by Britta

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they want. Money being made? You have got to be kidding. It's a labor
of love--theirs. Contains m/m sex, if you don't like, take a hike.


Captain Kathryn Janeway prowled her ship late at night. She crept through the various corridors and passageways and let her mind wander. Passing the entrance to Jeffries tube 37, she thought she heard something. It sounded like a muffled moan. Thinking some poor engineering peon had been injured, she opened the hatch and looked inside.

She did not find what she expected. No one was lying there hurt and bleeding. No one was lying there at all. Lieutenant Tom Paris, her best pilot, was leaning against the wall, his trousers around his ankles. He was, at that moment, getting his cock expertly sucked by Ensign Harry Kim, who was kneeling at his feet.

Janeway cleared her throat and intoned, "Gentlemen?"

Tom's eyes flew open and he saw her. Clutching Harry's head, he gasped and cried out, "Busted!" as he shot his load deep into Harry's willing throat.

"Don't you have quarters?" She wore her sternest expression.

Licking his lips and rising, Harry muttered, "Yes, ma'am."

Tom stuffed his now deflated cock back into his pants and looking anywhere but directly at the Captain, echoed Harry's statement.

"Then I suggest you go there. Now! And report to Commander Chakotay in the morning for disciplinary action."

Red-faced, they chorused, "Yes, Captain," and slunk off down the hall.

She waited until they were gone before tapping her commbadge, "Janeway to Chakotay."

"Yes, Captain?"

"Do you have a minute? I stumbled across something you should know about. It involves ship's discipline, which is your domain."

"I'll meet you in my office in five minutes, Chakotay out."

Smiling to herself, she thought, *Oh, I can't wait to see the look on his face!*


As the door to Harry's quarters closed behind them, he whipped around and snapped at Tom, "You owe me for this!"

"Me? It was your idea!"

"Yeah, and it was a good one, too. But if you hadn't been so noisy, we wouldn't have been caught!"

"I can't help it! You're too good at that. You know I can't keep quiet when you do that to me." He reached out to touch Harry's cheek and smiled at him. "Hey, it was worse for me than for you."

"How so? The Captain saw me there, on my knees with my mouth wrapped around your dick. What could be worse?"

"What about me? My pants were all the way down! She got the full view. Did you notice she was watching us like a hawk? I have no secrets from her now!"

"No kidding! You know the worst thing about this, don't you?" Harry looked glum.

Tom nodded. "Chakotay...he's gonna let us have it!"

"Yeah. I wonder how long we'll have to eat Neelix's cooking."

Tom gave Harry a quick kiss and said, "Don't dwell on it, we'll find out tomorrow. Let's go to bed now and worry about it later." Tom pushed Harry gently in the direction of the bedroom and sighed. *If only he weren't so good at that!*


Before heading to the bridge, Tom and Harry stopped by the Commander's office. Nervously, they rang the door chime and announced themselves.

"Come in." Chakotay looked up at them and tried valiantly to suppress a grin. "Good morning, gentlemen. You're right on time."

"Uh, good morning, sir." Harry mumbled.

Tom just stared at the floor.

"Don't you have anything to say, Lieutenant?" Oh, Chakotay was really enjoying this.

Blushing to the roots of his hair, Tom looked up and blurted out, "Can we just get this over with?"

Harry looked at Tom surprised by his vehemence. He'd seen the twinkle in Chakotay's eyes and knew things weren't as bad as they seemed. Hadn't Tom seen it, too?

The Commander frowned slightly, "It looks like a lesson in civility may be needed as well." He stood and looked at them intently. "What am I going to do with you two?" He moved around to the front of his desk.

"Um, would it help if we apologized to the Captain and promised to never do it again?" Harry asked.

Chakotay nodded. "That's a start. You'll have the opportunity at lunch. And officially, you are both fined two weeks replicator rations."

"Two weeks, each?" squawked Tom.

"Care to make it three, Lt. Paris?" The Commander folded his arms and waited.

"No, sir."

