An Alphabetical Allegory

By Britta

"All right now?"

"Better, much better."


"Don't you dare stop!"

Eagerly, Tom continued stroking and kneading the tense flesh.

"Feel good?"

"Great, ahhh...wonderful!"

Happily, Tom kept on rubbing.

"I've been thinking about my medical training."

Jolted out of his semi-soporific state by the change in their topic of conversation, Chakotay blinked.

"Knowing you, I'm afraid to ask for details."

Leering at his lover, Tom pressed even harder.

"My mind isn't always in the gutter, unlike some people I know."

Nimble fingers risked a pinch to a sensitive area.


Peering up at Tom, Chakotay frowned.

"Quit it."

Restoring Chakotay's good mood with a few well-placed special touches, Tom smiled broadly.

"So, you want to know what I'm interested in?"

"Truthfully no; not right now, but go ahead and tell me anyway."

"Uh, don't laugh--it's alien diseases."

Various sarcastic comebacks crowded into Chakotay's mind but the only response he could articulate was...


"Xenopolyscythemia comes to mind; it's one of the least boring things I've ever studied."

Yawning, Chakotay's eyes began to close and he shifted his legs.

"Zero in on my other foot, Sweetheart, and tell me all about it...."


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