Dark Lord

By Tommyhawk and Britta
Artwork (c) 2001 by T.2K. All Rights Reserved.
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Illustration for 'Dark Lord'

Lieutenant Tom Paris signaled at Commander Tuvok's door at 2200 hours as requested. Voyager was quiet at this time of night, and he was alone in the corridor.

"Enter!" came Tuvok's voice and the door opened.

Tom stepped in and looked around the room. Sparsely furnished, with oddly-shaped items along the wall and on the tables. Vulcans kept their lives simple.

"Sit down, Lieutenant Paris," Tuvok was kneeling beside a table where incense (or something equivalent, Tom modified to himself) burned, giving the room a sticky-sweet smell. Tom hated that scent.

Tom sat on the chair and said, "You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Yes, thank you, Lieutenant, but first I must ask if anyone knows you are here?"

"No, sir," Tom said. "I told no one and I instructed the computer to erase all locator locks on me for the next hour, as you requested."

"Good. No one must know that we have had this conversation. I am not certain of the consequences."

"I'm listening."

"I have become aware of an underground movement on this ship, Lieutenant."

"The Maquis?" Tom asked.

"No. I am aware of the Maquis meetings, of course. But there is another grouping of individuals. Had I not been analyzing the movements of the crew in order to re-evaluate our energy requirements, I never would have noticed their meetings. However, the computer refuses to identify the individuals involved."

"There are meetings going on that are being erased?" Tom asked.

"Yes, and the attendees are recorded by the computer as being elsewhere at the time. Only by a rigorous process of elimination have I been able to establish even a brief list of the individuals who are attending those meetings. It is a small group, consisting of both Maquis and Starfleet members, and with no discernible pattern. They don't seem to know each other outside of the group and only meet each other in these clandestine gatherings."

"It's not exactly against Starfleet protocol to have club meetings," Tom pointed out.

"True, but then why are the meetings not reported and recorded as such?" Tuvok inquired. "This could be the beginning of a mutiny aboard ship."

"Why would anyone mutiny?" Tom asked. "It's not like a mutiny is going to get us home quicker."

"It may cause the ship to be taken over by a more aggressive command, one who may force cooperation out of technologically advanced but peaceful cultures. You may recall that I once feared the Maquis would do this."

"Yes, I remember," Tom said. Tuvok's "Insurrection-Alpha" holodeck program had been a brief craze aboard ship before it had been identified for what it was. Chakotay leading a mutiny aboard the ship while he and Janeway were on a shuttle. Seemed Tuvok trusted him a lot, to put him in that position so early on in their relationship.

"It is still a threat. So I would like you to try to infiltrate this group and determine their motives and objectives. If they are harmless, then I will ignore any further gatherings. But I must know the reason for their secrecy."

"Am I the ship's goat, here?" Tom protested. "Am I the person of choice to spy on my friends and colleagues and turn them in for rewards?"

"You did join this ship for that very purpose," Tuvok agreed with cool logic.

"Things have changed," Tom said quietly.

"Perhaps I should explain further why I selected you. I have already approached one of the known members myself and made discreet inquiries. I did not get anywhere. As the Chief of Security aboard Voyager, I am not trusted, or I would take this assignment myself. And you have the opportunity to infiltrate this group with only minor difficulties."

"Why is that?"

"One of the other known members is Ensign Harold Kim."

"Harry?" Tom was shocked. "He's said nothing about any of this to me."

"He has attended their meetings, which are held twice a week, without fail for the last four weeks. Do you know where he goes on Tuesday and Friday nights?"

Tom tried to think of a Tuesday or Friday night when Harry and he were together. Last Friday night he had suggested a game to Harry and.... Harry had begged off, complaining he was tired and wanted to go to bed early! Yet he had seen Harry later that very night in the mess hall, looking pale and shaken. He had walked over and said something about his appearance, but Harry had brushed him off. They had talked of other things and Harry had left him again.

"No. I see what you mean," Tom admitted. "But Harry isn't going to do anything that will damage Voyager in any way."

"I am giving you this chance to prove that to me," Tuvok said. "Once I am sure that these meetings do not threaten Voyager, I will cease my investigations. But I need proof, first."

"All right," Tom said, standing up. "For Harry's sake, I'll get you your proof. I know Harry too well to call him a mutineer."

Tuvok watched Tom walk out with a look of inner satisfaction. Things were proceeding according to plan.

But then, they always did.

* * * * *

Tom stepped into the corridor and said, "Computer, locate Ensign Kim."

"Ensign Kim is in his quarters."

Tom walked to Harry's room and buzzed for entrance. He got a voice in return. "Who is it?"

"It's Tom, Harry!" Tom said. "Let me in."

The door opened and Harry looked at him blearily from the bed. Tom noticed that Harry was completely hairless. Did he shave his body? Not even one hair between the navel and the briefs he slept in.

"What do you want, Tom? I had just fallen asleep."

"I was thinking of us getting together tomorrow night and having some fun," Tom said.

"Tom, couldn't this have waited until tomorrow morning?"

"Hey! I just found this great holodeck game! Takes two players. I'm not going to be able to sleep until I know I can play it tomorrow night."

"Oh, well, I'm sorry, Tom, you'll have to find someone else. I'm busy tomorrow night."

"Busy on a Tuesday night?" Tom acted surprised. "Doing what?"

"I'm meeting Ensign Tolliver and we're working on a project he's got going," Harry said.

"What sort of project?"

"It's not something we're ready to talk about," Harry said. "We want it to be a surprise."

"Aw, come on, Harry, I'm not going to tell anyone." Tom tried to act impish and felt it coming out smarmy instead. "What are you two up to tomorrow night?"

Harry got a confused look on his face. "I'm too sleepy. I really can't remember right now."

Tom knew that look on Harry's face. He really couldn't recall! "Oh, well, I'm keeping you from your sleep," he said. "Think about the game, will you?"

"Sure, Tom," Harry said.

As Tom left, Harry's look of sleepiness and confusion vanished. He tapped his chin thoughtfully, then went to the communicator, tapped the keys in what should have been useless order. Instead, a signal sounded.

"Ensign Kim. Code Seventeen. Request instructions."


"Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris."

"We will consult with Dark Lord and call back."

Harry got dressed while he waited. His face was a mixture of careful control and worry.

* * * * *

Tom got undressed and went to bed wearing only his briefs. Shit, he thought, Tuvok, why do you have to be so damned curious? Harry WAS up to something! Now he couldn't face his friend again without knowing. Tuvok be damned, he had to find out what was going on for his own peace of mind!

He tossed in bed and then came a signal at his door. He checked the chronometer. Midnight! Who'd be coming by at this hour?

"Who is it?" he called out.


"Computer, unlock! Come on in, Harry!"

Harry walked in, wearing loose dark trousers with a thin leather belt and a shirt tucked in.

"What can I do for you, Harry?" Tom tried to smile, but the serious look on Harry's face shook him more than anything yet.

"Tom, are you my friend?"

"Harry, how can you say that?" Tom protested.

"Just answer the question!" Harry rapped out.

"Of course I'm your friend!"

"Do you trust me?"

"Of course I trust you, Harry."

"I need you to do exactly what I tell you to do and not ask any questions. And no matter what, to never say anything about this. Do you swear to do that? I have to warn you that the consequences of breaking this vow will be very severe. And I can't say any more. Will you do exactly what I tell you?"

Tom looked at his friend carefully. "I trust you, Harry, I always have. I don't understand, but I will do exactly what you tell me to. And I will keep my lips sealed. I promise."

"Good," Harry said. "Get out of that bed."

Tom rose from the bed and reached for his robe. Harry stopped him by taking his arm and saying, "You won't need that." He positioned Tom at the foot of the bed and, as Tom watched, reached into a pocket and pulled out two strips of black cloth. "Turn around," he ordered.

Tom turned and one of the strips was tied over his eyes, making an effective blindfold.

Harry said, "Put your hands behind you."

Tom obeyed, saying, "Uh, Harry, this is getting a little weird...."