Chakotay moved to stand very close to both men and said in a quiet voice, "Unofficially, you will be punished by me as well. The Captain has given me permission to handle this in my own way."

Tom and Harry looked at each other, then back to Chakotay.

Smugly, Tom inquired, "And just how do you plan to 'punish' us, Commander?"

"You'll see, Lieutenant. Come to my quarters this evening at 2100. And I want you to think about just how naughty and selfish the two of you have been." He shook his head. "It's bad enough that it was the Captain who caught you, but think of how upset someone else, from one of the repressed cultures would have felt."

Tom and Harry both felt bad for a moment, they hadn't considered that.

"We won't do it again, Commander." Harry promised.

"Good. Dismissed."


Lunchtime came and with much blushing and stammering, apologies to the Captain were made and accepted. Tom and Harry spent the rest of their shift wondering just what Chakotay had in store for them.

Too soon, it was time to find out. Slowly, they made their way to the First Officer's quarters.

The Commander was pleased to note that they arrived on time. He waved toward the couch saying, "Have a seat." Leaning against his desk, he continued, "Are you aware of how discipline was maintained in the old days aboard ship?"

In unison, one dark head and one light nodded cautiously.

"Well, that tradition is followed to this day in various fleets. The Maquis, on occasion, still practice flogging." He reached into one of the desk drawers and pulled out the meanest looking bull whip either of the younger men had ever seen.

Tom blanched at the sight. Chakotay gripped the handle and, with panache, unfurled the leather to its full length. Harry looked entranced while Tom looked like he might faint.

The Commander noted their reactions with satisfaction. He stood, towering over the younger men and said, "I'm not cruel. I'll give you a choice."

Tom gulped and pleaded, "Anything! Anything but that!" He pointed shakily to the whip.

Harry heard the rising hysteria in Tom's voice and patted him on the knee. "What choice do we have Commander?" He had a hunch that the whip would never be used on either of them.

Chakotay tried to look as imposing as he could and stated, "You can submit to an old-fashioned, over-the-knee, bare-bottomed spanking or you can take your chances with this. Either way, both of you *will* be punished. Think about it."

Tom changed color again. The fear of the whip vied with the humiliation of being spanked by Chakotay. *Oh gods, why me?* He buried his face in his hands.

Harry looked more amused than anything else, and thought to himself that this could turn out to be fun. Oh, he might get a sore rear end out of it, but if that's the price he had to pay, then so be it. It would be worth it to watch Chakotay spank Tom. Just imagining it made the blood start moving to his groin.

"Well, Lieutenant? Ensign? Which is it to be? The whip...or my hand?"

Tom peeked at Chakotay's strong, brown hands and then at the whip. No contest. "Your hand," he choked out.

Harry nodded his agreement and asked, "Who goes first?"

Chakotay put the whip away and turned to face them, "Just whose bright idea was that little stunt anyway?"

"Mine, sir." Harry admitted.

"Then Tom goes first."

Flustered, Tom demanded, "Me? Why?"

Chakotay gripped Tom's chin to tilt his face upward and stated, "So that Harry can have the benefit of suffering along with you, and knowing that everything you feel, he will feel when it's his turn. It's called the 'dread of anticipation' and it's very effective."

Tom looked up at him blankly. It appeared that his brain had shut down. The Commander pulled him to his feet. Standing nearly nose to nose, Chakotay said, "Get undressed."

Harry rose and started to help Tom remove his uniform. Chakotay quickly intervened saying, "No touching each other for the duration. You two need to learn to control yourselves."

Harry backed away and waited patiently for the show to begin.

The Commander watched Tom strip and he admired Tom's body. Forcibly suppressing his lustful thoughts, he reminded himself that this was business. At least it would start out that way, he didn't know how long he'd be able to keep up the authoritarian approach once he got his hands on Tom's ass.

