By Britta

Ensign Harry Kim woke up wrapped in the arms of one of his lovers, Lieutenant Tom Paris. This was not unusual. What was unusual was that it happened to be much later than their normal time for rising.

Tom reached for Harry's ass but his hand was batted away. "We don't have time this morning." Tom tried to deny it, but at Harry's stern look he sighed in agreement and they rose, washed and dressed.

On their way to the mess hall, Tom asked, "Even though you're spending this shift in Engineering, can we meet for lunch?" A wiggle of Tom's eyebrows accompanied the request.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Harry replied with a grin. He, too, missed their usual morning romp.


Lunch came and went. Harry had hung out in Tom's quarters, waiting for all of five minutes before Tom had apologetically commed him to let him know that Captain Janeway had kept him in a meeting that went overlong.

Tom pleaded, "Harry, can we meet for dinner instead? I have a special surprise for dessert, just for you."

"OK, I'll see you then." Disappointed, Harry sighed and began to wonder if the fates were trying to tell them something.


Frustrated and disappointed by his lack of opportunity to get at Harry earlier, Tom decided to take the toro by the horns and approached Chakotay directly. "Commander, may I speak with you privately for a moment?"

The Commander looked at Janeway, and at her nod replied, "Of course."

"Use the ready room," the Captain offered. Watching closely, she saw her XO and best Conn officer closet themselves in her private domain. Her curiosity had not waned over the last few weeks, and this made her wonder even more. Just what was going on? After that blown kiss and other events...was it what she imagined? Or something else entirely....

Less than two minutes later, Tom exited the ready room smiling smugly and returned to his station. Commander Chakotay followed more slowly with an unreadable look on his face.

Janeway's curiosity was piqued yet again.


At dinner, the mess hall was crowded as usual. Tom and Harry sat together just as the Captain and First Officer did. The Captain didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, which annoyed her as she was certain something was up. It didn't help that her XO was preoccupied to the point where he was as communicative as the proverbial clam.

Tom made short work of Neelix's latest entree and waited impatiently for Harry to finish. When he was finally done, he unceremoniously dragged Harry off to his quarters.

"OK, Harry! Now the fun begins." Tom rubbed his hands together with great anticipation.

Harry was confused. "Fun?" Absolutely nothing had been fun for *him* today. He felt he'd seen the inside of every Jeffries tube on Voyager.

Tom grinned, looked at him and said, "I'm so sorry about earlier. I'd planned on fucking you senseless at lunch but that didn't work out." He reached forward bringing Harry into his arms for a hug. "Why don't you go take a nice, hot bath and relax for awhile?" Tom smiled and turned Harry in the direction of the bathroom.

Puzzled and amused, Harry went and thought that things might be looking up.

Tom spent the time while Harry soaked making preparations. If all went well, Harry was going to enjoy himself immensely. Tom really hoped he would, he wanted to make up for earlier.

Taking the last of the items out of the replicator and placing them next to those he'd "liberated" from the galley, Tom covered them carefully and set them aside. He also had to remake the bed with a few extra modifications but it would be worth it.

Meanwhile, Harry lazed and soaked and wondered what Tom was up to. He just didn't know what to expect. He dipped the sponge into the water and squeezed it over his chest. Mmm, the warmth felt good. He pushed the Hot button with his big toe and sighed as the water began to reheat. Hmmm, he could just stay in here all night....

Tom, finished with his preparations, changed into his robe and went to fish Harry out of the tub. Sticking his head into the bathroom, he said, "Come on out, Har. I don't want you to turn into a prune."

Sighing, Harry got out and dried off. He entered the bedroom to find Tom lounging on the bed invitingly. Harry smiled as Tom patted the bed beside him. "Come over here." A wicked grin crossed Tom's face as Harry complied.

Crawling onto the bed, Harry noticed that Tom had put on the plastic sheet. Maybe this meant it was massage time. This could be good. He lay next to Tom and allowed him to make the first move. Tom reached for Harry's hands and moved to lie on top of him. He nuzzled and nipped at Harry's face and neck.


The handcuffs snapped shut, taking Harry by surprise. He took a deep breath and looked at Tom accusingly. "Just what do you think you are doing?"

Tom grinned evilly, "Getting ready for dessert." Harry frowned and he continued, "Don't worry, you'll love it. Trust me."

Famous last words, thought Harry. Just then the door chimed. Tom jumped up and grabbed his robe. "Back in a flash. Don't move." He waggled a finger at Harry.

Tom closed his robe and said, "Enter." The Commander walked in and smiled as Tom moved towards him. Tom wrapped his arms around his CO and gave him a long, juicy kiss.

Startled, Chakotay pulled back and asked, "What was that for?"

Tom smirked and replied, "Because I wanted to. Been thinking about doing that all day long."

Chakotay chuckled and looked around. "Where's Harry?"