"No talking, Tom!" Harry said sharply. "And I mean not one word unless that word is STOP. If you say it, I will stop and let you go and this will be over. No second chance. Is that understood?"

Tom nodded. When his hands were secured, Harry turned him around again and left him facing the bed. He could feel it against his legs. He used it to keep his balance.

Harry came up behind him and wrapped his arms around Tom, holding him and squashing his hands and wrists. He wiggled them experimentally and Harry let go, instead moving to his side. Tom felt a hand run across his chest and drop down to stroke teasingly along the waistband of his briefs. Tom felt a trail of warmth lingering behind Harry's strokes, as Harry's fingers wandered over his body, which responded by shuddering into a mass of goosebumps. Soft, gentle teasing touches became firmer and more deliberate. Tom had never felt like this before, it was as if Harry knew exactly when and where to touch him. He panted from the sensations, enjoying the gentle touches, when, unexpectedly, his right nipple was pinched hard and he jerked in response, stifling a yell of protest. Harry had said he wasn't to make a sound.

Harry eased the pressure and then rubbed it until Tom relaxed again. Tom could tell from the way Harry's hands moved on him that Harry had moved to his other side and he grimaced at the thought of another hard yank on his breast. Instead, he felt the hands working their way into his briefs, one in front and one in back. The briefs were tugged down, to fall about his ankles and, unbidden, he stepped out of them.

Tom felt naked in more ways than one. It was as if his will had been made captive with the donning of the bonds and blindfold. What was Harry doing to him? And how was this wonderful exploration of his body by Harry connected with the secret group on Voyager? Was it connected at all? He wondered if Tuvok had his facts straight.

Harry fondled Tom's cock gently and it twitched beneath his friend's touch, pulsing of its own accord. Harry released his cock and grabbed his balls, squeezing, and Tom gasped at the white-hot pain even such a small pressure can bring.

Harry's voice growled in his ear, "Spread your legs." A hand made its way over his asscheeks and wormed into the moist heat beneath his balls. A few rubs and then his inner thighs were lightly scratched, Harry's fingernails making circles across the tender skin.

Tom's panting was interspersed with gasps. Oh, gods, what's next? Would Harry suck his cock? Would Harry fuck his ass? Anything, anything, whatever it's going to be, just let it happen now, now! His cock felt like it was boiling. He summoned his courage, surprised at how much it took, and gasped a quiet, "Please!"

"Quiet! Bend over." A hand at the back of his neck guided him into position. His asscheeks were spread wide; he felt Harry move behind him and suddenly, he sensed that Harry was looking right at his asshole. Right up into it! It was like Harry was looking into his inner soul, containing every secret he'd ever had, every single hidden part of him. His face started to burn as he felt himself blush uncontrollably.

His butt was fondled and rubbed. He felt the heat of Harry's hands as they explored him thoroughly, touching the hairs that lived in the crack of his ass and stroking his asshole. Then Harry released him and Tom heard Harry unbuckling his belt.

Oh gods, he's gonna fuck me! It would be a resolution of this situation, a relief from the long suspension of his will and the darkness he inhabited.

Tom heard a single step and a rush of air, then felt the sting of leather across his butt. He yelped from the shock and pain and nearly fell forward but Harry's arm clamped onto his shoulder, keeping him in place.

Rapidly, one after the other, six times the belt rose and fell, marking Tom's ass with red stripes of hot pain. Tom cried out each time (apparently this was permitted), and when Harry stopped, Tom was gasping and shaking, his ass on fire, his cock hard as a rock.

Harry replaced his belt and moved closer to Tom. He ran a hand gingerly over Tom's butt, and Tom felt the touch as cooling and comforting to his burning skin. Harry pressed his body against Tom's and grasped Tom's cock, stroking it. Tom nearly fell over again as his knees buckled, whether from the weakness of pain or of desire he couldn't tell. They had blurred together in his mind.

Harry steadied him, two strong hands on his thighs, and said, "Don't move."

Tom heard Harry move into his bathroom. He seemed to be searching for something. What now? Oh, gods, Harry, get this over with! Any way you want, please, come back and get this over with! Finally Harry returned, stepping up to his side and ordered, "Open your mouth."

Licking his lips, Tom complied. Harry popped a finger inside and said, "Suck it. Make it wet." As Tom sucked and licked, Harry's other hand was at his rear end stroking the hot skin. "Enough." The finger was removed from Tom's mouth and promptly inserted into Tom's asshole. No gentle probing search, this was a plummeting missile into his body! Gods!

Tom's muscles clenched around the invader as it as unerringly sought out his prostate. Finding that small bump, Harry massaged it. Tom squirmed and writhed against Harry's hands, pushing back against the seeking digit, fucking himself on it.

Too much, too much! This pleasurable touch was all he needed. Tom groaned a warning to Harry, and when Harry kept up his probing, Tom took that as permission and groaned, exploded. Harry grabbed and held his cock, aiming it down at the bed. When Tom's orgasm released him, Tom sobbed a little, feeling thoroughly overwhelmed, controlled.

Harry pulled him to an upright position and gently cleaned him off. Tom could tell that it was a towel, one that had caught his load from the already- wet spots on it. Harry turned Tom to face him and removed the blindfold then untied his hands.

Tom stood there, stunned, as he looked at his friend, who was still clothed and unperturbed, himself sweaty, drained, naked and humiliated. He started to speak and found that he couldn't. It was as if his voice had been turned off.

"You can speak, now," Harry said.

That easily, control returned.

"Harry, I...I don't know what to say."

"Did you enjoy that?"


"Did you enjoy that?" Harry's face was solemn and examining.

"Yeah," Tom admitted. "I enjoyed that."

"Want more of it?"

Tom licked his lips. "I don't know. Can I think about this?"

"Think all you want," Harry said, seeming somehow disappointed. "But unless the answer is yes, don't bother to speak about it to me again." Harry turned and walked out the door.

Gods, Tom thought, this IS tied in with the secret society somehow! But how was this strange behavior part of any secret? It was like he'd been made a prisoner of Harry, who had proceeded to ravage him. Had he just been raped? No, not rape, that was unheard of. He'd been willing, if puzzled.

Rape had been removed from society with the perfection of regular and accurate psychological examinations. Individuals with a propensity for violent acts were treated for their illness before it began, and the success rate was 100%. Women walked the night streets alone in safety on Earth, and had for centuries. Why, rape had gone out with the, what was it called, C&D? No, that wasn't right. S&C? No. Whatever those odd sexual practices had been called. Some group of initials like that. Whatever particular brand of weirdness it had been, it had been erased from human history. You had to get a special clearance to even read about it.

If Harry had wanted sex with Tom, all he'd had to have done was ask! Nothing wrong with two men, especially two good friends like he and Harry, getting together for sex. Everyone did it sometimes. So why the secrecy? And why being tied up like that?

Tom went back to bed and to sleep. Odd dreams chased him all night long. He was back in the prison at Aukland, but this time it was a medieval dungeon. He was hanging by his hands, chained to a wall. Red-hot pokers heated in the fire, screams from fellow prisoners were all around him. Tom looked as one figure dressed in black leather approached him, holding a branding iron, its tip orange-red. The iron came closer and closer and Tom could see it was Harry inside the black suit, closing in on him, grinning fiendishly. It touched his skin, the skin sizzled with a loud hiss, and Tom screamed!

He woke up, gasping. It was only his alarm; not his skin being branded. He shut off the alarm, lifted off the covers. They stuck to his body and he looked down, confused. He hadn't put his briefs back on after Harry had left, and he'd had a nocturnal emission.

A wet dream? He didn't remember having one! Especially not when he'd just gotten off before going to sleep! Well, it had been an intense one, even if he hadn't remembered it. His cock hadn't been this sticky since he'd been a teenager. He had to peel it free from the sheet.

He felt better after stepping into the shower. The threads of water played over his skin like Harry's fingers had. Tom washed himself, closing his eyes.

With the darkness of his closed eyes, there came again the whish of the leather belt and the sting of it hitting his ass. Surprised, he jerked back to awareness, even looked around.