As Tom laid the last of his clothing over the back of a handy chair, he seemed to realize just what was happening. His faced flushed a deep red as his thoughts collided with reality. Harry was watching him and damn it, he looked like he was enjoying Tom's reaction. His blush spread down his throat and threatened to go further, but seeing Chakotay seated on the couch and beckoning to him seemed to arrest its progress.

The older man held out a hand, "Across my lap, Tom."

Tom refused to look at Harry, who was by now unashamedly grinning. He reluctantly lowered himself into place. The Commander rearranged his position slightly and let one large hand rest gently on his butt.

Tom didn't know if he could stand this. It was one thing to be spanked by Harry, but quite another to be spanked in front of Harry, and by the First Officer, no less! He felt Chakotay's hand rub over his ass gently, as if learning the territory. *Gods, why doesn't he get on with it!* The worst thing of all was that he was getting turned on. Just being naked and near Chakotay was enough to do it. He squeezed his eyes shut, hoping to block everything out.

Chakotay took a deep breath, reminded himself to try not to enjoy this too much and inquired, "Are you ready, Tom?"

Tom nodded quickly and ground out, "Yes, sir."

As Chakotay raised his hand, Harry found he was holding his breath.


Harry exhaled. He was delighted to see a perfect handprint appear on Tom's butt.

The Commander set a deliberate pace. As his hand rose and fell, he noticed Harry's reaction. He watched as Harry's breathing quickened and saw his uniform pants grow tight in the crotch. Damn, now he was getting hard, too.

Tom squirmed in Chakotay's lap. Shit, he spanked hard. It hurt! He tried not to think of Harry except to remind himself that Harry would be next. He was breathing heavily and even though in pain, he couldn't ignore his own erection. If he could just find the right spot to rub against, this wouldn't be so bad.

Harry was mesmerized by the sight of the older man's hand rhythmically rising and falling, over and over again. Where he once saw a large, brown hand leave a red handprint on a white ass, he now saw the same large, brown hand leave a white handprint on a very red ass.

It finally dawned on him that this was for real and it looked like it hurt, a lot. Oh, hell, what was he letting himself in for?

Every time Tom wriggled, he inadvertently rubbed against Chakotay's rising erection. Instead of putting him off his stroke, this just caused the Commander to spank him harder.

After a few more particularly painful swats, Chakotay stopped and assessed the damage. He ran his hand all over Tom's bright red bottom and felt the heat pouring off the skin. He'd done a thorough job. There wasn't a square inch left untouched.

Tom was shaking with pain and arousal. He felt weak. His breath came out rasping. Gods, he hoped it was over.

Chakotay let him rest for a few moments then reached out and stroked his hair. "We're done, Tom. You can get up now."

Tom struggled to his feet and intended to put as much distance as possible between his ass and the Commander's hand. He didn't make it. The First Officer grabbed him and brought him to stand in front of him as he perched on the edge of the couch. This only served to bring Tom's rigid cock directly into view. He blushed furiously and tried to move away.

Chakotay tried and failed to suppress a grin. "Well, well, what have we here?" He reached forward and ran a finger along the side of Tom's shaft. Tom groaned.

Harry moved closer and watched with eyes the size of dinner plates.

The Commander slipped his left hand around Tom's hips and pulled him closer. Tom moaned when he felt the cool hand grip his ass. His cock ached and throbbed, and he felt so embarrassed he wished he could just pass out or something.

Harry crept forward silently. He didn't want to miss a thing. Maybe the Commander would forget about him altogether and he'd get off the hook.

Chakotay knew exactly what he was doing and darted his tongue out and across the head of Tom's cock. Tom trembled in response. Gods, he was so close. Soft lips sucked him into the warm, wet mouth and he was lost. Only a few licks by the talented tongue and a suck or three, and he came with a shout.

Resting his hands on the Commander's shoulders, Tom tried to stay upright. Chakotay licked his lips and looked over at Harry. Giving him the most devilish smile he could conjure up, he said, "You're next."

Harry couldn't help it, he came then and there in his pants. Tom missed it because his eyes were closed, but Chakotay nearly laughed out loud. Releasing Tom, he said to Harry, "It's your turn, Mr. Kim. However, I suggest you clean up first."