"Oh, he's tied up right now. We'll get to him in a minute." Tom leaned in for another lingering kiss, pressing closely along the length of the older man's body.

"Mmmm, I thought you said something about dessert earlier. Were you talking about food or just more of this?" Large brown hands moved under the hem of the robe and squeezed Tom's ass.

"Um, food actually. But why not both?" Tom smiled dreamily. "Go into the bedroom, and get comfy, I'll be there in a minute." With a last pat and smooch, he aimed Chakotay in the right direction.

Chakotay walked into the bedroom removing his jacket. He stopped at the foot of the bed and looked down at Harry. "Tied up, indeed...."

Harry, looking somewhat embarrassed said, "Good evening, Commander. What brings you here?"

"Tom invited me over for dessert, and I take it, from the looks of things that you *are* dessert." He grinned wolfishly.

"I really don't know if I am or not. Tom hasn't explained anything to me at all. He just snuck these on me and, well, here I am." He wiggled his hands around.

Tom sailed into the room brandishing a heavily laden, covered tray which he set on top of a cleared bedside table. "Chakotay, you're still dressed! Come on, get naked and join me for dessert." He unbelted his robe and tossed it in the corner.

"Uh, Tom, just what exactly is dessert?" The Commander asked.

"Well, if you *must* know, we will be having 'Berries a la Harry'." With that he removed the cover from the tray and pointed to various small bowls, each filled with something different.

"Oh, I see. Harry's the plate."

"Got it in one."

Harry piped up, "So do I get to eat anything?"

Chakotay picked up a fat, ripe strawberry and stuck it between his teeth. He bent over Harry and let him take a bite. After the berry was eaten, he kissed him.

"So Chakotay, where shall we begin? I think I'll start with the blackberries."

"Tell me what we've got to work with," Chakotay said, as he stripped off his clothes.

"Hmm, let's see, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries, mulberries, all in various states from crushed to whole. We also have pineapple rings, custom sized, mind you, and of course the obligatory whipped cream. Oh, and the piece de resistance! Special berries from the Delta Quadrant, courtesy of Neelix. I can't pronounce their name, but they're green and quite tasty."

Chakotay, now nude, leaned over the tray and looked things over. What an assortment! He decided on the raspberries to begin with. He looked over at Tom and watched as he painted designs on Harry's stomach with the juice from the crushed berries.

Tom caught the Commander staring and said, "Well? Don't you know that presentation is everything?"

Harry laughed and Tom popped a blackberry into his mouth.

Chakotay replied, "Um hmm. And next you'll be telling me that you're a frustrated artist at heart. Move over and give a guy some room." He sat down and proceeded to place his berries where he wanted them.

Between them, Harry got to eat every kind of berry. Tom and Chakotay amused themselves to no end, practically finger painting Harry with berries and juice. Much fondling and caressing was interspersed with the placing of berries. Harry was finding it difficult to stay still. Half of their touches tickled and the other half were tremendously arousing. Harry's cock started to harden. Tom noticed and said, "Cha, could you pass me the pineapple rings?"

"Sure. Here you go. Just where.... Oh, I see. Custom made, right." He reached down to help Tom slide the rings onto Harry's now hard cock.

"Toooommmm...." Harry whined. Pineapple wasn't exactly warm.

"Hush. We're almost done." Grabbing the last of the berries, the green ones, Tom deliberately placed them in a circle at the base of Harry's pineapple-ring encased erection.

A last few dabs of whipped cream in various strategic locations and Tom pronounced the dessert finished. "Come over here, Cha, and take a good, long look at what we get to eat."

Chakotay joined Tom at the foot of the bed, and they both looked at Harry covered in berries, juice, whipped cream, and pineapple rings. Chakotay turned and whispered something in Tom's ear. Tom nodded and dashed into the living room, only to return moments later with a recorder. Before Harry could form a protest, Tom was done. He smiled at the older man and said, "Great idea. I'll make sure you get a copy."

Harry felt berry juice running down his sides. The whipped cream was beginning to get soupy and turn into little puddles on his overheated body. He looked at his two lovers whispering, their heads close together and wondered what mischief they were plotting now.

Tom and Chakotay broke apart with a quick kiss and turned identical huge grins in Harry's direction. Slowly they moved toward their captive meal. Harry gulped and braced for impact. He didn't have a clue what to expect.

The bed dipped under their combined weight as they settled on either side of Harry's legs. Chakotay was on Harry's right while Tom was to his left. Two sets of lips and two tongues began to make their way from his feet northward.

Hands clamped down on his ankles, holding him in place as the licking and nipping progressed. Keeping pace with each other, Tom and Chakotay moved up Harry's shins to his knees. Wordlessly, they spread his legs and turned their attention to his inner thighs.

Harry was moaning and trying to thrash around, but couldn't move with both of them now straddling a leg each. The pineapple rings were beginning to resemble a series of edible cock rings and Harry's frustration mounted. He looked down and saw one light head and one dark moving closer to his cock. He waited breathlessly for them to reach their destination.