He was alone in the shower. He shook his head. His mind was playing tricks on him. Weird dreams after weird sex. It'll do it to you. He soaped his body and stepped in for the rinse, closing his eyes as the shampoo poured off his body.

*Whish! Whap!*

"Ow!" he startled again. "Jeez, Harry, what have you done to me!"

He ate breakfast alone, thinking about what Harry had said. "Unless the answer is yes, don't bother to speak about it to me again."

What had the question been? "Did you enjoy that?"

Had he enjoyed being tied up, blindfolded, and his body fondled and--what was that obsolete word--spanked? Had he enjoyed doing nothing while Harry had done exactly what he had felt like with Tom's body?

Well, had he?

Yes, he admitted to himself.

But wait! No! The question had been, "Do you want more?"

Harry was walking up to him, tray in hand, coming to join him. As he sat down, Tom said, "Hell, yes!"

"Huh?" Harry looked at him.

"Yes," Tom told him.

Harry shook his head. "Tom, what are you talking about?"

"Last night. I enjoyed it. I want more," Tom said.

Harry looked at him, genuinely puzzled. "Tom, are you feeling all right?"

"Are you?"

"What do you mean about last night? Enjoyed what?"

"Harry, you came to my room last night."

"Tom, I slept all night through," Harry corrected him. "You must have had some sort of dream."

"I hope not," Tom said. "Because it ended with you asking me a question, and the answer to the question is yes. Just like you told me it had to be."

Harry shook his head. "Tom, drink some caffeine and wake up. God, what is this stuff Neelix made today?"

"I'm not sure, but if you don't hurry up and eat it, it'll crawl away from you." Tom grinned.

"Oh, shut up, Tom!" Harry grimaced.

"It's true!" Tom protested. "See that trail on the table?" He had spilled a small amount there setting his dish down. "It reached out a pseudopod there and I had to whack it off and scoop it up. I think it tastes better after it's moved around a little, but I know how timid you are about food and...."


Tom laughed and put it out of his mind. He had been dreaming. Harry wouldn't come into his room late at night, blindfold and restrain him, and then...Nah! It was the wet dream, the one he thought he hadn't remembered.

But then why did his ass hurt so much?

* * * * *

Tuvok intercepted him as he stepped onto the bridge, gestured him over. In a relatively quiet niche, he asked softly, "Have you spoken with Ensign Kim?"

"Yeah, and he knows nothing about it," Tom said. "All your question did was give me a really strange dream about him last night. But he spends Tuesday nights with Ensign Tolliver on some sort of personal project."

"Ensign Tolliver is another one of the suspected members," Tuvok affirmed. "Please try again."

"I'll try again after shift, but I assure you, Harry knows nothing about anything secret going on," Tom said. "I'd stake my life on that."

Tom went over to his duty station and began his usual pre-shift scan of his surroundings. An anomaly bleeped in one location and he shifted to the stereoptic viewer to get a closer look before reporting it.

The viewer, instead of the stars, showed a message. "You have been chosen. A further test is necessary. At 2200 tonight, go to Compartment 6-17. Tell no one where you are going. If you do not appear, no further contact will be made."

Tom read the message twice through, mystified. He looked up to see if anyone was looking at him, no one was except Commander Chakotay, who hadn't been looking at him, but had seen him looking around and turned his attention towards him. When he looked back, the message was gone and so was the anomaly.

Well! No need to speak to Harry after all!

But then...it hadn't been a dream. Harry had come to his room and.... "Oh, my God!" he muttered to himself and closed his eyes. Again the whish and slap! "Ouch!"

"Tom, are you all right?" Chakotay asked him.

"Oh! Yeah! I'm fine." Tom said hastily.

The day was interminable. Every time he closed his eyes, rubbing them from strain or fatigue, he felt again the lash of the belt, until it became an expected part of closing his eyes and he didn't even jerk in reflex. A good thing, people were giving him funny looks after the first few times and when he left at the end of his shift, Ensign Laverty asked him why he had kept popping up like a jack-in-the-box. He had to make up a quick lie about back strain and then had to lie again and promise he would go to the holodoc, which meant he had to get off on the wrong level, and wait for another turbolift.

The old movies always made being a spy seem exciting, fun. And it wasn't any fun at all.

He ate his dinner in a state of excitement, looking around, wondering what the word "chosen" meant. What further test could there be? What kind of group was this? Was it the old S&D he'd heard about? S&B? Damn it, he wished he could remember! But jeez, he'd seen the letters once, in passing, in a listing of advanced college courses, nearly ten years ago, and it hadn't interested him since it would have meant a special psychological appointment to qualify.

He saw Ensign Tolliver sitting at another table. What was the secret project he and Harry were working on? He almost went over and asked, but thought better of it.

After dinner he had two hours to wait before his appointment. Should he mention it to Tuvok? No, this group was too well organized. They had overheard him speaking with Harry that morning. Harry didn't know a thing about what he'd done to Tom the night before, Tom was sure of that. Either it was some sort of memory block, or--it hadn't been Harry. Now, THAT was a scary thought.

He decided on what to wear; a wine-purple shirt mostly unbuttoned and soft baggy trousers steel-gray in color, soft slipper-type shoes with no socks. At 2150, he took off, determined to arrive a little early. He got there and found Compartment 6-17 in a side corridor. Sandwiched between a cargo bay and the shuttle compartment, it wasn't a compartment so much as a leftover section which had been given a door on the off chance it might turn out to be useful some day, but not really used for anything much. The whole area looked vaguely disreputable, somehow. Shucks, though, this place was as clean as anywhere else on the ship! It was just his imagination running riot.

He went to the door and it opened for him automatically.

Tom entered the room cautiously. It was dimly lit and as his eyes adjusted he noticed several odd items scattered around. There were padded benches and tables of varying heights along with a mat on the floor. Shelves along one wall displayed things Tom didn't recognize. The door shut behind him and a voice from the shadows engaged the lock and ordered the lighting to increase. He whirled around in surprise and found himself facing a sight that rendered him speechless.

A man wearing an odd leather mask stepped forward and approached Tom. Shocked into complete immobility, Tom noticed the man was wearing little else, a harness of leather and chains, and black leather briefs. He was big, he was built like a god and Tom felt his mouth go dry. Who the hell was this? Tom couldn't imagine where this guy had been hiding. He didn't know of anyone on board Voyager that looked this good. He licked his lips and swallowed. His nervousness increased as the man stopped in front of him.

"You will do as I say?" A low voice asked him, warped by the mask into unrecognizability. Tom clamped his lips together and nodded once. He lowered his gaze and waited. Looking down, he saw the bulge in the black leather briefs, and gulped. It must be huge! Stepping very close to Tom, right into Tom's personal space, he said, "Undress for me." Tom realized now that the voice was being electronically distorted. He would never recognize this man by his voice. He looked the man over again. Who did he know with skin the color of sand at sunset, whose body was so well-developed, whose demeanor was so dominating, that it made you want to obey any order he could give, even to walk right into death, just for the chance of a word of approval?

Tom reached for the buttons on his shirt and felt his hands tremble. Gods he was nervous. He felt the man's eyes crawling over his body like he was about to be utterly consumed, used and discarded when the man was done. As he removed his shirt to be bare to the waist before this man, Tom felt like he was shedding a layer of himself, losing his defenses. He couldn't talk, didn't even have the urge to ask questions. To do what this man asked of him, that was enough. His soul was satisfied with obedience. He looked around for a place to put it, settled on draping it over a nearby bench. He toed off his shoes and kicked them over there as well. He peeled off his pants and underwear together, tossed them over the shirt, and then returned to his place on the mat.

The masked man circled him, looking him over. Tom stood there, feeling like a farm animal up for auction, panting slightly at the careful scrutiny. Then his breath stopped as the man reached out to touch his face, fingertips tracing his features one by one as if to verify him by touch. Nothing was ignored, the eyes, the nose with nostrils flared, the lips that parted to grant him entry should he wish. The hands moved down over his neck and shoulders. The tracing fingers were electric, as if Tom's nerves were waking up from a deep sleep. This tingling sensation was amazing and Tom fought the urge to moan his appreciation.

