Tom's Favorite Holidays


Sadie Hawkins' Day -- Why is Chakotay hiding from Tom?

Vegetables Rule -- So who will eat crow?

Reaping the Harvest -- A change of seasoning is in order.

Our Lady of Sorrows Day -- Communication continues and revenge begins.

Swap Ideas Day -- Communication commences.

Don't Put Off Today For Tomorrow -- Someone makes a decision.

Poetics -- Tom gets artistic.

Many Marys -- Religion revisited.

Shoot for the Stars -- History rears its head again, in a different way.

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité -- Chakotay imagines something far worse than Tom could plan.

Fireworks -- Various things explode.

Stonewall Anniversary -- Tom wants people to dress up for a special occasion.

Summer Solstice Sorrows -- One holiday brings up many sad memories.

Best Friend's Night -- A time to celebrate with your best friend. And what better way to show friendship than by fixing them up with a date?

Dorvan Dawn -- Love may mean more than never having to say you're sorry. But getting up at 3:00 a.m.?

Day of Memories -- Tensions have been building, but talking about it can make it all right again.

Starfleet Appreciation Day -- A day to remember the service which brought them together. And also a day to show how much they appreciate each other.

Native Instinct -- An ancestral holiday, a feather, and Tom tied up. What more could you want to celebrate?

Uno Cinco De Mayo -- A day of mutual surprises with different interpretations.

Mayday! SOS! -- What would May be without a Maypole? Of course, in space, you just have to use what you have....

Kisses Everywhere -- If you look hard enough, you can always find a reason to celebrate.

Hoppy Easter -- A new rendition of the Easter Bunny, and the end of Lent.

Palm Sundae -- A misunderstanding? Or a stroke of genius?

Buddha's Birthday -- There's more than one way to meditate!

April Fool -- The trick of a really good April Fool's joke lies in the execution.

Vernal Equinox -- Chakotay springs a holiday on Tom for a change.

St. Patrick -- On St. Patrick's Day, one should always plan on eating something green!

The Ides of March Revisited -- A new spin on a toga party.

Fat Tuesday in the DQ -- Tom shows up in another costume. Who's Marty?

President's Day Surprise -- Chakotay gets a visit from an ersatz George Washington.

Yummy Valentine -- Sometimes, planning can be as much fun as doing it--almost!


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