Alas, a detour was in the offing. Chakotay moved to Harry's right hip, bypassing his cock completely, while Tom did the same. They both spent some time roaming randomly over Harry's stomach and chest, until, at the same moment, they latched onto Harry's berry-covered nipples. One chewed lightly, the other licked and sucked hard. Harry tried to arch up but wasn't permitted that much movement.

Tom moved down to Harry's navel and nibbled on the berry ensconced therein. He lapped up the surrounding cream like a cat. Chakotay concentrated on Harry's collarbones and neck. Moving up, he covered Harry's mouth and kissed him until he was jerking on the handcuffs hard enough to hurt himself. The First Officer backed off and worked his way down again.

Meeting up with Tom in the middle of Harry's middle, they kissed each other passionately, the flavors of various berries mingling in their mouths. Moving in tandem, they kissed their way down to Harry's aching cock. Starting at the tip, Tom and Chakotay began nibbling on opposite sides of the topmost pineapple ring. Between bites, they kissed.

Harry was frantic. Every touch sent him closer to the edge. Hot breath fanned his dick, and then lips, lots of lips, and tongues, too, caressed him. Oh, it was too much! Then, his tormentors would back off and spend a few moments ignoring him, teasing each other...and then it would start all over again!

By the time they reached the base of Harry's cock, several rings later, he was groaning continuously. Tom made short work of the last of the berries, the green ones, while Chakotay rummaged around in the bedside table for the tube of lube.

Turning Harry onto his left side, Chakotay prepared himself and Harry while Tom scooted down and bit into the last berry, squirting emerald green juice all over Harry's cock. He continued his oral exploration while Chakotay moved into position.

Harry was beyond the beyond. All he knew was that someone he loved was sucking him off and another someone he loved was going to fuck his ass. It didn't matter to him which was which, he was drowning in sensation.

Chakotay pushed in slowly and steadily, while Tom sucked with wild abandon. Harry couldn't do a damned thing but try to stay conscious. His orgasm built quickly. All that previous stimulation had done its job too well. Before the Commander was even halfway there, Harry completed his own journey and came.

Tom pulled away as Chakotay's right hand reached around Harry only to encounter a slippery, yet softening cock. He stopped moving and quietly queried, "Harry, do you want me to stop?"

"No, just give me a minute, OK?" Harry responded between gasps.

"OK, no rush. Just tell me what you want." With that, Chakotay kissed the back of Harry's neck and waited a few moments.

Tom sat back, wiping a hand across his mouth and gazed down at his two dark-haired lovers, looking for all the galaxy like a pair of spoons in a silverware drawer. Only they weren't made of silver, must be some other metals. Gods, he thought, they were gorgeous, how did he get so lucky? He moved to lie next to Harry and kissed his neck, tonguing his way up to an ear. He heard a deep breath taken in and released. His own cock was so hard it was distracting him so he pulled away.

Harry noticed Tom's condition and said roughly, "Tom, may I make a suggestion?"

Tom replied, "Anything you want, Har. Anything."

Harry pushed back against Chakotay letting him know it was all right to resume fucking. He then looked at Tom's cock and said, "Come up here. I want to suck you."

Tom moved to his knees in front of Harry's face and let him go to town.

Chakotay watched these proceedings not without a certain amount of vicarious pleasure. He pumped into Harry faster and faster as he saw an up close and personal view of Harry sucking Tom.

It didn't take too long before both Tom and Chakotay saw their own sets of stars and achieved climax. Both pulled gently out of Harry and all three snuggled together after Tom had removed the handcuffs. Sleep quickly overtook the trio.


The next morning found three very sticky men glued together in one bed. The alarm awakened them in time for them to clean up, get dressed and have breakfast before heading to the bridge. The only problem was that they couldn't exactly get unglued.

Various stains notwithstanding, the worst thing was they couldn't move. Attached to the sheet and to each other, it appeared that a call to Sickbay was in order.

The Holodoc arrived and looked at them disapprovingly. "Hmm, I see you have gotten yourselves in yet another fine mess."

He whipped out his tricorder and said, "I shall return momentarily."

All three men tried to speak, but two could not, because their lips were stuck shut. But the looks they traded spoke volumes. Tom tried to shrink into nothingness, but it didn't help.

The Doctor returned and unstuck them. He said, "I have informed the Captain that a medical situation has kept you from arriving for duty on time. However, I cannot erase *all* of the physical evidence of what you've done, so please remember that when other people look at you." With that, he left.

Chakotay, Tom, and Harry went silently into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Horrified, they saw Chakotay's purple right hand, Tom with a matching purple handprint on the left side of his face, not to mention green lips and tongue, and finally, Harry's green cock and ear.

Tom shrank in horror as his two sweethearts advanced upon him.

The End (for now)