The examination continued, his shoulders, his armpits to stroke the hairs there, his arms, testing the strength of his biceps, his forearms, his hands, his fingers pinched one by one. Then back to his chest, his nipples were rolled underneath the broad palms and Tom let loose a sigh, remembered, clamped his lips shut.

The man must have smiled, the voice was almost pleasant. "You can talk for me. Tell me what you want done to you. Beg me to do the things to you that I plan to do. Tell me how much you want it." This as the hard, strong hands traveled down his body, slowly, too damned slowly, then--oh, the betrayal!--back up as the man circled him, touching his back, feeling out the muscles that rippled happily under his strokes.

Tom let loose a shuddering sigh. "I want you to do anything you want to me. Anything at all. Just do it. Take me! Please take me!"

"I will," the voice assured him. "Now and always, for I have chosen you. You belong to me. Not to Mr. Kim. Not even to the Dark Lord. To me only. By the end of tonight, you will never doubt that again." And the hands traveled down again, to his middle back, to his lower back, circling, teasing. Oh, gods! Tom thought to himself, please go lower! Please!

"Yes, sir!" Tom gasped.

"Say it!" the voice commanded.

"I belong to you!" Tom said fervently. "You chose me, and I belong to you! I am yours, to do with as you wish! Please take me, sir! Please!"

And he was rewarded as the hands felt, kneaded his buttocks, still sore from the lashing of Harry Kim. And the hard touch soothed them somehow, and the ache ceased even as he brought new pain to them with hard clenches of the soft tissue.

"The table to your left," the man said.

Tom looked. "Yes?"

"Lie down on it. Face down."

Tom did. This table was odd, more like an H-shaped group of boards. The only way to lie on it as ordered was to stretch out at full length, his arms straight out above his head. Tom's breathing sped up and he flushed with embarrassment. Gods, why was this turning him on so much? It was like this was what he had always wanted, why the women in his life were always, ultimately unsatisfying to him. He needed this, to belong to someone, not just as a lover, but as property. To suspend his own will in that of another.... Tom was startled when a loop of leather with metal rings was dangled suddenly before him. He looked up as the man slipped the metal rings over his hands and fastened them around his wrists. The central loop slipped over a hook at the top of the table, and his arms were thus bound. More metal rings, and these went around his ankles and fastened his legs to the bottom of the table. What next? His heart pounded, his skin burst out in sweat of anticipation. Gods, yes, anything, anything!

Then the table was moved by the man, and the table top bearing Tom's body moved upwards, the H became a broad-centered X and Tom was spread-eagled and helpless, his body exposed and accessible from any angle. His cock grew harder. He belonged to this man now, utterly. No choice any longer, just obedience to this man's desire.

"Do you like that?" came the hiss in his ear.

There was only one possible answer in Tom's brain for that. "Yes, sir! Yes!"

"Do you know what I'm going to do next?"

"No," Tom admitted. "But I want it. Whatever it is, I want you to do it."

"Good," the man chuckled, and Tom frowned. He almost knew this man by that laugh. So mellow, clean, gentle. It gave him a warm feeling in his stomach he could almost identify.

Tom heard a noise, then felt something hard and smooth rubbing his butt. Turning his head to look, Tom saw the man holding a thick, rectangular piece of hardwood with a handle on it. The masked man let Tom get a good look before he raised the wood back, swinging his arm. Tom watched its arc, like a tennis racquet, like a cricket paddle, like...then he was struck. The pain exploded over him and he yelled. He would've fallen if not for the strong supports holding him up. This was different from the lash. The belt stung like crazy, but this, this was a deeper sensation. The pain wasn't confined to the surface of his skin. It went all the way through him!

Another swish through the air, another "smack" and Tom's buttocks rippled with the pain. Tom yelled louder.

"Yell all you want," the man informed him, "No one can possibly hear you. Let me hear you really bellow."

Another swat and Tom vented every ounce of air in his lungs in a single "Aaaaagh!"

"That's sweet music," the man said. "But you can yell louder than that."



"Louder, damn it!"

Tom sobbed. How could he get louder? But he had to! He had to!

He heard the whish of air and gulped hard. As it struck, "YE-AAGH!" was forced out of him.

"Now you've got it," the man said approvingly. "That's a proper scream of pain."

Tears stung Tom's eyes and he cried like a little child again, the gush of unrestrained tears that washed away all sins, all wrongs, leaving him clean again inside. The man stopped and rubbed Tom's butt for a few minutes, the caress like a healing ointment. Tom felt a sense of pride that his body bore the marks of this man. They were the tag of ownership, like a brand, a title. The man replaced the paddle on the shelf and picked up two small metal things. Tom watched with trepidation, was shown these items up close, but he couldn't fathom their function. They looked like tiny clamps.

A hand pressed against his chest and started rubbing and pinching his left nipple. When it sufficiently hardened into a protruding central button, the masked man slid a clamp over it and began to tighten it. He stopped when he heard Tom's sharp intake of breath. Tom felt sweat pop out on his forehead as the second one was applied.

Panting and trying not to twist away, Tom endured the man's stroking of the areas surrounding his aching flesh. After a moment, when the initial burst of pain subsided, the man returned to the shelf and came back carrying a short, multi-tailed whip. Tom looked at it and guessed its purpose.

The masked man hesitated at the fear in Tom's eyes. "Can you handle more pain, Tom?"

"Oh, gods, anything!" Tom said. "Anything at all, sir!"

"Are you sure?"

"I belong to you!" Tom yelled. "You chose me! Do it! Please!"

"As you wish." And the man wielded the cat-o-nine-tails.

Tiny licks of white fire were unleashed all over his back at the same time. Tom screamed as the lashing continued, the pain increased with each stroke and finally, as the pain became utterly unbearable, Tom yelled out, "Stop! Please stop! I can't take any more! Please!"

But the man had stopped at the first word. A cool hand ran over his back, soothing the cuts with the satin feel of cool leather gloves. "That was too much for you right now," the man said. "I'm sorry."

"No!" Tom protested. "I'm sorry, sir! I let you down! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Tears ran down his cheeks in shame.

A finger was laid on his lips, the taste of black leather to the tip of his tongue. "You did not let me down. You will learn how to handle it," the man said. "There's plenty of time and there will be other chances for you. I chose you, and I do not choose lightly. I will train you to take the pain. But for now, enough."

The man began running a regenerator on Tom's back. Tom felt the gentle touch of healing anesthestic spray as the regenerator sealed his back wounds shut.

The man went to the shelf for the last time. Tom saw a massive leather object vaguely shaped like a cock and glistening with gel. Then he felt a slick finger enter his asshole and he moaned at the intrusion. He WOULD take this device! No matter how much it hurt, no matter if his body was ripped open, he WOULD take this! He wouldn't let his new owner down again.

After being thoroughly lubricated, the black-leather dildo was slowly worked into his ass. Tom felt the abused skin around his asshole stretch painfully. When it was inserted completely, Tom heaved a long, shuddering sigh. Gods, yes! He moaned in triumph. He took it! He had taken it for his new owner! He had failed with the whip, but he'd succeeded with this!

Noises behind him, the sounds of leather and chains. Then a hand grabbed his balls from behind and Tom's muscles clenched. He was released from the shackles and turned around. Gasping for breath, he was embraced in strong arms as the man pressed his body against Tom's. The hands wound around him and soothed his aching ass with gentle touches.

Tom sensed the man's strength and rested his head on the man's now-nude shoulder as his breathing calmed slightly. He felt the man's erection poking him and wondered why his own hadn't diminished. The man noticed it too, and spent some time fondling Tom's cock and cupping his balls, rolling them in his hand. The pain in his butt was fading to a warmth that he'd never felt before. It was as if all his attention was incredibly focused on one point.

