chakotay's and regarded Tom calmly. "Oh Tom,
you know I'd *never* want you to feel deprived. In fact, since that little
episode last night, I was thinking that you must need quite a bit more
stimulation than you've been getting lately. So now, I have another surprise
for you." Harry grinned, pulled the Commander to his feet and placed him
in the position he wanted.

"Tom, get up on your knees again and open your mouth."

Chakotay placed his hands on Tom's head and guided his erection into place.
Tom started to speak, but suddenly had his mouth full. Harry chuckled and
ran his hand through Tom's hair. "Suck it, Tom. You know you want to,"
Harry said softly.

Tom sucked. He loved giving head. He wondered just how many guys he'd have
to service tonight to satisfy Harry's sense of justice. Hell, this guy was
bigger than the last one. At this rate he'd have a sore jaw tomorrow.

*Oh Spirits,* Chakotay thought, seeing Paris on his knees in front of him,
tongue flicking out of his mouth, running over the head of his cock. It
was the most erotic sight he had ever seen. He'd dreamed of this for so
long, having Tom at his feet, under his control. Harry wasn't idle, either.
His hands caressed the Commander's chest, toying with his nipples. Harry
moved to stand behind Chakotay and peered over his shoulder to watch Tom
from the Commander's point of view. He whispered in Chakotay's ear, "He's
good, isn't he?"

"Um hmmmm."

Harry's lips and teeth and tongue wandered around Chakotay's neck and
throat, finally moving up to his mouth, where he dawdled for awhile. Tom
increased his pace and moved his hands to play with the Commander's balls.
One of Tom's fingers snaked between Chakotay's cheeks and found the tight
opening. A few squeezes and rubs later, the Commander came, gasping
his pleasure. Harry held him while he stroked Tom's cheek and regained
his equilibrium. After one last deep breath, Chakotay hugged and kissed
Harry, then donned his uniform and left.

Harry put on his robe again and waited until the Commander was gone, then
approached Tom and removed the blindfold. Helping Tom to his feet, he
kissed Tom lightly and said, "Still hungry?"

Tom shook his head and wiggled his lower jaw experimentally, "Nope."

"Good. Come with me." Harry led Tom into the bedroom and pushed him onto
the bed.

"So what's next, Harry?" Tom lay sprawled on his back, one hand running
up and down the length of his erection. Gods he was turned on. He wanted
more. He wondered what Harry had in mind and his cock twitched in response.

Harry pulled a tube of lube out of his pocket and held it up so Tom could
see it. "Tonight, your ass is all mine," came the quiet reply. The robe
slithered off Harry's shoulders and he climbed onto the bed, straddling Tom.

Harry ran his hands over Tom's body lightly, teasing little touches that
were guaranteed to drive him crazy. His cock was trapped under Harry and
he wriggled and writhed, trying to generate more friction. A few moments
later, Harry moved off Tom and demanded, "Look at me. I want you to watch me
when I fuck you. You are going to know it's me that's inside you. Me and
only me this time, got that?"

Tom nodded, knowing better than to speak at this point. His legs were
spread, bent at the knees, and lifted to his chest. His eyes were locked
on Harry's face as he felt slippery fingers explore him. He felt naked,
exposed, and vulnerable before Harry's intense scrutiny. It was unnerving,
a different experience than being naked and blind in front of gods knew
who. When his eyes were closed, no one could really touch him, but Harry
could see into his soul.

Harry moved into position and his eyes locked on to Tom's. Harry pushed
and Tom's arms went around him, as did his legs, pulling his lover closer.
He wanted a kiss, but Harry denied him, not wanting to lose eye contact.

They started moving slowly, but that didn't last long. Soon Harry was
pounding into Tom, never breaking their visual connection. Tom was lost
in the intensity of the emotions they were expressing. Knowledge, need,
awareness, love. They came together with a roar of satisfaction, each
believing he had given something precious to the other.

When their breathing slowed and the gravity of the encounter had faded,
Tom looked over at Harry and said, "Thank you. That was incredible."

Harry grinned back at him and replied, "Yeah, it was. And as much as I
wish I didn't have to move right now, I think we'd better get cleaned up
and go to dinner because we're low on rations." He leaned over for a kiss.

Tom's overloaded brain missed the mischievous tone of Harry's voice, and
agreed that food was probably a good idea.

Twenty minutes later found them clean, dressed, and entering the mess hall.
Grabbing a tray, Harry made a beeline for the remaining food. Tom moved more
slowly, noticing who was there and who wasn't. It seemed more crowded than
usual for this time of the evening. He shrugged and joined Harry in picking
out unidentifiable things to munch.

After sniffing at and feeling certain objects, they sat down and proceeded
to eat. Harry feigned interest in the food and rarely looked up from his
plate. Tom, on the other hand, was beginning to be aware that he was getting
interesting looks from several people. What was going on?



"People are looking at me funny. Do I have food stuck on my face or something?"

Harry looked over at him and shook his head. "No, you look fine." He went
back to attacking his entree with gusto.

Tom sipped some water and peered over the edge of the glass, catching Ayala's
gaze. Ayala calmly winked at him and looked away. Tom almost choked and set
the glass down hard.

Harry jumped, startled, and queried, "Tom, are you OK? Your face is getting
red. Did something go down the wrong way?"

Tom just stared at him. Then out of the corner of his eye he noticed someone
waving at him. It was Bateheart, of all people. *Oh gods.* And then from
across the room, Geron looked right at him and licked his lips. Tom blushed
harder and looked around wildly.

The Commander sat with the captain and watched the little drama unfold, barely
containing his amusement. The Captain, not knowing what to look for, missed
the byplay until Chakotay entered the ring by blowing Tom a kiss. Her
curiosity kicked into high gear but her expression hardly changed, while
Tom's went from beet red to sheet white in an instant.

His meal all but forgotten, Tom lowered his eyes to the table and hissed
at Harry, "You are going to pay for this, I swear it. Tell me who was with
us earlier."

"Pay for what? What are you talking about?" Harry asked blandly.

"This. The way they're looking at me. The things they're doing." He peeked
at his tormentors only to find them looking as innocuous as ever.

Harry looked around pointedly and said, "Tom, you must be imagining things.
No one is paying you the slightest bit of attention. And I'm not telling you
who came to visit us today. That's my secret. You'll just have to live with

*Live with it?* thought Tom. *Oh great, this is his real revenge.* Tom looked
around again and could swear he saw even more people giving him strange looks.

Harry watched Tom as various expressions crossed his face. Feeling very smug,
he figured Tom would be seeing things that weren't there for days to come.
He'd only asked a few people to do a couple of small things, but it seemed
they were enough to really get to Tom. And once again he thought how wonderful
portable holo-emitters were.

Resigned, his face approaching a normal hue, Tom gave in. "OK Harry, you
win. I'll be good from now on, I promise."

"Of course you will. You always are, aren't you?" Harry asked, with a distinct
gleam in his eye.