Other Stories

Rude Awakening -- A short "Man from U.N.C.L.E." story about a morning surprise.

In Media Res -- A bit of relaxation before an away mission.

9 1/2 Inches -- A problem with the metric system

Sequel to 9 1/2 Inches -- And the problem turns into an advantage.

The Devil Comes -- Was it all a dream...or a look at the real Tom Paris?

Night and Day -- Tom has a little surprise for Harry.

Requiem for Apathy -- When the years' passing take their toll, risks are called for, and sometimes rewarded.

Big, Long & Uncut -- Chakotay tempts Tom with the thing he loves most.

Tom and Chak's playful wagers take a more serious turn.

The Bet and the Bettor
The Winner
The Loser
Game Over

An Alphabetical Allegory -- A brief intimate conversation, with epistemological overtones.

All Revved Up -- Rated X -- Tom is working on his Camaro when he receives a surprisingly helpful hand with the oil job.

Solstice -- Rated X -- Chak is having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, when he finds an unusual present waiting for him in his quarters.

Drabble #1 -- Rated G -- A quiet talk one quiet night.

Dark Lord -- Rated X -- Paris is recruited by Tuvok to infiltrate a secret society on Voyager. But its membership, and its purpose, come as a complete surprise to him. WRITTEN WITH tommyhawk1@aol.com.

Platinum -- Rated R--On the morning of their one-year anniversary, Chakotay learns something new about Tom.

Solitary Pursuits -- Rated X--At the end of a long hard day and Tom working late, Chakotay has to take matters into his own, uh, hand.

The Silent Gift -- Rated X--There comes a time when words are no longer needed, and nothing else is required than the gift of the heart.


Spaghetti -- Tom invites Chakotay to the holodeck for a spaghetti dinner. But of course, there's a trick to eating spaghetti....

Meatballs -- A few days after the Spaghetti dinner, Tom and Chakotay have a little after-dinner snack (sort of).


Character Assassination

Drabble #2

UST Surprise

I Like Hetsmut! Really!


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