After a few moments, the masked man released his nipples from their confinement, which made them smart all over again and rested his hands on Tom's shoulders. Feeling the slightest pressure, Tom sank to his knees and opened his mouth. Gods he hoped he was doing the right thing. It just seemed like he knew what this guy wanted. The hard cock brushed against his lips and he sucked it in. Strong hands held his head in place while the man thrust in and out of his mouth only pausing occasionally, letting Tom use his tongue. Tom reacted to the thrusts by relaxing his throat and taking in as much as he could. His own cock throbbed along with the pulse beating in his reddened ass. He felt close to coming just from tasting the man!

Tom sucked for all he was worth and was soon rewarded with hot jets of jism spurting into his mouth. He swallowed eagerly and licked the man clean. Tom rested his cheek against the man's thigh and listened to his heavy breathing return to normal. His cock was so hard it hurt and he was panting and sweating and wishing he could come with all his heart.

The man pulled him to his feet and gripped his chin with one hand while the other reached for Tom's cock. Through an opening in the leather mask, the man's lips moved to Tom's, covered them and a tongue pushed into his mouth, invading him, plundering. The kiss, so personal, so deep, threw Tom into orbit. The hand pumped his cock twice and he came sobbing into the kiss. Shaking and feeling totally ravaged, the dildo was removed, leaving Tom's ass feeling so vacant, so horribly empty. A gentle touch to his cheek accompanied the soft voice that whispered in his ear, "Good, baby, soooo good!"

"Thank you, sir," Tom whispered back.

"Did you enjoy it?" the man asked.

Tom didn't have to think this time. Whatever this man, his new owner, wanted, he got. "Yes, sir."

"Do you want more?"

"Yes. Oh, yes!" Tom sank back to his knees in supplication. It felt so right, to be below this man, to kneel at his feet in submission, to suspend his will as he raised his eyes to await the next command.

"You belong to me, now. Whatever I want from you, whenever I want it, you will give it to me. Do you understand?"

"Yes!" Tom said joyfully. "Anything! Anything at all, sir!"

"Is there anything you want to ask of me?" the man said enticingly.

Tom felt like an adventurer in the desert, holding the decorated bottle and the stopper, looking up at the genie he had just released. You wanted to ask for everything, yet everything you could ask for frightened you!

Tom licked his lips. "May I see your face, sir?" he asked submissively. "If I belong to you, I want to know who you are."

"Do you think you can handle it?" the man replied. "It will shock you."

"I don't care if you're an ensign on the bottom-most deck of Voyager," Tom said. "I belong to you. Please, let me know, the better to serve you, sir."

The man said, "All right. But swear that when we meet outside of this room or our rooms, you will treat me as you have before. Swear that!"

"I swear, I'll order you around like the lowest crewman, if that's what it takes," Tom said fervently, obediently. "But in this room, or our rooms, I am yours. Completely and totally yours."

The man reached behind his head, there was the sound of a zipper, the mask crinkled as it came off, revealing short, dark hair, showing Tom the familiar face, with its dark eyes, strong nose, gently smiling lips. As he lowered the mask, the man said, "Take a good look at your new master, Tom."

Tom smiled happily at the very familiar face. "I'm glad it's you, sir," he said. "And I will obey you as before."

"That's good, Tom," he said.

Tom reached out to grasp the strong legs and pressed his face against one strong thigh. "Anything you say, Chakotay. Anything you say." He sighed against the warm flesh. Suddenly, his body didn't ache any longer. He felt great! A sense of peace enveloped him.

And the First Officer looked down at his new slave. He and the ship's pilot. It wouldn't be hard to make times to be together. "We'll start off by putting you into my room for the rest of the night," Chakotay said. He didn't let Tom see his face as he said that.

The Dark Lord wouldn't like them to get so close so quickly.

* * * * *

Tom awoke alone, in Chakotay's quarters. He looked around, smiled happily. This was no dream! It was better, the dream he hadn't even known he had coming true, like a gift received that he had always needed but never until its receipt had he known the need existed, or had felt anything more than a vague lack in his life.

He arose, stretched. He hadn't slept this well in weeks! He hummed as he took a shower, then at the door, hesitated and said, "Computer, do not open this door until I can step into the corridor without being seen."

The door immediately opened and Tom raced out. No one was around. Good! He heard voices, and took off in a quick stride. As two Ensigns rounded the corner, Tom was merely a passer-by. He made it back to his quarters, changed into uniform, and went to get breakfast.

Chakotay was eating there, and Tom started to sit with him, but Tuvok's voice called to him. "Lieutenant Paris!"

Tom groaned, cleared his face, and went over to sit with Tuvok. "What was the result of your speaking with Mr. Kim?"

Tom gave him a blank look. "Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, sir, I forgot all about it. But last night was Tuesday night, he would have been busy with Ensign Tolliver on their project. I'll speak with him tonight."

Tuvok regarded him carefully. "Your demeanor has changed, Lieutenant."

"It has?" Tom said blandly.

"Yes. You seem calmer, more relaxed than usual."

"Just a good night's sleep and nice dreams," Tom said. "A happy dream can stick with you an entire day if you're lucky."

"Why did you flinch as you sat down at this table?"

Whoops! Had he? "I wasn't aware I had flinched," he said carefully.

"It was as if you were in pain," Tuvok clarified.

"Actually, sir, it was a simple case of gas, I believe," Tom pounded his chest and managed a small belch.

"If you say so, Lieutenant," Tuvok said. "Still, please remember the mission. We must know the meaning of this clandestine group before we can dismiss them."

"I'm sure it's nothing as sinister as you are making it out," Tom said. "If some people want to get together without having it catalogued and categorized, why not let them?"

"Once I am sure their intentions are peaceful, then I shall do just that," Tuvok said. "But the fact remains that they have hidden their actions, which means that they are fearful of the consequences of being discovered."

Tom shrugged and turned to his meal, and there was a period of silence. Tom could feel Tuvok's eyes burning into the top of his head, but he resolutely kept his face to his plate.

"Tell me, Lieutenant, where were you last night?" Tuvok asked suddenly.

"Me?" Tom said. "Why?"

"I checked your quarters at 0700, hoping to speak with you less publicly. You were not there."

"No, I...I fell asleep elsewhere," Tom said.

"Where was that?"

"I don't remember exactly," Tom prevaricated miserably. "I'd been out late and was fatigued. I remember sitting down to rest for a moment, then the next thing I knew it was morning."

"And you don't remember where you fell asleep? Despite a wonderful rest with beautiful dreams?"

Sheesh, he could lie better than that, couldn't he? A shift in tactics was called for. "I could go back and figure it out if it's that important to you," Tom pressed suddenly. The best defense was a good offense. "Somewhere on Deck 3."

Tuvok rose. "Lieutenant, this group seems to specialize in fogging memories. You have no memory of your actions. I must inform you that I sought you out at 2200 hours last night. The computer reported that you were not anywhere on this vessel. I must assume you spent last night in the hands of the conspirators. I insist on being permitted to perform a mind probe on you."

"Well, you can't do it!" Tom said loudly. People turned to look at him. "I'm telling you, nothing happened!"

Chakotay was beside him in an instant. "Is there a problem?"

"Yeah!" Tom felt braver with his master at his side. "I fall asleep outside my quarters last night and Tuvok decides to run a mind probe on me!"

"Why didn't you just tell him?" Chakotay said. "Tom fell asleep on my bed last night. Rather than wake him up, I let him sleep with me."

"I see," Tuvok said. "Why didn't you tell me this, Lieutenant?"

"First, I didn't think it was any of your business, Commander," Tom said. "Then you started talking mind probe and I got mad."

"Commander Chakotay, may I ask what hours Lieutenant Paris was in your quarters last night?"

"He dropped by about 2300, I guess," Chakotay said.

"Where were you before that time, Lieutenant?"

Surprised, Tom wet his lips. "I don't believe I feel like answering that, Tuvok."

"Then I must insist on the mind probe. I shall speak with the Captain."

Tuvok turned on his heel and strode out.

Tom turned in panic to his master. "Chakotay, what should I do? I don't know what to do!"

"Easy, Tom!" Chakotay hissed. "I'll get a message to the Dark Lord."