Tom looked confused, then realized what had happened and thought maybe being a voyeur wasn't always as great as Harry claimed it was. Smiling and rubbing his butt, he moved away from Chakotay and waited to see what would happen next.

Harry hoped Chakotay had worn out his arm and that he'd get off easy. He moved toward the Commander and prepared to get into position when suddenly he was pulled around to the older man's left side and eased into place. "Huh?"

"Relax and enjoy, Ensign. You didn't think I'd shortchange you, now?"

"But you're right-handed...."

Chakotay smiled and said, "In performing this duty, I'm ambidextrous."

Tom, still absently rubbing his butt, decided that sitting down was not a good idea. He remained standing and tried to figure out what got Harry so turned on when their positions had been reversed.

As he did with Tom, Chakotay caressed Harry's butt and asked if he was ready. An uncertain affirmative was the answer.

The First Officer commenced round two. His hand rose and fell time and time again turning the golden flesh rosier and rosier. He was still aroused and this made Harry's ass the perfect target for his frustration.

Harry wondered if Chakotay's left arm was fully as strong as his right. He decided it probably was, based on the pain he was feeling. Gods, he wondered how Tom could sustain a hard-on when his ass was burning like this. He tried to focus on what he'd seen before to distract himself. It didn't work very well. The Commander had his complete attention.

Chakotay looked at Tom and watched his expression change with his thoughts. It was obvious he was trying to figure something out. Amused, he caught Tom's eye and winked.

Tom snorted.

It seemed to Harry that the spanking would never end. He started wiggling in an attempt to lessen the severity of the blows. The same thing happened as before. Each wiggle stimulated the Commander and he increased the strength of the swats as his frustration level rose.

Harry's face was the same color as his butt when Chakotay finally stopped. He couldn't believe it hurt so much. He wanted a dermal regenerator and he wanted it now!

The Commander waited a few minutes until Harry composed himself and then helped him up. "That part of your punishment is finished."

"That part? You mean there's more?" Wincing, he reached around and gently felt his rear end. Hot, very hot.

"For you, yes. Since you were the instigator of the scenario, I'd like you to demonstrate for me exactly what you did to Tom that got you caught."

Tom blinked and Harry gazed deep into Chakotay's eyes. They twinkled at him and he dropped to his knees. "Yes, sir. Anything you say."

He unfastened the First Officer's uniform and freed his erection. Taking it in one hand, he squeezed. He breathed heavily across the surface and then began lightly licking just the head.

Tom wandered over and thought that this was more like it. This was a show he could appreciate. Chakotay held out a hand and pulled him close. The other hand rested on Harry's shoulder. He turned his head and Tom's lips met his.

Harry knew it wouldn't last long. He'd bet Chakotay had been hard since he first put Tom over his knee. They seemed to have that kink in common. He licked and sucked and fingered his way around the Commander's cock and balls until the man was moaning into Tom's mouth.

Between Harry sucking his cock and Tom sucking his tongue, he was a goner. He came fast and hard. Tom supported him until his breathing calmed and Harry got to his feet.

"Will that be all, sir?" Harry asked with a smirk.

"Yes, Ensign, more than sufficient. Thank you." He peeled off the rest of his uniform and motioned to the two men. "OK, it's bedtime. We all have early shift tomorrow. Just throw your stuff into the 'fresher. Breakfast will be on me."

Surprised, Tom and Harry looked at Chakotay. "You mean we're staying here with you for the night?" Tom asked.

"That's right. No dermal regenerators for either of you until after tomorrow's shift. I want to make sure this lesson stays learned."

Tom and Harry exchanged pained looks and shrugged. It looked like they'd get to find out how good a snuggler Chakotay was.

"Two more things." They looked at him expectantly. "One, I'm sleeping in the middle, and two, if the Captain ever catches you two again, she will punish you herself. And gentlemen, she likes the whip."



The End