Bored in the Delta Quadrant

Kim and Paris while away their off-duty time with sex games, and Chakotay joins in. But the results of this menage a trois are often unpredictable.

Payback -- Lt. Paris has been misbehaving lately, so Harry Kim decides to administer some much-needed punishment with the help of Commander Chakotay.

Lesson -- Paris' punishment continues under Kim and Chakotay until he learns a much-needed lesson.

Reward -- Paris has learned his lesson, so Kim arranges a special treat for him.

Busted! -- The Captain catches Lt. Paris and Ensign Kim in a Jeffries tube in flagrante delicto. So she sends them to Chakotay for some discipline.

Wasted -- Neelix serves up a dessert that has an odd effect on our three heroes.

Dessert -- Tom invites Kim and Chakotay to his room for a fruit dessert. But he has an unusual serving dish in mind.


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