Tom stepped closer. "He came looking for me at 2200 last night. Why didn't you tell him I arrived at 2200 instead of an hour later?"

Chakotay looked puzzled. "What do you mean Tom? You got to my quarters about 2300."

"I arrived with you at 2300, yes," Tom said. "But before that, we were...there."

"Where?" Chakotay looked blank. "Tom, I don't know what you're talking about."

And Tom realized to his dismay that Chakotay was telling the truth! Was he the only one remembering these things? "Chakotay, I was with you. The entire time. Down...there."

"Tom, if I can't remember, then there's a reason. Let me speak with Dark Lord," Chakotay whispered. He smiled, "Believe me, when there is no danger, I will remember again."

Tom watched him walk away, leaving him alone in a group of staring eyes. "Yeah, you don't remember," he thought. "But it leaves me holding the goddamned bag! Tuvok probing for an answer that you swear isn't true...." Tom began to be really scared. "Just how deep is he going to look in that case?"

Tom went to his shift. When he found an anomaly, he excitedly switched to the viewer, only to find it was a neutron star off their port side. No message. He reported the neutron star, and Voyager slowed, sent a probe to investigate it.

Chakotay came in a bit later and caught his eye, nodded once. Reassured, Tom turned his full attention back to handling the ship. The probe returned with its readings in three hours and Voyager continued on its route at full speed.

At noon, being relieved by the assistant navigator for an hour for lunch, Tom got up and Captain Janeway said, "Lieutenant Paris?"

"Yes, Captain?" Tom stopped in mid-stride, wanting to run and hide.

"Commander Tuvok has requested a mind probe on you. Do you understand the reason?"

"He insists on reading something sinister into the fact that I won't account for an hour of my life last night."

"You were off the internal sensors for that hour," Janeway pointed out. "How do we know you weren't a victim of alien abduction?"

"Because I told him I wasn't," Tom said. "Captain, I was wandering around the ship. I'm sorry the sensors are blank about that, but nothing important happened."

"Tuvok reports a change in your demeanor and attitude, as well," Janeway said. "I see it, too. You're calmer, happier, which is good if we can explain it in some manner."

"Captain, I'm not ready yet to discuss the reason for my happiness, other than to assure you it has nothing to do with aliens or anything else that would endanger Voyager."

"If you will tell me the reason in private, Lieutenant?" Janeway offered.

Tom looked over at Chakotay, got a shake. "I'm sorry, Captain," he said. "Not just yet."

"Then report to my ready room at 1500 hours for the mind probe. I'm sorry, Lieutenant, but if my Chief Security Officer feels this is important, I must back him up on this. Should you decide between now and then to confide in me, my door is open."

"Thank you, Captain," Tom said. "May I go on my break now?"

"Of course, Lieutenant. And please think about it."

Tom stepped into the turbolift and groaned in rage. "Damn it!" he said. "Deck Six." He rode the turbolift and stepped off, his mind churning over what he could do. He was several steps away from the turbolift when he realized that he wasn't on Deck Six. In fact, this part of the ship looked...abandoned. Where was he?

He turned back to the turbolift, when he heard a voice. "Mr. Paris?"

"Yes?" he turned around. Looked. No one was there. "Who are you?"

"I am called the Dark Lord. I know of your plight."

"Where am I?"

"On a part of every ship of Starfleet. A part which does not exist."

"I need your help," Tom said. "Tuvok is going to run a mind probe on me to find out where I was last night."

"That must not happen," the Dark Lord agreed.

"Yeah. What can I do to stop it?"

"I can alter your mind," the Dark Lord said. "I will give you a false set of memories. But there is a price."

"What price?"

"You and Chakotay spent the entire night together."

"Yes," Tom said defiantly. "What's wrong with that?"

"It is not permitted."

"Why not?" Tom demanded. "We just tell the ship that we're lovers...."

"If that was all that you were, it would not matter. But you are a novitiate of the Order, and Chakotay is a member of the first rank. Your secret endangers all of us."

"Chakotay chose me," Tom said. "And I have chosen him. We are together."

"Not if I say no," the Dark Lord said. "He obeys me in this as he must."

Tom felt his lip tremble. "Are you going to help me with the probe?"

"I will clear your mind of the entire events of the last two nights. Chakotay will have to choose another. You will forget. He will forget. It will not have happened."

"No!" Tom shouted. "I won't do it! I belong to him! No!"

"This is not your choice to make," the Dark Lord reminded him.

"Then you can forget about me protecting the, what is it, the Order? I'll go to Tuvok and tell him everything in exchange for my and Chakotay's protection."

"You have always been a traitor," the Dark Lord said. "You betrayed your father and you betrayed Starfleet and you betrayed the Maquis. Even Chakotay, you betrayed in the past when you led Voyager to his hide-out. Your death will also suffice to stop the discovery of us."

Tom hesitated. "What do I have to do? I'll do anything but give up Chakotay. Anything at all. Just don't take him away from me."

"What are you willing to endure in order to protect Chakotay?"

Tom's answer was swift. "Absolutely anything. Including fighting your entire damned secret society and Tuvok at the same time."

"Good," the Dark Lord said. "You have passed the last test. Welcome to the Order."

"Passed the last test?"

"There are three tests. We do not choose them, they are forced upon us. You passed the test of desire with Ensign Kim. You passed the test of submission with Commander Chakotay. And now, you have passed the test of loyalty."

"Loyalty to the Order?" Tom said. "I'd sell you all out in a moment to protect Chakotay and me. If I have to throw Harry or you to Tuvok, I'll do that, too."

"Loyalty to your master," the Dark Lord clarified. "The only loyalty we ask of the submissive caste. Masters must show a different loyalty, but that need not concern you. You are a submissive, and your will is to be forever suspended in Chakotay's. It is sufficient."

"So what do I do now?" Tom felt his voice heavy with the relief he felt.

"Permit me to touch your face." And the hands, Vulcan hands, reached up to Tom's temples. "Our minds are one, your thoughts to my thoughts...."

* * * * *

Tuvok's hands released Tom's brow, as Captain Janeway watched. "Well, Commander Tuvok?" she queried.

"He was with Commander Chakotay," Tuvok said. "They were engaged in a sexual liaison in a Jeffries tube on Deck Five. The conduits through there must have interfered with the sensor sweeps."

"In a Jeffries tube?" Janeway smiled. "That's done so often, it's practically passe. Lieutenant, why didn't you just tell me?"

Tom shrugged. "Well, Captain, it wasn't really my secret to tell. Chakotay's not ready to talk about it yet. I sort of hoped he'd step in and tell you before we went through this."

The door opened and Chakotay rushed in, "Captain, I need to talk with you before the mind probe."

"Too late, Commander."

"Oh." Chakotay looked sheepish. "I'm sorry, Tom. Captain, Tom was with me."

"In a Jeffries tube, yes, I know," the Captain smiled tolerantly. "Really, Chakotay, this is the 24th Century. If you want to have a love affair with the infamous Tom Paris, be my guest. But won't you hate standing in line with his other flames?"

"Chakotay doesn't have to stand in any line," Tom said vehemently. "As of now, I am out of circulation. For as long as he wants me." Tom dared a submissive glance at Chakotay.

Janeway looked startled. "Well, that's going to take some getting used to and cause a lot of broken hearts aboard ship. And Commander, the women are going to want to know your secret."

"My secret?" Chakotay was startled.

"How you caught him," Janeway clarified, "when the prettiest girls aboard ship couldn't reel him in using every weapon in their arsenal. In fact, Commander, why don't you come with me back to the bridge and we'll discuss this ourselves."

Chakotay sent Tom a helpless look and followed her out.

Tuvok said, "I'm sorry, Lieutenant. But the fact is the secret society remains an unsolved problem."

"It's going to have to remain an unsolved problem," Tom stated firmly. "As of now, I am no longer working for you. You want my cooperation, you put the order in writing and submit it to me through the Captain or Commander Chakotay. Until then, I am ignoring you, Tuvok. You do not exist."

Tom got up and stalked out. Being the mental victim of two Vulcans, one putting false memories into his mind for the other to detect, left him feeling violated and abused, far more than any whip or shackle could manage. He was glad the Dark Lord had caused his and Chakotay's relationship to become open. They wouldn't have to sneak around the ship now.

Harry was waiting around the bend, a machine in his hand pulsing an odd field. He gestured Tom to step into the field and when Tom did, said. "Message, Tom."

"From whom?"


"Go ahead." Tom grew serious.

"Your initiation into the Order will occur this Friday night. Be ready at 2200 hours."

"Chakotay and I will be there."

Harry smiled. "I'm glad you're with Chakotay. He needed someone like you."

Tom stepped closer. "Tell me, Harry, how do you fit into all of this? Which one are you, slave or master? And who's your other half?"

Harry replied, "You'll see on Friday night. Everyone will be there. No more secrets, Tom, in fact, we'll be giving you secrets. How to communicate if necessary, how to recognize others in the Order, everything. It'll be a big night for you. Bigger than your wedding night."

Tom smiled. "I'll have to ask Chakotay how he feels about that. Maybe I can compare the two."

"You're going to ask Chakotay?" Harry looked horrified.

"Well...you know what I mean," Tom clarified. "There are ways to ask without asking."

"If you can manage that, I'll get you to teach me," Harry responded.

* * * * *

On Friday night at 2100 hours, Tom soaked in a tub of hot water, the heat soothing his ravaged flesh (though Chakotay was quick with the regenerator, he always left a little bit of soreness and pain for Tom to remember him by), trying to relax, but while his body was happily enjoying the comfort of the warm water, his mind was churning like a wave in a storm.

Tonight's the night! Tonight's the initiation! Oh gods, what am I in for?

The last few days had been intense, with his whole life turned upside-down. To the general astonishment of the crew he had moved in with Commander Chakotay the very day their relationship became public knowledge. Chakotay had blatantly rearranged all shifts so that he and Tom were off-duty at the same hours. Not even married people got that consideration from Starfleet, but he did! But they needed the time, they had been holed up in their quarters working out the parameters of their relationship. Tom was learning how to handle the pain, to enjoy it even more, as Chakotay constantly raised the level with each session. There were also other things to be learned and experienced, not all of them painful. And there was more to their relationship than the sex. Tom had always needed boundaries, and now Chakotay supplied them, whole, unexplained and unquestioned. Tom reveled in the subsequent attention that Chakotay gave to him, focused upon him. It made him feel so cherished, so safe, every time he saw his Master's face or even touched something that belonged to him, and here, everything belonged to Chakotay!

Tonight would be what it would be. Chakotay would be there, and Chakotay would protect him. That's all he really needed to know about the initiation. Tom settled in, scrubbed up some lather and began to wash, while singing, "Oh, I-I-I-I-I, just want to fly! Put your arms around me, baby! Put your arms around me, baby! Oh, I-HI, just wa-hant to fly-hy!"

Chakotay walked in. "I thought I heard something in here. Is it dead yet or are you still torturing it?"

"Nope, only me!" Tom replied. "Ready for your bath, my Lord?"

"Yes, but it looks occupied at the moment."

"A mere technicality," Tom assured him while rising to his knees in the tub. "If you'll shuck those clothes and ease on in here, I can scrub you properly. Then we'll lather up that big love muscle of yours and we can wash a part of me that could really use it." He emphasized his point by turning his back to Chakotay and wiggling his wet pink ass at Chakotay suggestively.

"Maybe later," Chakotay said, removing the disappointed look on Tom's face by a single caress across the cheek. "You get clean and dressed. We need to leave soon."

"Yes, sir," Tom said. He waited until Chakotay was out the door then he frowned and reached for the soap again. With all the new and wonderful things Chakotay was doing to him, showing him, there was this one thing left undone, untaught, unused. His Chakotay, commanding officer, lover, lord and master, still hadn't pushed him face down on the bed and shoved that thick love muscle deep inside his ass. To Tom's intense personal embarrassment, he had to admit, every time some former girlfriend mentioned the subject, that Chakotay hadn't fucked him yet! Tom had tried every trick he knew, and this one was the latest, but Chakotay still denied him that ultimate pleasure. Did Chakotay have an ass-phobia of some kind? Not with that dildo collection of his, he didn't!

Then why? Tom thought to himself. Gods, I want it so damned much! I want to feel that huge, hard cock filling me, moving in and out of me. Oh! I want Chakotay to possess me like that! It would be the final touch to our relationship. He shivered and muttered, "Damn it, Master, I want you to take me! So why don't you? If I could only ask...but of course, I can't. Chakotay owns me, and he makes the rules. Nuts!"

Washing his hair, he explored how it felt to be owned and decided that he liked it. He felt as if he'd found his place in the universe. Complete. Secure. Loved. And in return all he wanted to do was become Chakotay's most prized possession, something the Commander would be proud to own. Releasing the bath water and rinsing off in the shower, Tom decided that the best way to do that would be to perform perfectly tonight. Tonight, he decided, I'll be the perfect slave! I'll remember everything I've learned, I'll perform well and not let Chakotay down.

Sheesh! Talk about pressure! Tonight would make it final. Harry was right, this felt like his wedding night. He would enter a new phase of his life and there would be no going back. Forsaking all others, until death do us part!

"Tom?" Chakotay called out. "Better move it!"

Hurriedly grabbing a towel, hastily drying himself and wrapping it around his waist, Tom said, "I'm done now! Come on in!"

Chakotay entered the bedroom and looked at Tom. Seeing the trembling lips, he hugged Tom and whispered, "Everything will be fine, baby, don't worry. I'll be there with you the whole time."

"It's just that I'm afraid...."

"Of what? The pain?"

"No, not that. I'm afraid I'll let you down somehow, that I won't be good enough for you, that Dark Lord won't approve of me, that I'll lose you. Gods, I don't want that to happen! Please, I need you! I can't even think of living without you now! I'd just curl up and die, Chakotay! I'd just...."

Chakotay grabbed him roughly. "Tom, baby, listen to me!" He stared into troubled, moist blue eyes, "No matter what happens from now on, we stay together! I chose you, remember? I'm not changing my mind now. All the tests are over. Tonight isn't another test, it's, it's more like a graduation ceremony."

"Thanks. I needed to hear that," Tom sighed, dared to take and kiss his master's hand. "I'd better get dressed. We don't want to be late."

Chakotay whipped off Tom's towel and snapped it at his ass, was rewarded with a yelp from Tom.

"Just a preview of things to come. Get a move on." Chakotay smiled.

"Yes, sir!"

* * * * *

At precisely 2200, with collar and leash, walking him like a prized dog before him and guiding his movements as necessary with a riding crop, Chakotay led Tom out of the changing room and into the place of assembly. The other members of the order were already there. Tom saw masters and slaves forming a semi-circle focused on a large chair. Dark Lord was the one seated. Harry Kim was kneeling at his feet on the right while Tolliver was on the opposite side. Both men were wearing matching collars, much wider and thicker than his own, and nothing else. So that's the story, thought Tom. Interesting. The other masters wore various outfits with lots of leather and in some cases chains. All slaves were as nude as he was, with the exception of one who was also on a leash like himself.

This was a small ship, he knew these people! My god, there was Jenny Delaney and her slave was Gregor Ayala! No wonder she had dumped him so abruptly! And over there....

"Tom, keep your eyes down!" Chakotay hissed at him and Tom hastened to obey, upset at forgetting so quickly. Chakotay led him to stand before the group. He brought Tom forward and Tom sank to his knees at the side of his master. Chakotay stated, "This is the one I have chosen. He has passed every test. It is time for him to join us."

Dark Lord replied, "It is true, he has passed the tests, now we shall see how well he has learned the lessons you have taught him." He clapped his hands once and Harry hopped up quickly and moved some sort of apparatus to the middle of the floor. It was an odd looking contraption. Carefully not moving his head (forbidden!), Tom peeked over at it and wondered just what it could do. It had a padded bench on one side and metal bars connected to the base rose up, curving overhead.

Chakotay pulled Tom to his feet, led him over to it and had Tom kneel on the bench and hold out his hands. Dark Lord snapped his fingers and Tolliver jumped up and brought wrist restraints with long chains on them. Chakotay secured Tom's arms and attached the chains to the metal bars. He said quietly, "You can grip the chains if you need to hold on to something, but do not rise from your knees. I will be right here in front of you so that you can see me."

Tom gulped and nodded once. Oh gods, what are they going to do me? He felt himself trembling. Gods, I wish this was over with. I want this to be done and be back in our room, just me and Chakotay. Come on, get this over with! The suspense is killing me!

Dark Lord looked over the preparations approvingly and said, "You may begin."

In an order Tom knew denoted their seniority among the ranks, one by one the masters came forward. With a nod of respect to Chakotay, the first man went to a shelf and returned with a leather paddle. He showed it to both Chakotay and to Tom. Chakotay nodded his permission. Dark Lord did not disagree but reminded the masters, "You are allowed only three strokes each." Tom was glad to have overheard that!

Tom took a deep breath and closed his eyes. The first stroke came and the air rushed out of his lungs. "Aaaagh!" Oh how it hurt! His hands moved to grip the chains. He just had to have something to hang on to!

By the third stroke he was wondering if he would make it through this ordeal. He tried to do the math. If all the masters, including his own and Dark Lord got to choose an implement, he would be struck fifteen times. It didn't sound like a lot, but then it depended on the implement, didn't it? How did the larger groups do this? Did other slaves have to take hundreds of lashes? Did their masters only get one stroke each? Or were all groups this small?

The next master, a woman, chose a wicked looking riding crop. Chakotay and Dark Lord allowed it and Tom braced himself for the horrible stinging pain he knew it would give to him, glad Chakotay had used all these implements on him, so he'd know from a look what to expect in the way of pain. And the pain was familiar and welcome, but she aimed at places the first master overlooked and Tom screamed when she found the crease between cheek and thigh, twice.

The third blow fell in the center of one cheek raising a welt there.

The third master chose a cane and Dark Lord chose a whip. Tom was breathing hard, trying not to give in to the urge to get up. The cane left its marks on Tom's thighs and Tom was shaking and panting. His master and the others appeared pleased at his screams.

The whip, wielded by the Dark Lord's expertise at giving pain, snapped across his back, bringing tears in its wake. "AAAARGHHHH!" Even Chakotay didn't hit him this hard, this well. These three lashes hurt more than all the ones that had come before it!

And then a fourth, and a fifth! The Dark Lord got more! Oh, gods, how many more did the Dark Lord get? Six! Seven! Tom's voice gave out, no yells now, only hoarse gurgles from his body. Eight! Nine! Ten! Eleven! Twelve! And that was it, no more followed. It was over, thank the gods, it was over!

With the Dark Lord finished, his body felt like it had been shredded. He'd never been tested like this before. Tom looked at his master and thought, I want to take this. I want to, for him. And the pain he had endured for his master, for Chakotay, now was so much pleasure. Such intensity of feeling made it hard to tell which was which. His attention was so completely focused that he only vaguely registered that it was Chakotay's turn to beat him.

Chakotay looked at Tom's reddened and swollen ass and raised his hand, bringing down the cat 'o nine tails, first on Tom's back then on his thighs. Quickly he administered the third stroke and moved back to face Tom. Tom's eyes were closed, tears running down his face. Tom felt hands cup his face and turn it upward. He opened his eyes and looked at his master who was smiling down at him. Chakotay kissed him gently and said, "You did well. This part is over. Rest for a few minutes."

Harry and Tolliver wielded twin regenerators over his back. Tom sighed with relief and then thought, this part? What else could they do to him? Gods, with regenerators available, they could open his back time and again, over and over and over! He was getting tired. Regenerators or not, pain is very draining. He looked around the room cautiously as his rear end began to cool off under the regenerator's cool touch. He saw the masters and their slaves engaged in various sexual activities. Almost all the slaves were pleasuring their owners using their mouths. Finished with their treatment of Tom, Harry was sucking the Dark Lord's cock while Tolliver was being kissed and fondled. After a few moments, Harry and Tolliver switched places. The woman master was crouched over her slave so closely, Tom wondered how the man could breathe. Another master was attaching clamps to different parts of a slave's body as the slave stroked him to greater hardness and moaned.

Tom felt his master watching him, gauging his reactions and monitoring his condition. It was as if he could physically feel Chakotay's intense gaze. A hand rested on his ass and he flinched. The restraints were taken off and he was helped to his feet. Standing on unsteady legs, Tom gripped the apparatus for support. He heard the moaning around him grow louder.

Dark Lord called a pause in the proceedings and Harry moved the apparatus away while Tolliver placed a softly padded mat on the floor. Chakotay took Tom by the shoulders and commanded, "Kneel." Tom complied and Chakotay continued, "Now you must pleasure us. Show my peers how talented your mouth is."

And in the same order they had beaten him, the masters came to Tom and took their pleasure. Tom sucked, then licked, then sucked again and again. Chakotay stood at his side the entire time. As each master neared orgasm, they left his mouth and instead came all over Tom's face, neck and chest. When Dark Lord had finished, Tom was covered in sticky semen and other juices. His eyes were closed and he did not see Dark Lord's imperious gesture. All he heard was the order, "Clean him up."

Harry and Tolliver scrambled over to Tom and began licking the stickiness from his face and body. Tom felt the tongues working their way over his skin and wondered why Chakotay hadn't taken his turn. When they were done, Tom opened his eyes to see Chakotay removing his outfit. Naked and fully aroused, he looked at Tom and then at the rest of the group, his eyes coming to rest on Dark Lord.

"I claim this one as my own, now and forever. Unless you protest, I will take him now and make him mine completely."

Dark Lord nodded his head and said, "Permission granted. He is worthy."

Chakotay put a hand to the back of Tom's neck and Tom lowered his face to the mat. Chakotay held out a hand and a slave brought him a tube of gel. He coated his erection liberally and moved into position behind Tom.

Tom felt Chakotay spread his legs, then his cheeks. Surprised, Tom felt the head of Chakotay's cock poised at the entrance to his body. He stayed absolutely still and waited for it, holding his breath. One push. Just one, long, slow push and his master captured his soul. Tom exhaled and almost fainted with the joy of it. The Commander began to move slowly but without holding anything back. Tom moved to match his thrusts. He raised his head and rose to his hands. His hips were held in a vise-like grip and he felt like he was soaring. The sensation was so intense. The strength of the man was so overwhelming. Tom just let instinct take over.

After what seemed like forever, Tom's mind let go of rational thought, he became pure feeling. The people in the room seemed to disappear. It was just the two of them. Higher and higher he rose. Fast and furious, the man pumped into him, taking him, making them one. Tom was so turned on he didn't need direct stimulation, when his master shouted in his ear, he came as well.

Minutes later, sanity returned and Tom found himself buried under Chakotay, face down on the floor. Their fingers were entwined and they were breathing in unison. Chakotay moved when they heard the voice of Dark Lord say, "It is done. The claim will be honored among us." Slaves rushed forward to clean the two men.

At Dark Lord's signal, Chakotay took Tom by the hand and approached the chair. Dark Lord rose and gazed at Tom intently. "It is now time for you to learn our ways. Give me your thoughts." Tom hesitated, then closed his eyes in submission.

When Tom's mind was released, bombarded with information about the society which was still searching out and finding storage spaces in his mind, including one that would blank his mind and memory upon necessity the same way Kim's and Chakotay's mind had blanked on them, now that he would be safe from Tom's betrayal, the Dark Lord removed his face covering. When Tom opened his eyes, he was stunned to be looking at Tuvok.

"Now do you understand, Lieutenant?" he queried.

Tom went through his newly acquired memories...the essential role Vulcans played in this society, why a Vulcan was usually on every ship in Starfleet. "Yes. Now I understand everything." He turned to his new master. "What do we do now, Master?"

"We go home, Tom," Chakotay said, kissing him on the cheek. "Now we go home."

The End